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how's your intra-day trading doing?

If you are anything like me, you LOVE intra-day Forex trading!

Everything about it is exciting: the adrenaline, the fast moves, the amazing profits, everything! The problem with intra-day trading is that A) you need to stare at your screen all day long and B) there's just too much discretion involved, often confusing you with contradictory signals!

I wish there was a solution to that...

And there is indeed! I have recently discovered the ultimate intra-day trading strategy: The London Forex Rush system!

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The London Forex Rush system is probably the smartest trading system I have been exposed to in a long time, and here is why: it exploits the huge market acceleration taking place as the Tokyo session gives way to the London session. Have you ever wondered where do those 100-pip early-morning moves come from? well, that's exactly the trading volume spike happening when the London institutional traders sit at their desk every morning, and that's where the London Forex Rush system jumps along to grab those moves!

The beauty of this system is that it only requires two hours a day because it ONLY takes trades at that precise time of the day - that's it, that's all you need: two hours a day, ride those momentum swings, and you're done for the day with up to 100 pips in your pocket! So far, users are reporting an average of 400 to 600 pips per month with the London Forex Rush system.

And here comes the best: It's all been AUTOMATED! Insane uh? Al Russell, the developer of this system, has coded the whole system into a custom indicator for MetaTrader 4 and trust me, it's a piece of art! The indicator calls for you the exact entry, target and stop loss levels for every trade! You just need to punch in the order as instructed by the indicator and you are good to go!

I tell you what: you should really check this beauty out because it's the winning formula every intra-day trader has been waiting for!

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And now please excuse me {!name_fix}, I gotta go... my London Forex Rush indicator is signaling a trade so it's time for me to make some pips! Are you sure you want to miss this out? Come and join all the successful intra-day Forex traders at http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/
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Dear trader,Intra-day trading the Forex market is a tough business. The majority of intra-day traders lose money, and the reason for that is because of poor trading timing.Most of the traders think that following a successful system is enough to make money in Forex, but that's far from truth: you must have a successful system and you must trade it at the right market timing!The key-words here are volatility and momentum... If you have the momentum on your side you can successfully trade Forex in just two hours per day!
What to trade: Slow-moving currency pairs are the bane of intra-day traders. We want market action, we want fast-accelerating currencies and above all we want currencies that deliver the punch! And if there's one volatile currency in the Forex world that's the Sterling Pound. Indeed, all of its crosses (GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF, etc) can easily swing for over 200 pips any day of the week. That's why the London Forex Rush system trades only and exclusively the Sterling Pound currency pairs.
When to trade: It is a proven fact that most currencies, especially the Sterling Pound crosses, pour in their largest daily moves within the first two hours of the London market. That's when the Forex market scores its highest trading volume levels... and that's when you want to grab your piece of the cake!
The powerful London Forex Rush system captures with razor-sharp accuracy those explosive early morning moves!But the best part of the deal is that there is no need to stare at the charts all day long. The London Forex Rush system only trades the first two hours of the London session... Two hours a day is all you need to intra-day trade this system successfully!
We all know that emotions are the enemy when it comes to trading, especially as we try to find our way through fear and greed: guesstimation, over-leverage, second-thinking, growing doubts and over-trading are the fastest road to blow your trading account!
We are humans, not robots, so there's not much we can do about it...
Or is there?Fortunately, automated systems and custom indicators help us removing all those devastating emotions out of the equation - and that's exactly what I have done myself with the London Forex Rush custom indicator!

