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If you're dead serious about your career, then I urge you to pay very careful attention. This may be the single most important thing you can do for career advancement in the Executive Protection, Professional Bodyguard and Close Protection industry

Simply by Doc Rogers the most trustworthy online source for EP suggestions
Welcome to Hello Rogers' Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards
In case you are dead serious about your job, then I need you to pay careful attention. This can be the single most crucial thing that can be done for a better job in the Executive Defense, Professional Bodyguard and Dignitary protection industry.

The trail to professional private security, executive protection and dignitary protection success can be misleading. I want to show you a number of the advanced things I have personally learned on the market. You’ll find some whole secret road that may get you to your current destination quickly and more efficiently.

Dear Siblings,

Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards is actually a different kind of account website. Our business structure is to give unrivaled personal service, information and also profession guidance to our clients. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards provides subscribers with private consultations on profession improvement, providing mentorships services and also exclusive bodyguard and executive defense information. It is our aim to help, teach, mentor and provide a good impact each subscriber’s private security profession.
Why should you listen to Hello Rogers


Here's exactly why I can enable you to. I’ve held it's place in the executive protection/bodyguard market since 1991 have landed continuous assignments with A-list Hollywood famous actors, red-carpet personalities and Entrepreneurs of major multi-national businesses. I am director of just one of Asia’s most recognized and trusted executive protection businesses (International Corporate Executive Protection Limited. ), author in the top selling book Corporate and business Executive Protection: A Handbook for Inspiring Corporate and business Bodyguards. I am additionally a Southwest College or university Ph. D in Safety Administration, a Certified Defense Specialist (CPS) from Executive Safety International (ESI) and a ex - decorated veteran police, and a monthly writer at Bodyguard Occupations.

Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards trains professional bodyguards in mastering their particular craft and guiding them over the profession. Including training, job research and preparing for interview. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards helps members to generate bodyguard profession ways to achieve short and long lasting goals; guiding those to success. Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards operates closely with its members all the through their bodyguard career. This personal consultation handles the distinctive problems of splitting into the bodyguard industry and also thriving in the commercial. When users join Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards they build a reference to Doc and are capable of talk with someone who they otherwise couldn't inside their normal day-to-day existence. Doc answers this question, provides the absolute best advice, likes you your bodyguard profession and supplies a personal touch that will traditional membership sites shortage.
Some great benefits of Hello Rogers' Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards

As being a professional bodyguard Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards is aware your profession hinges on exercising. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards online training through it is membership site promotes maximum final results; giving members the information, experience and assets with unparalleled competence, ethics and personal attention. Together with bodyguard information designed for free online today, you could be wondering why you ought to pay for such details. Doc Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards is different. In the private, members-only location; you'll find a thorough source of in-depth private security and executive protection details:


• Customized bodyguard information - NOT basic details.

• Account includes training with Hello Rogers; four (4) 1 on 1 personal training sessions by e mail.

• Special eBooks, Special Reports and also Articles you can’t find elsewhere.

• Special and exclusive content for users SIMPLY.

• Account includes entry to the CXP (corporate exec protection) Agent Management Plan.

• It's the best site available online nowadays, providing premium bodyguard career development details.

This is what you get once you join Hello Rogers' Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards


Each prospect who purchases a “membership” regarding 6-month to one-year receives several (4) One-on-One personal training periods by email with Hello Rogers. This contains one (1) session monthly over a 4 calendar month period. The course includes one (1) bodyguard profession examination sessions and three (3) private security profession services.

• The foremost is an assessment and also strategizing period (month 1). I appraise the current state of your respective bodyguard career. After that first assessment you will end up given profession suggestions to follow based on your current experience level and profession targets to start setting things inside action.

• Step 2 is your work out (month 2) I show you each and every go on to take in great details for your bodyguard profession accomplishment. In this session almost everything is geared to getting an individual maximum results in minimal moment.

• Inside the third work out (month 3) I examine your advancement and provide an individual with advanced knowledge, this will likely significantly increase your private security profession development.


• Inside the fourth and final work out (month 4) I offer you a prescription that will shows you how for making your abilities obvious, get you more well prepared than you’ve ever been therefore you will blaze a journey across the bodyguard market.

These 1st four (4) sessions are incorporated into your membership. An individual pay nothing extra for immediate access to Doc Rogers’ own private coaching where he works together you individually by e mail.

Here's a lot more Advantages of Joining Hello Rogers' Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards

Membership within just Doc Rogers' Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards has it's positive aspects; under Doc's leadership and also advice:

• You can advised on career selections.

• You will receive professional opinions from Hello Rogers.

• You will end up assisted on job movements.

• You can helped with your advertising package deal.

• Hello Rogers offers you career authority, which is desperately deficient today.

• He will assist newer agents get the type of professional private security, executive protection or dignitary protection operations that best selection them temperamentally and skillfully.

• Users will see a return individual investment from working together with Hello Rogers.
Built after the Needs and Pursuits regarding Professional Bodyguards, Exec Protection Specialists and Dignitary protection Officers

Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards has been built on the needs and also pursuits of specialist bodyguards. This may not be a membership that will forgets about you once you have joined. Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards will continue to work hard to choose your bodyguard profession dreams becoming reality. Your priorities are usually my priorities and I will minimize at nothing to attain the greatest success to suit your needs in your bodyguard career.

Once you enroll in Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards you can always have my total attention. It's that private touch that separates Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards from your rest of the package. Success in the specialist bodyguard business is not bequeathed; it’s chased, and later the hungriest bodyguards get it. The hungrier you happen to be, the more youll appreciate Hello Rogers’ tell-it-like-it-is Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards and coaching plan. Do not spread this opportunity presented to you personally.

Your current membership fee will get an individual an admission to all the particular cutting-edge information within Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards members’ only segment. A 6-month to be able to one-year membership package could possibly get you four (4) 1 on 1 direct access personal coaching periods by email with Hello Rogers. Doc Rogers Claims: “Look, when you need help, locate someone who is actually prosperous at what you want for being. Invest and become an associate of Hello Rogers’ Brotherhood of Bodyguards nowadays. ”

• Each week updates with exclusive articles.

• Use of bonus content (eBooks and also Specific Reports).

• 1 on 1 email coaching with Hello.

• fully Confidential & secure.

• Special access to Brotherhood regarding Bodyguards Merchandise.


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