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Dear trader,Intra-day trading the Forex market is a tough business. The majority of intra-day traders lose money, and the reason for that is because of poor trading timing.Most of the traders think that following a successful system is enough to make money in Forex, but that's far from truth: you must have a successful system and you must trade it at the right market timing!The key-words here are volatility and momentum... If you have the momentum on your side you can successfully trade Forex in just two hours per day!
What to trade: Slow-moving currency pairs are the bane of intra-day traders. We want market action, we want fast-accelerating currencies and above all we want currencies that deliver the punch! And if there's one volatile currency in the Forex world that's the Sterling Pound. Indeed, all of its crosses (GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF, etc) can easily swing for over 200 pips any day of the week. That's why the London Forex Rush system trades only and exclusively the Sterling Pound currency pairs.
When to trade: It is a proven fact that most currencies, especially the Sterling Pound crosses, pour in their largest daily moves within the first two hours of the London market. That's when the Forex market scores its highest trading volume levels... and that's when you want to grab your piece of the cake!
The powerful London Forex Rush system captures with razor-sharp accuracy those explosive early morning moves!But the best part of the deal is that there is no need to stare at the charts all day long. The London Forex Rush system only trades the first two hours of the London session... Two hours a day is all you need to intra-day trade this system successfully!
We all know that emotions are the enemy when it comes to trading, especially as we try to find our way through fear and greed: guesstimation, over-leverage, second-thinking, growing doubts and over-trading are the fastest road to blow your trading account!
We are humans, not robots, so there's not much we can do about it...
Or is there?Fortunately, automated systems and custom indicators help us removing all those devastating emotions out of the equation - and that's exactly what I have done myself with the London Forex Rush custom indicator!

Every morning, right as the London market opens, my custom indicator signals for me all the possible trading opportunities in the market:
The direction of the trade (buy or sell)
The entry level
The stop loss & target levels
The amount of lots to enter the trade with under rock-solid money management principles
The current market trend
The London Forex Rush system has been created for a very particular type of trader and you might want to read on to check whether this system is suited for you:
The London Forex Rush system has been designed exclusively for intra-day traders who like enjoy trading the heat and action of the markets as they unfold in real time. I mean, there's nothing wrong with long-term trading as an investment tool to diversify your portfolio, but if trading for a living is what you're after, then you must become an intra-day trader because that's where the real money is!
The beauty of the London Forex Rush system is that it only requires two hours a day, sometimes even less, to generate wonderful results. That means you can have a full-time job and spend time with your family while being able to generate outstanding profits trading Forex!
You know what? me too! that's why I developed my own custom indicator so all the trading signals are crystal clear. The indicator does all the monkey-work for me and all I have to do is to punch in the trade orders into my broker. No more confusing
systems generating a fistful of contradictory signals. Simplicity is good and automation is even better!
There's one reason the London Forex Rush system trades exclusively the first two hours of the London session: momentum and volatility. It's the fastest-moving time span around the clock. That means that your trades will be carried on by a momentum swing towards your profit targets!
I am glad you do because the truth is that it's NOT important... It's CRUCIAL! It is widely accepted that strict money management rules is what sets successful traders apart from the rest. The London Forex Rush system has a very powerful money management system built in so you trade with a statistic edge, making long-term success a reality!
I am going to cut it to the chase here: there's only one way to make money in Forex, and that's to specialize yourself in one particular type of trading. Indeed, the thinner your spread your attention the less chances that you will master any particular trading strategy. That's why the London Forex Rush system is 100% percent specialized in momentum moves at one particular time of the day (the London open) and in one particular currency (the Sterling Pound). Let me say that again: total trading specialization is the only way to go!
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