Every morning, right as the London market opens, my custom indicator signals for me all the possible trading opportunities in the market:
The direction of the trade (buy or sell)
The entry level
The stop loss & target levels
The amount of lots to enter the trade with under rock-solid money management principles
The current market trend
The London Forex Rush system has been created for a very particular type of trader and you might want to read on to check whether this system is suited for you:
The London Forex Rush system has been designed exclusively for intra-day traders who like enjoy trading the heat and action of the markets as they unfold in real time. I mean, there's nothing wrong with long-term trading as an investment tool to diversify your portfolio, but if trading for a living is what you're after, then you must become an intra-day trader because that's where the real money is!
The beauty of the London Forex Rush system is that it only requires two hours a day, sometimes even less, to generate wonderful results. That means you can have a full-time job and spend time with your family while being able to generate outstanding profits trading Forex!
You know what? me too! that's why I developed my own custom indicator so all the trading signals are crystal clear. The indicator does all the monkey-work for me and all I have to do is to punch in the trade orders into my broker. No more confusing
systems generating a fistful of contradictory signals. Simplicity is good and automation is even better!
There's one reason the London Forex Rush system trades exclusively the first two hours of the London session: momentum and volatility. It's the fastest-moving time span around the clock. That means that your trades will be carried on by a momentum swing towards your profit targets!
I am glad you do because the truth is that it's NOT important... It's CRUCIAL! It is widely accepted that strict money management rules is what sets successful traders apart from the rest. The London Forex Rush system has a very powerful money management system built in so you trade with a statistic edge, making long-term success a reality!
I am going to cut it to the chase here: there's only one way to make money in Forex, and that's to specialize yourself in one particular type of trading. Indeed, the thinner your spread your attention the less chances that you will master any particular trading strategy. That's why the London Forex Rush system is 100% percent specialized in momentum moves at one particular time of the day (the London open) and in one particular currency (the Sterling Pound). Let me say that again: total trading specialization is the only way to go!
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Apartment Building Cash Flow System. Discover The Secrets To Investing In Apartment Buildings With No Cash And No Credit. This Complete Course Includes Everything You Need To Get Started Making A Cash Flow Of $24,000 Or More Per Month Within 90 Days! Only Course Of Its Kind Anywhere!
How to Make $24,000 Per Month in Apartment Investing

"How Rich in Real Estate Do You Think You Can Get If You Had UNLIMITED Amounts of Down Payment Cash at Your Fingertips.

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And Even More Exciting: What If I Told You That, Not Only Can You Get UNLIMITED Amounts of Down Payment Money, But Also UNLIMITED Amounts of Mortgage Loans For ANY Property from $50,000 to $50,000,000 No Matter How BAD Your Credit? I Have the SECRET SOURCES!

Yes, You CAN Get Rich in Real Estate...
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WITHOUT any money down, and
WITHOUT any real estate experience! Yes, You CAN Become a Real Estate Millionaire!

· Give Me a Few Minutes of Your Time and I'll Show You EXACTLY How!
· From Monica MainReal Estate Wealth ExpertThursday -- 3:48 p.m.
· Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,
How are you? My name is Monica Main and I'm a self-confessed business opportunity junkie. If you've seen it on late night TV, I have it! Any "system" - from Ron Legrand, John Beck, Carleton Sheets, John T. Reed, Russ Whitney, Robert Allen - I HAVE! I even bought Carleton Sheets' course TWICE! (I couldn't go without the "new and improved" version.) I even have Dave del Dotto's and Tommy Woo's courses from way back when. (Do you remember those two?)

Did any of these get-rich-quick "systems" really work? Yes and no. Some gave me good ideas but NONE were "complete" from start to finish. I had to "cut and paste" from each system to get 70% of what I needed to become successful in real estate. Unfortunately, the other 30% was missing! Then, even worse, I had to "throw out" the 70% I learned and start over from scratch.

Yes, I wanted more than anything to make tons of money with real estate. I knew that owning real estate was the most PROFITABLE way to make money because real estate will never go away and it will ALWAYS keep going up in value. I don't care how "soft" the market is now. Fifteen years from now property will be AT LEAST DOUBLE what it is now. Also, every multi-millionaire, no matter how they made their millions (or billions), owns LOTS OF REAL ESTATE!
Since there are so many foreclosures, people who are getting kicked out of their homes need a place to live. This has caused the rental market, especially the demand for apartments, EXPLODE in the past 18 months!
Now is the BEST TIME to get started in real estate investing. All of the real estate multi-millionaires have gotten started in the "bad times" when they got DEALS GALORE. All of the real estate investors who lost their shirts got started in the "good times" when the prices were TOO HIGH!
Since the market isn't so great, you don't need ANY MONEY DOWN and NO CREDIT to get started. People are so desperate to get rid of properties because of the "mass hysteria" that they will literally hand over the keys if you present them a fair deal!
Think about it: You'll be getting properties at the LOWEST BASEMENT-BOTTOM price so when the economy turns around (as it ALWAYS DOES) then you will have a net worth of SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS. Anyone can do this and easily retire in the next 36 months a multi-millionaire!!
Discover how to use the power of a letter to make millions in apartment buildings!
How to get your first property in 21 days!
How to get started with NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, NO LICENSES, and NO EXPERIENCE!
Use the power of government grants to get your down payment!
Use my broker for mortgage loans, even if you have the world's worst credit!!
Work for only 36 months and have enough residual income to retire forever!
The secrets to getting to five- to six-figures per month in passive income in 6 months, guaranteed!
Start your entire cash flow business with less than $500 and make money quickly.
Use tested and proven techniques and strategies to get super hot real estate deals!
All the secrets that real estate millionaires know but will never tell you!
Secrets that "gurus" don't even know themselves!

