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how's your intra-day trading doing?

If you are anything like me, you LOVE intra-day Forex trading!

Everything about it is exciting: the adrenaline, the fast moves, the amazing profits, everything! The problem with intra-day trading is that A) you need to stare at your screen all day long and B) there's just too much discretion involved, often confusing you with contradictory signals!

I wish there was a solution to that...

And there is indeed! I have recently discovered the ultimate intra-day trading strategy: The London Forex Rush system!

Here's the link: ==> http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/

The London Forex Rush system is probably the smartest trading system I have been exposed to in a long time, and here is why: it exploits the huge market acceleration taking place as the Tokyo session gives way to the London session. Have you ever wondered where do those 100-pip early-morning moves come from? well, that's exactly the trading volume spike happening when the London institutional traders sit at their desk every morning, and that's where the London Forex Rush system jumps along to grab those moves!

The beauty of this system is that it only requires two hours a day because it ONLY takes trades at that precise time of the day - that's it, that's all you need: two hours a day, ride those momentum swings, and you're done for the day with up to 100 pips in your pocket! So far, users are reporting an average of 400 to 600 pips per month with the London Forex Rush system.

And here comes the best: It's all been AUTOMATED! Insane uh? Al Russell, the developer of this system, has coded the whole system into a custom indicator for MetaTrader 4 and trust me, it's a piece of art! The indicator calls for you the exact entry, target and stop loss levels for every trade! You just need to punch in the order as instructed by the indicator and you are good to go!

I tell you what: you should really check this beauty out because it's the winning formula every intra-day trader has been waiting for!

Here's the link again: ==> http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/

And now please excuse me {!name_fix}, I gotta go... my London Forex Rush indicator is signaling a trade so it's time for me to make some pips! Are you sure you want to miss this out? Come and join all the successful intra-day Forex traders at http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/
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