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Here's more Advantages of Joining Doc Rogers' Brotherhood of Bodyguards

Through Doc Rogers the most reliable online source for EP guidance.Welcome to Doctor Rogers' Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards.If you are dead serious about your job, then I desire you to pay cautious attention. This might be the single most significant thing that you can do for a better job in the Executive Safety, Professional Bodyguard and Executive protection industry.
The street to professional body guard, executive protection and executive protection success can be misleading. Allow me to show you a few of the advanced things I have personally learned in the market. You’ll find a whole secret road which will get you to your own destination quickly and more effectively.

Dear Siblings,

Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards is really a different kind of a regular membership website. Our business is to give unequalled personal service, information as well as profession guidance to our customers. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards provides subscribers with individual consultations on profession advancement, providing mentorships services as well as exclusive bodyguard and executive safety information. It is the aim to help, instruct, mentor and provide an optimistic impact each subscriber’s body guard profession.
Why you need to listen to Doctor Rogers


Here's the reason why I can assist you to. I’ve experienced the executive protection/bodyguard business since 1991 have landed continuing assignments with A-list Hollywood stars, red-carpet personalities and Entrepreneurs of major multi-national companies. I am director of a single of Asia’s most set up and trusted executive protection companies (International Corporate Executive Protection Limited. ), author from the top selling book Business Executive Protection: A Guide for Inspiring Business Bodyguards. I am the Southwest College Ph. D in Protection Administration, a Certified Safety Specialist (CPS) from Executive Protection International (ESI) and a previous decorated veteran police, in addition to a monthly writer at Bodyguard Professions.


Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards trains professional bodyguards in mastering their own craft and guiding them car profession. This consists of training, job lookup and preparing for interview. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards helps members to produce bodyguard profession ways of achieve short and extensive goals; guiding these to success. Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards functions closely with its members all the strategies their bodyguard occupation. This personal consultation resolves the distinctive problems of busting into the bodyguard industry as well as thriving in the industry. When people join Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards they build a experience of Doc and are in a position to talk with someone who they otherwise couldn't within their normal day-to-day living. Doc answers this question, provides the most effective advice, likes you your bodyguard profession and offers a personal touch which traditional membership sites absence.
The advantages of Doctor Rogers' Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards

Like a professional bodyguard Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards understands your profession hinges on coaching. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards online training through the membership site promotes maximum outcomes; giving members the data, experience and sources with unparalleled competence, honesty and personal attention. Along with bodyguard information on free on the web today, you may be wondering why you need to pay for such info. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards is different. Inside the private, members-only region; you'll find an extensive source of in-depth body guard and executive protection info:


• Specific bodyguard information - NOT common info.

• A regular membership includes training with Doctor Rogers; four (4) one on one personal training sessions by e-mail.

• Unique eBooks, Special Reports as well as Articles you can’t find any place else.

• Distinctive and exclusive content for people JUST.

• A regular membership includes entry in to the CXP (corporate professional protection) Agent Management System.

• It does not take best site available on the net these days, providing premium bodyguard occupation development info.

Which you get whenever you join Doctor Rogers' Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards

Each customer who purchases a “membership” with regard to 6-month to one-year receives 4 (4) One-on-One personal training classes by email with Doctor Rogers. This includes one (1) session each month over a 4 30 days period. The course consists of one (1) bodyguard profession evaluation sessions and three (3) body guard profession workout sessions.


• The very first is an assessment as well as strategizing stage (month 1). I measure the current state of the bodyguard career. Following this first assessment you may be given profession guidance to follow based on your own experience level and profession objectives to start setting things within movement.

• The next step is your workout (month 2) I educate you on each and every proceed to take in great fine detail for your bodyguard profession achievement. In this session every thing is geared to getting a person maximum results in minimal period.

• Within the third workout (month 3) I evaluate your advancement and provide a person with advanced knowledge, this can significantly increase your body guard profession improvement.

• Within the fourth and final workout (month 4) I supply you with a prescription which shows you how to create your abilities apparent, get you more ready than you’ve ever been which means you will blaze a route across the bodyguard business.

These very first four (4) sessions are a part of your membership. A person pay nothing extra for immediate access to Doc Rogers’ personal coaching where he works together with you individually by e-mail.

Here's much more Advantages of Joining Doctor Rogers' Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards

Membership inside Doc Rogers' Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards has it's benefits; under Doc's leadership as well as assistance:

• You'll certainly be advised on career choices.

• Likely to receive professional opinions from Doctor Rogers.

• You may be assisted on profession goes.

• You'll certainly be helped with your marketing bundle.

• Doctor Rogers provides you with career command, which is desperately inadequate nowadays.


• He could assist newer agents discover the type of professional body guard, executive protection or executive protection operations that best collection them temperamentally and expertly.

• People will see a return on the investment from dealing with Doctor Rogers.
Built on the Needs and Pursuits associated with Professional Bodyguards, Professional Protection Specialists and Executive protection Officers

Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards had been built on the needs as well as pursuits of expert bodyguards. This is simply not a membership which forgets about you after you have joined. Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards works hard to choose a bodyguard profession dreams become a reality. Your priorities tend to be my priorities and I will eradicate at nothing to accomplish the greatest success for you personally in your bodyguard occupation.

Whenever you enroll in Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards you are going to always have my complete attention. It's that individual touch that separates Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards through the rest of the group. Success in the expert bodyguard business is not presented; it’s chased, in support of the hungriest bodyguards capture it. The hungrier you might be, the more you will appreciate Doctor Rogers’ tell-it-like-it-is Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards and coaching system. Do not give this opportunity presented for you.

Your own membership fee will get a person an admission to all the actual cutting-edge information within Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards members’ only area. A 6-month in order to one-year membership package can get you four (4) one on one direct access personal coaching classes by email with Doctor Rogers. Doc Rogers States: “Look, if you want help, discover someone who is actually effective at what you want to be. Invest and become a part of Doctor Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards these days. ”

• Every week updates with exclusive content material.

• Entry to bonus content (eBooks as well as Unique Reports).

• One on one email coaching with Doctor.

• totally Confidential & secure.

• Unique access to Brotherhood associated with Bodyguards Merchandise.


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