The REAL strategies and "secrets" behind the most successful real estate investors and how to find deals that are "sleepers."
How to use lists to make a fortune virtually overnight and which lists to use.
How to work 15 hours a week or less and still make a fortune in real estate.
How to put your business on "autopilot," getting residual income while you sleep!
How you will NEVER have to "hard sell" a deal. The sales letter gets people beating a path to your door!
How YOU can get started CASHING IN NOW!

So what will you get in the system? Check this out:

Apartment Building Cash Flow Manual - This heavy manual will give you the EXACT details on how to invest like a millionaire pro...and eventually you will become a real estate millionaire if you follow the simple step-by-step system. This includes complete instructions, contracts, ads, and the EXACT how-to info you need! There is NOTHING else like this anywhere else on the market. Guaranteed!
14 Audio Segments - Giving you the exact step-by-step information on how you can get started right away, what to do first, and how
to make the most money in the fastest amount of time! Over 2 full hours!
Million-Dollar Resource Directory - Discover my personal sources to real estate finance, where to locate foreclosures in seconds online, have my secret financing lenders' personal numbers so they can finance your properties too, no matter how bad your credit and with NO MONEY DOWN! There is also a listing of hard-money lenders and international lenders, including one company that specializes in Canadian properties. This resource directory also includes your resources for state and federal grants.
Quick-Start Guide - What to do today, tomorrow, and for the next few weeks. How to start building your real estate business quickly and grow it as fast as possible!
Cash Flow Evaluator Software - Do thy numbers! This software (Excel required) will help you figure out all of your numbers to make sure your deal is profitable. Most people have a hard time figuring out if a deal is going to make money. This easy software makes it dummy-proof to get your accurate monthly cash flow, CAP rate, etc.
Bonus Reports - You'll get two (2) bonus reports about getting cash back at closing and how to never get a deadbeat tenant. These reports are super valuable and are alone worth $35. Can you imagine getting $200,000 at the closing table? In one report you'll discover exactly how!!
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How To Drive Tons of Server-Melting, Targeted, Google Adwords Traffic To Your Website For As Little As $0.01 Per Click - And Then Instantly Resell it

Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo. Adsense Continues To Be A Hot Button Topic That Converts Like Crazy.
"How To Drive Tons of Server-Melting, Targeted, Google Adwords Traffic To Your Website For As Little As $0.01 Per Click - And Then Instantly Resell it for Up to $1.00 or More - All While You Spy On Your Competitors, Receive Fat Affiliate Commission Paychecks And Build Your List - 100% Guaranteed!"
"Never Before Seen Adsense Arbitrage Strategy Makes All Previous Adsense Arbitrage Models Obsolete!"
Here are some of the things you will discover if you keep reading:
Exactly what Adsense arbitrage is and why it's totally OK with Google!
What's the # 1 problem in our society and why you need to get out of this mindset if you want to make any money online.
Why Adsense Arbitrage is a completely ethical business model (if done right). Similar business models have been used online for decades - and offline for centuries!
Why internet marketing is the ultimate video game and why you need to be smart to play this game...
What types of niches to go after. Specific ideas given to you on a silver platter! You can just follow the process outlined with these "seed" keywords and set up a profitable Adsense arbitrage campaign quickly...
A free resource that sends you new niche ideas every day - including the approximate cost per click! Never be at a loss for profitable markets to target...
How to perform keyword research. Detailed screenshots take you by the hand and show you how it's done - even if you are totally new to this!
Which keywords to go after when you create your Adsense arbitrage campaigns - and which to stay the hell away from! (Hint: if you think they are necessarily the most expensive in your market, don't bet your house on it)
How to annihilate your competitors by tapping into dirt, dirt cheap keywords that they haven't even thought about (let alone use). Thinking out of the box is what will give you the edge...
Managing your keyword lists: How to deduplicate your keyword lists, clean them up from unwanted terms, filter them, group them in related groups - the works...
How to use Amazon to get access to even more keywords. Overload your campaigns with keywords and your server with traffic...
The power of "brand term" keyword research. This alone can potentially bring you 1000ds of extra visitors a day - for mere pennies per click!
Why sometimes it's important to rearrange the order of some of the keywords you have - and why not doing it could cut your traffic by up to 66%. I haven't heard ANYONE else talk about this (and I read a lot).
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Learn How I Increased My Income By 3886%. Here's How You Can Double, Triple, Quadruple Or Even Multiply Your Online Income

