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Discover How I Make $1000's Every Week from the Best Job in the World!Are You Maximising The Potential of Your DJ Skills

Dj Playlists & Tools + How To Dj + Wedding Reception Kit
Everything A Dj Needs To Start A Dj Business And A Complete Guide On How To Dj For Profits! Wedding Reception Kit For Brides And Grooms Included. Learn How to Make $1000's Every Month from the Best Job in the World .Are You Maximizing The Potential Of Your DJ Skills? If You Are Not Making Your DJ Gigs Easier and Your Clients Happier, You're Literally Losing Thousands Of Dollars EVERY YEAR!
Well here it is and over 10 years in the making! If you're a DJ just starting out or even been a professional DJ for some time, these are the lists & tools that I have compiled over the past 10 years that will help you fill your dance floor, get more referrals and potentially make you.. Hundreds of thousands of $$ dollars.
You will not find anything like this anywhere else on the internet. There are over 2,300 song ideas on the lists and these are the core event songs that matter. You will get 4 different editable word documents containing..
Dancing Song Ideas with over 1100 song ideas from 17 genres
Easy Listening / Dinner Songs with over 600 song ideas from 17 genres
Wedding Songs with over 700 ideas from 14 of the different traditional events at weddings
Specialty Songs with ideas for Games, Children's Songs, Closing Songs, Ethnic Songs + More
The DJ Playlists & Tools Package includes..
Dancing Song SuggestionsThis list includes song title, artist and year of release information from most popular genres. Flick through this list for ideas whilst working your dance floor. There is over 10 of the most popular dancefloor genres listed here.
Dinner and Easy Listening Song SuggestionsThis list includes song title & artist information from most popular easy listening genres. Everything from Cafe Del Mar, to Jazz to Rock. This list is what I use for wedding & corporate dinner music ideas or easy listening songs at the start of a party.
Specialty Song SuggestionsThis list includes song title and artist information for specialty songs. These include the songs DJs keep up their sleeves for Closing & Last Dance Songs, Children's Songs, Theme, Ethnic Favorites Contests & Specialty Songs.
Wedding Song SuggestionsThis list includes song title & artist and year information for wedding songs. Including First Dance, Bridal Party intro, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss etc + heaps more.
I will also include a Bonus Pack of Essential TOOLS, Templates and Ideas
That will Jumpstart Your DJ Business Profits.
Blueprint for DJ Success Guide (Adobe PDF*.pdf) You will discover all of the essential software you need to run your DJ business. I literally spend only 2 to 3 hours a week nowadays administering my DJ business and it all comes down to a few simple strategies revealed in Blueprint for DJ Success.
You will also find out 4 of the no-nonsense, must read books to learn how to DJ and setup a Business. I've read hundreds of DJ books and these are the cream of the crop. In fact you will probably get so busy you will have to knock gigs back once you know this info (Now that's a nice position to be in!)
You will also receive a copy once released (Late 2008) of "How to DJ for Profits" I will show you step by step how to setup a thriving DJ business and I will also take you on a photo tour from start to finish of one my gigs. So you get to see how I do it and you can copy some ideas. Just sign up to the updates database upon purchase for notification of release.
Event Planner Template (Editable Word Document *.doc) This is the form sent to clients to confirm their booking for Corporate Events, School Dances and Parties. It includes all of the questions you need to know from the client. It is the exact form I use. The only thing you will have to do is add your own worded contract - but I've given some tips what a solid contract should cover and how to get one written.
Wedding Reception Planner Template (Editable Word Document *.doc)
This is the form sent to clients to confirm their booking for Wedding Receptions. Over 180 Weddings experience has been put into this form and this is the very form I am using for weddings. Everything that you NEED TO KNOW about a clients wedding reception is asked on this form so you can offer a better DJ service to your client.
Wedding Client Meeting Checklist (Editable Word Document *.doc) When you meet with your Wedding Clients 2-4 weeks before their wedding you will have to discuss every aspect of their wedding to ensure you create the celebration they want. That's why I've created the Wedding Client Meeting Checklist that you can use during the meeting. These are the important questions to ask.
Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Reception Timeline (Editable Word Document *.doc) This form is what clients can fill out to make your Wedding DJ / MC job easy. It will also give you everything you need to know regarding the timing of clients wedding reception – including their special song requests and a very good idea of what to say if you are acting as MC also. Once again this is the exact template I use.
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