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The Best Known Email Secret No One Seems To Know...

So, did the headline of this article confuse you?
If so, then good, it was meant to.
See, there's a secret out there that's so obvious,most people never, EVER, notice it.
It's obvious every time you get an email froma big shot in the internet marketing world.
Yet, no one seems to realize it.
Before I reveal the best known email secret noone seems to know, I want to give you a bit ofbackground.
There are two types of internet marketing gurusout there...
The first kind is the guy who hates to work,and just wants to live the millionaire lifestyle,so he outsources everything and just casheschecks.
The second kind is the intensely driven guy whois motivated and works his butt off with newproducts and new innovations, and outsourcesall the stuff he doesn't have time to do becausehe's so busy.
On the one hand, you have the guru who doesn'twant to do anything.
On the other, you have the guru who doesn't haveTIME to do everything.
But both of them have one thing in common...
And it's the secret no one seems to know.
Are you ready for it?
Here it comes...
The big money gurus still write their own emails!
Go to that folder in your inbox where you keepall the marketing newsletters you get and givethem all a read.
You will notice that the guys the come from areUSUALLY the guys who write them.
No matter how much the gurus outsource theirstuff, the will ALWAYS take the time to writetheir own email broadcasts.
This is because THEY KNOW how truly importantemail is to their business, which is why the guruwho doesn't like to work will take a few minutesto craft an email, and why the guru who works toomuch will take some time out of his schedule towrite something up as well.
Make no mistake about it, my friend. This isabsolute proof that:
End of Story.
And that is the secret, my friends. It's thefact that most gurus still, to this day, crafttheir own emails.
And if they don't, they will actually HIRE someone,train them, and have them write as the Guru himself.
Very rarely will you find a super-successful onlinemarketer outsourcing his email writing.
Because it is that, damn, important.
So if you're not using email in your marketing, oryou like to hire people to write your emails foryou, understand that your marketing won't be aseffective as it could be.
See, the gurus UNDERSTAND the psychology behinda well crafted email.
Which is why it's important for them to writeit themselves.
(Not only that, but a good email can be recycledas an article, a sales page, and affiliate tool,and any number of other things.)
So now that you know how important most gurussee email as, you're probably asking yourself"How do I write a good one?"
Well, luckily for you, that's easy too!
In my course, The Email Rebel, you're going to get acrash course on how to construct your emails likethe professionals.
And once you have this system down, you can trainsomeone else to do it, and have them take overwithout ever missing a beat!
It doesn't matter if you can barely string twosentences together or spell worse than
one ofthose Gorillas they teach english to at the zoo.You can craft deadly effective emails that willmake you a load of cash.
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Until next time,
Rappin' Matt
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