Learn How I Increased My Income By 3886%. Here's How You Can Double, Triple, Quadruple Or Even Multiply Your Online Income By Many Folds Without Lifting A Finger.
My Friends Laughed At Me When I Said I Could Increase Their Online Income By Up To 3886% With No Effort From Their Part... You Had To See Their Faces When I Proved It!"
Read On To Discover How You Can Get Your Hands On A Unique Software That Could Literally Multiply Your Current Website Income By Many Folds Without You Lifting A Finger
How ClickAdsPro Works:
ClickAdsPro lets you show targeted ads on your web pages that are relevant to the content of your page. When your visitor sees an ad that is significant to your theme, they will gladly checkout what it has to offer. This is called contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is nothing new to the internet...
...you have heard about Google® Adsense, right? Adsense is the grand daddy of contextual advertising. ClickAdsPro uses the same principle as Adsense, but with one difference - instead of Google® choosing your ads, you handpick them! Every ad shown on your pages takes your lost traffic to a killer salesletter of an affiliate program. Any purchase thereafter - the money is in your pocket! In short...

Here's How You Can Benefit From ClickAdsPro Today...
Display laser-targeted, high-quality affiliate program ads on any kind of webpage that lures your visitors, and fills your pocket with massive amounts of cash.

Promote any affiliate program you like by monetizing traffic that very few marketers online ever monetize... The people that were not planning on buying your product on the spot.

Personally select the affiliate ads that you want to be displayed based on a number of criteria including the theme, the minimum ranking of the product and/or the minimum commission of the product displayed.

Control every aspect of the ad displayed including the background color, border color, title color and text color at run time. Now, that is something we really call "fully flexible"!

Use your creativity to develop unlimited number of display styles for your ads to perfectly blend with every possible theme or layout of your web sites.

Generate code for javascript ads on your static webpages or search engine friendly ads on your dynamic pages in less than 7 seconds using the newly designed Adcode Generator.

Find out which ad works for you and which does not using the extensive tracking and reporting functionality. You can view the total clicks, impressions and clickthrus in a neat graphical format.

Control the complete functioning of ClickAdsPro from the intuitively designed Administration Panel.

Start a full fledged Search Engine which lists ALL the products in ClickBank® marketplace & PayDotCom marketplace embedded with your affiliate ID.

Select ads to display from thousands of products in the inbuilt ad databases consisting of the ClickBank®, the PayDotCom, the custom or the elite ads (we will talk about this in detail a moment later).

Automatically findout & transfer your best performing affiliate programs to a covert database.
... plus tons of features that make it natural for you to make more money!

Jaz Lai How Network Marketing Works. One Of The Best Selling Home Business, Network Marketing Product In The Industry

“I’m So Confident That My “How Network Marketing WorksTM” System Will Make You A 6-Figure Network Marketing Superstar That I’m Willing To PAY YOU $100 To Prove It!”
The Very Same Key Is Yours To Grab
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Recruiting people online can be as simple as getting someone to click on a link. You tell someone about a website, they click, sign up and you make money. That's all there is to making a few bucks online.

But to make BIG MONEY - the kind you dream about having ... well you need a "system" for that... and that's exactly what I'm going to reveal to you - how to make BIG MONEY in your network marketing business.

But before I show you my 8 component of "How Network Marketing Works", let me share with you why you must read every word on this page.

Right now as you’re reading this letter, my network marketing organization boasts over 2,346 members without me ever picking up the phone! That’s nothing to sneeze at and I achieve all this in only 1 year.

"The MOST COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP SUCCESS PROGRAM Ever Created For YOU To Finally Quit Your Job, Work From Home And Own Your Life FAST!"
Introducing the ONE and ONLY . . .
“How Network Marketing WorksTM” Complete Network Success Home Study System!

Component 1 : Power Squeeze Page TemplatesGet immediate access to 3 Proven High Converting squeeze pages that were all PERSONALLY created by me to pull the biggest response possible.These are all time tested, solid, proven-to-work templates you can put to work for your business.You'll literally be able to start generating new business growth just MINUTES from signing up…
Here's just a few of the strategies you'll discover in the "Power Squeeze Page Secrets" report . . .

How your squeeze page headline needs to be written to entice every visitor to optin to your list (and it's not what you might typically think).
Where your optin form should be located on your squeeze page to pull in the most subscribers (and how many forms should be placed on your page for maximum results).
The simple two step formula the top "gurus" use to create urgency in their optin offers (don't do this and you'll lose up to 47% of your leads instantly).
And so much more...

