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Tor Browser kya hai aur isko kaise download karte hai?

Tor Browser kya hai aur isko kaise download karte hai?Dear friends, Tor browser ek special type ka browser hota hai jiske dwara hum anonymously internet per surfing kar sakte hai.Actually jab bhi hum koi bhi website visit karte hai to hamare computer ka ip address ka information website owner ke pass pahuch jaata hai jiske karana hamari privacy secure nahi rehti hai.Agar hum anonymously internet per surfing karma chahte hai to hame TOR browser ko use karma chahiye.Tor browser per jab bhi kisi bhi website ko open karte hai to sabse pehle uska request Tor project me jude hue bahut saare computer servers me se kisi ek server per jaata hai aur phir hum uss server ke dwara hi kisi bhi website ko visit karte hai.Iss se fayda yeh hota hai ki hamare original ip address ka jaankari kisi ko bhi pata nahi chal paata hai aur hum anonymously internet per surfing karte rehte hai.

Mere Site visitors ke sath hue discussion.Please read apke bahut saae sawaalo ke jawab apko mil jayege.

28 Mar 14, 05:39 PM
ABHISHEK ANAND@dipak sen - dear aap jitne jyada logo ko join karwayege aur jitna jyada advertisement dekhege utna jyada apko income milega.Yeh poora ka poora apke uper depend karta hai.
28 Mar 14, 03:25 PM
dipak sen: clix sens me incom kitni hy
28 Mar 14, 03:15 PM
ABHISHEK ANAND@G.Ravikumar - Job alerts seva band ho gayi hai.
28 Mar 14, 12:35 PM
28 Mar 14, 07:37 AM
ABHISHEK ANAND@taeed - sabse pehle join kar lo uske baad website bhi mil jayegi aur ebook mil jayega.
28 Mar 14, 02:14 AM
taeed: meri website nhi he to ebooks mere kis kaam me aayega?
28 Mar 14, 12:34 AM
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Beyond "Testimonials" - Brag Your way to more purchasers

Social proof may be a good way to assist you sell your merchandise and services. Your potential purchasers wish to be confident that others (especially "people like them") are becoming awful results together with your services. they need to visualize that others square measure "doing it" also.

Capricious Consumption of cheap Fashion

A few times a year, we have a tendency to wish to continue holidays that double as searching journeys. we have a tendency to obtain garments, recklessly, of most of the clothings we have a tendency to area unit interested in initially sight.

Majority people area unit uncontrollable spenders at Taiwan "Night markets" as their fashion things value but many bucks and area unit nearly as good as those we have a tendency to see in fashion magazines. It might simply pass for Topshop material. Our short material blissfulness, however, comes at the expense of scores of poorer and additional unfortunate migrants out there.

Top five branding Lessons coming From Steve Jobs

When it involves stigmatisation than Apple is that the good example to emphasise its importance in any business strategy. jointly same, the currently late Jobs, "The probability to form memory is that the essence of brand name marketing". That alone is maybe the most effective definition for complete promoting. in our own way to outline stigmatisation is thru the feeling that a client feels whenever wondering bound services or product. The factor with customers is that they do not purchase services or merchandise, they purchase one thing else; they purchase name and perceptions, they like certainty and trust before anything. that's what stigmatisation is all about; nothing additional, nothing less.

Tips From the unemployed Cherub

Once I detected a sermoniser check with the Tempter as Associate in Nursing out of work cherub.

The statement i think was meant as a place down.

At first blanch i buy the conception, solely last night although God brought a degree to my attention relating to this statement that challenged ME.

How To Host a Profitable Event - even if you have ZERO experience In Event planning

You don't got to be an expert help to host a workshop or seminar that gets you purchasers and generates new streams of revenue.

However, you are doing got to pay shut attention to the details!

Put your attendees' desires 1st

Dates, times, locations and dress codes, these area unit things your attendees can got to grasp.

Unstoppable online income Stream

One of the items that the bulk of oldsters notice most difficult regarding making associate degree unbeatable on-line financial gain stream, is to get lots of traffic to their on-line funnel system.

If you're a web trafficker, or wish to be one, you want to elect that niche you wish to control, to make an internet financial gain stream that produces you cash systematically, on auto-pilot.

Learning how to protect intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to a legal term that acknowledges exclusive rights of intangible assets. a number of the known information science sorts embody copyrights, patents, trademarks, brands and additionally trade secrets, sometimes for intangible assets like music, art, inventions, symbols, logos and styles.

What Is Decisive - marketing or Sales And What about SME?

Yes, after all scientific approaches area unit fascinating and essential (as: "No follow while not theory"), however, their disadvantage is that they can't outline 'Suggestions' for many of the various entrepreneurs running this 'business world' - this refers particularly to SMEs, United Nations agency account for over ninety capitalize on the worldwide firms.

Who Else wants To Be a great Copywriter?

How we have a tendency to Speak once it is important

Just for an instant, please imagine a state of affairs. Your child, or your friend if you do not have a baby, goes down a wrong path. maybe it's medicine or falling in with a really unhealthy crowd.

And you recognize that they're heading for pain. maybe they merely cannot see things clearly. you have got one likelihood to elucidate to them the explanation they ought to not do what they're on the point of do and go down the opposite path.

Various Repairs That are costly to make

Homes purchasable that area unit in would like of repair is seen as a gorgeous feature to some home consumers. Home consumers that don't seem to be afraid to try to to their own repair work apprehend that such homes area unit more cost-effective than move in prepared comparable homes, and consumers will use the money saved to form repairs that suit their preferences. However, there's a distinction between a home needing many fixtures replaced and a home needing the whole roof redone.

Cloud Printing - Basics And benefits Of This Latest Technology

Before we tend to examine cloud printing, it's essential to understand what specifically is cloud computing. Cloud computing technology permits its users to figure severally on computing resources that square measure offered or accessible from a selected location or from a selected device. laptop resource from a centralized location provides accessibility to remote computers at completely different locations exploitation net property. Service provides like Google, Apple and Microsoft use centralized resources to store the information of its users which might be accessed by any device with net property. Cloud computing so helps users to access their information from any location at any time.

Learning The Art Of successful Domino Migration

In the trendy age, email communication has become AN integral a part of AN organization's business model, typically unable to perform effectively while not it. it's additionally become necessary from a legal and compliance stand of an organization. the foremost well-liked email collaboration software system that's utilized in the globe of business is IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, each virtually equally divided amongst the community. it's onerous to work out that is best than the opposite, as each have their own flaws and strengths. the choice to adopt AN email server can ultimately rest on AN organizations communication preferences and necessities from a compliance stand.

Green Engineering Enters the foam Technologies industry

In countries round the world, environmental concern is at Associate in Nursing uncomparable high. shoppers area unit soliciting for earth-friendly product in each business, from automotive, to home merchandise, to non-public product, and far additional. makers area unit responding to the demand by investment billions of greenbacks within the development of high-quality and cost-efficient inexperienced solutions. within the foam technologies business, a brand new product referred to as bio-content material has been developed.

How To efficiently Re-Engage Your App Users

Any person's natural interest will create them transfer your mobile app. Some apps could ne'er get launched once once the transfer. the share of the more use falls even quicker. just one in four mobile apps area unit used quite once once the installation. Once your mobile app gains a user, you cannot tell evidently whether or not you're about to lose them in an exceedingly blink of a watch. Here user retention is one in all the foremost necessary and difficult metrics. consistent with a report by Appboy, the common retention once one, 2, and three months of use is fifty four, 43%, and thirty fifth severally.