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The Benefits of Doc Rogers' Brotherhood of Bodyguards

By simply Doc Rogers the most dependable online source for EP tips
Welcome to Hi Rogers' Brotherhood involving Bodyguards
Should you be dead serious about your job, then I craving you to pay mindful attention. This is the single most critical thing you can perform for a better job in the Executive Security, Professional Bodyguard and Executive protection industry.
The fishing line to professional personal security, executive protection and executive protection success can be misleading. Time to share show you many of the advanced things We have learned in the business. You’ll locate a whole secret road that could get you to your own personal destination quickly and more properly.

Dear Friends and family,

Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards can be a different kind of pub website. Our feature is to give unmatched personal service, information along with profession guidance to our readers. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards provides subscribers with personalized consultations on profession growth, providing mentorships services along with exclusive bodyguard and executive security information. It is this aim to help, inform, mentor and provide a confident impact each subscriber’s personal security profession.
Why you ought to listen to Hi Rogers


Here's precisely why I can allow you to. I’ve experienced the executive protection/bodyguard sector since 1991 have landed on-going assignments with A-list Hollywood celebrities, red-carpet personalities and Entrepreneurs of major multi-national organizations. I am director of 1 of Asia’s most founded and trusted executive protection organizations (International Corporate Executive Protection Limited. ), author on the top selling book Company Executive Protection: A Guide book for Inspiring Company Bodyguards. I am another Southwest University or college Ph. D in Safety measures Administration, a Certified Security Specialist (CPS) from Executive Safety measures International (ESI) and a past decorated veteran police agency, or a monthly writer at Bodyguard Jobs.

Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards makes professional bodyguards in mastering their very own craft and guiding them all over the country profession. For instance training, job look for and preparing for job interviews. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards helps members to make bodyguard profession techniques for achieve short and long goals; guiding them how to success. Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards performs closely with its members all the inside their bodyguard job. This personal consultation covers the distinctive problems of smashing into the bodyguard industry along with thriving available. When associates join Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards they build a hitting the ground with Doc and are capable to talk with someone who they otherwise couldn't into their normal day-to-day lifestyle. Doc answers this question, provides the greatest advice, likes you your bodyguard profession and a personal touch in which traditional membership sites be short of.
The key benefits of Hi Rogers' Brotherhood involving Bodyguards


Being a professional bodyguard Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards has learned your profession hinges on teaching. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards online training through their membership site promotes maximum effects; giving members the ability, experience and solutions with unparalleled competence, reliability and personal attention. Using bodyguard information intended for free on the net today, you will be wondering why you must pay for such data. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards is different. Inside private, members-only spot; you'll find an intensive source of in-depth personal security and executive protection data:

• Specialised bodyguard information - NOT standard data.

• Pub includes training with Hi Rogers; four (4) one on one personal training sessions by electronic mail.

• Distinctive eBooks, Special Reports along with Articles you can’t find somewhere else.

• Exclusive and exclusive content for associates MERELY.

• Pub includes entry in the CXP (corporate management protection) Agent Management Software.

• Is it doesn't best site available on the net right now, providing premium bodyguard job development data.

Foggy you get if you join Hi Rogers' Brotherhood involving Bodyguards

Each advertiser who purchases a “membership” intended for 6-month to one-year receives a number of (4) One-on-One personal training lessons by email with Hi Rogers. This involves one (1) session a month over a 4 thirty day period period. The course is made up of one (1) bodyguard profession review sessions and three (3) personal security profession workouts.


• Is an assessment along with strategizing cycle (month 1). I assess the current state within your bodyguard career. An excellent first assessment you can be given profession tips to follow based on your own personal experience level and profession ambitions to start setting things throughout motions.

• The next thing is your workout (month 2) I coach you on each and every for you to take in great aspect for your bodyguard profession good results. In this session every little thing is geared to getting anyone maximum results in minimal time period.

• From the third workout (month 3) I assess your advancement and provide anyone with advanced knowledge, this may significantly increase your personal security profession advancement.

• From the fourth and final workout (month 4) I provide you with prescription in which shows you how to generate your abilities noticeable, get you more organized than you’ve ever been and that means you will blaze a way across the bodyguard sector.

These initial four (4) sessions are contained in your membership. Anyone pay nothing extra for immediate access to Doc Rogers’ own individual coaching where he along you individually by electronic mail.

Here's far more Advantages of Joining Hi Rogers' Brotherhood involving Bodyguards

Membership in Doc Rogers' Brotherhood involving Bodyguards has it's strengths; under Doc's leadership along with instruction:

• You may advised on career judgements.

• You are going to receive professional opinions from Hi Rogers.

• You can be assisted on occupation techniques.

• You may helped with your publicize deal.

• Hi Rogers gives you career control, which is desperately missing currently.


• Quite possibly assist newer agents obtain the type of professional personal security, executive protection or executive protection operations that best package them temperamentally and appropriately.

• Associates will see a return very own investment from cooperating with Hi Rogers.
Built when the Needs and Pursuits involving Professional Bodyguards, Management Protection Specialists and Executive protection Officers

Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards ended up being built on the needs along with pursuits of specialized bodyguards. It is not a membership in which forgets about you have got joined. Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards work hard to help your bodyguard profession dreams be realized. Your priorities are generally my priorities and I stop at nothing to obtain the greatest success for yourself in your bodyguard job.

If you enroll in Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards you may always have my entire attention. It's that personalized touch that separates Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards in the rest of the contain. Success in the specialized bodyguard business is not give; it’s chased, and they only the hungriest bodyguards find it. The hungrier you will be, the more you are getting to appreciate Hi Rogers’ tell-it-like-it-is Brotherhood involving Bodyguards and coaching software. Do not offer this opportunity presented for your requirements.

Your own personal membership fee will get anyone an admission to all typically the cutting-edge information within Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood involving Bodyguards members’ only part. A 6-month for you to one-year membership package are certain to get you four (4) one on one direct access personal coaching lessons by email with Hi Rogers. Doc Rogers Affirms: “Look, if you require help, get someone who is actually productive at what you want to get. Invest and become an affiliate of Hi Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards right now. ”

• Regular updates with exclusive written content.

• Usage of bonus content (eBooks along with Particular Reports).

• One on one email coaching with Hi.

• completely Confidential & tacked down.

• Distinctive access to Brotherhood involving Bodyguards Merchandise.


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