Component 2 : 30 Private Label Network Marketing Emails / Articles

I know crafting a highly responsive email is one of the biggest problem most home business owner faces. That’s why these 30 messages are created using a proven formula.

They are specially crafted to be 'trance inducing' in nature. Readers are drawn into the copy and can't help but take action.
Most people fail in writing good converting emails because it is difficult to write pre-sales messages that do 2 things at once: Build a relationship with the reader and sell something at the same time. So this set of emails/articles solve a very big problem many network marketers face.

Component 3 : How To Attract A Huge List Of Prospects FAST!

This is the most straightforward and powerful component on network marketing prospecting you’ll ever find.

Here’s what you will discover in
this "Over-Delivered" lesson :
How to generate high quality leads who want to work with you and only you, and will go out of their way to make it happen. These leads will keep pouring in even if you’re out watching movie or taking your family on a shopping trip
The secret to using article marketing to promote your site and how to make sure
people visit your site... even if you failed English
The easiest way to tap into insider knowledge for your industry and how you can use this technique to build and enhance your credibility. (This can save you more time than you could ever imagine)
Learn how I used a Simple “Hands-Off” Method to generate over 158 leads within a few hours
End the cold-calling and prospect chasing. Here's how to get your future partners and customers to pursue you like a celebrity even if you're just getting started
And many more...
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eBay(R) Crusher. The Guide That Will Change Everything You Ever Thought About Ebay(R)! Create Auto-pilot Income Streams Without Selling A Single Thing

How An Internet Novice Stumbled
Upon ‘Secret Ebay Methods’ That
Rake In Thousands In Profits Per Month – Without Selling A Single Thing…
If you’ve struggled to make money on Ebay and are ready to throw in the towel, don’t give up just yet…
I’m going to reveal how YOU can make thousands on
auto-pilot working just 20 minutes per MONTH!!
Ebay Crusher is a super easy, set-it-and-forget-it, little work, low cost method that creates continuous streams of income from Ebay – all on auto-pilot and without the hassle of selling products!
Ebay Crusher reveals these secret methods and how it can make you a great deal of money with a miniscule amount of work.
I spent months and a small fortune testing these methods and then perfecting them. I was amazed at the results and have been using it ever since.
Since I perfected these methods, you only need to set it up once per month and then just watch the cash roll in!
I use this very system every day – and have been for months now. Every single time I use this method, I at least double or triple my money.
Would you like to have an auto-pilot cash-generating account that looks like this?
Let me tell you a little of what Ebay Crusher is NOT:
It is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. This method does allow you to make quick and easy cash but it also allows you to build a real business at your own pace.
It does not involve face-to-face selling of any kind.
It does not involve surveys
It does not involve “Free Trail Offers”
It does not involve Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Pyramid schemes or any such non-sense.
It will not get you into any trouble with Ebay. The method is entirely compliant with Ebay’s Rules and Regulations.

Discover the secret methods that make a very, very small minority of Ebayers incredible profit margins…
A Sneak Peak Inside Ebay Crusher…
Never search for a wholesaler or a product to sell ever again
No wasting time with Dropshippers
No Liquidation merchandise to peddle
No searching for garage sale bargains
No technical knowledge necessary
Nothing to package
No trips to the post office
No postage costs
No risk to your Ebay Feedback Score

Completely compliant with Ebay’s Terms of Service
Low, low start-up costs - Start with as little as $10
Scalable business – start as small and manageable as you like, or make it as large as you like. Grow at your own pace.
How this system can work for you if you already ARE an Ebay seller.
Drastically reduce or eliminate Paypal fees.
How to get your website, products, or ideas on the front page of Google – automatically!
How to get repeat business time and time again!
Major benefits of Ebay Crusher:
Quick implementation of the method. Spend an hour reading the guide, 20 minutes implementing the method, and you’re in business!
Step-by-Step detailed instructions on setting it all up in 20 minutes.
No prior Ebay selling experience required.
How to set the method to earn repeat business month after month from the same
Very low start-up costs – start your very own real business for under $10.
No technical skills needed – you don’t need to know how to design a website, program software, or even install software.
No hard work involved at all. Ebay Crusher is a super easy method to implement. Set-it and forget-it, and let the cash roll in.
For established Ebay sellers – this method can increase your business, get more visitors to your auctions or websites, and get your business on the front page of Google.
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