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How To Drive Tons of Server-Melting, Targeted, Google Adwords Traffic To Your Website For As Little As $0.01 Per Click - And Then Instantly Resell it

Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo. Adsense Continues To Be A Hot Button Topic That Converts Like Crazy.
"How To Drive Tons of Server-Melting, Targeted, Google Adwords Traffic To Your Website For As Little As $0.01 Per Click - And Then Instantly Resell it for Up to $1.00 or More - All While You Spy On Your Competitors, Receive Fat Affiliate Commission Paychecks And Build Your List - 100% Guaranteed!"
"Never Before Seen Adsense Arbitrage Strategy Makes All Previous Adsense Arbitrage Models Obsolete!"
Here are some of the things you will discover if you keep reading:
Exactly what Adsense arbitrage is and why it's totally OK with Google!
What's the # 1 problem in our society and why you need to get out of this mindset if you want to make any money online.
Why Adsense Arbitrage is a completely ethical business model (if done right). Similar business models have been used online for decades - and offline for centuries!
Why internet marketing is the ultimate video game and why you need to be smart to play this game...
What types of niches to go after. Specific ideas given to you on a silver platter! You can just follow the process outlined with these "seed" keywords and set up a profitable Adsense arbitrage campaign quickly...
A free resource that sends you new niche ideas every day - including the approximate cost per click! Never be at a loss for profitable markets to target...
How to perform keyword research. Detailed screenshots take you by the hand and show you how it's done - even if you are totally new to this!
Which keywords to go after when you create your Adsense arbitrage campaigns - and which to stay the hell away from! (Hint: if you think they are necessarily the most expensive in your market, don't bet your house on it)
How to annihilate your competitors by tapping into dirt, dirt cheap keywords that they haven't even thought about (let alone use). Thinking out of the box is what will give you the edge...
Managing your keyword lists: How to deduplicate your keyword lists, clean them up from unwanted terms, filter them, group them in related groups - the works...
How to use Amazon to get access to even more keywords. Overload your campaigns with keywords and your server with traffic...
The power of "brand term" keyword research. This alone can potentially bring you 1000ds of extra visitors a day - for mere pennies per click!
Why sometimes it's important to rearrange the order of some of the keywords you have - and why not doing it could cut your traffic by up to 66%. I haven't heard ANYONE else talk about this (and I read a lot).
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