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When Is An Autoresponder Not An Autoresponder?

If you're new to internet marketing, you maybe wondering...
"What the heck is an autoresponder?"
Of course, some of the old hats out therereading this will scoff at that question.
They'll LITERALLY say:
"SCOFF! An autoresponder is a program thatautomatically sends out emails to your prospects!SCOFF, SCOFF!"
Well, they're right. And autoresponder does,in fact, automatically send pre-written emailsout to people in a timely fashion.
(And this is a big ass "but!")
An autoresponder is actually much, much morethan just a program that sends out emails.
It's actually...
Lemme give you a quick breakdown in websitetraffic to explain what I mean...
See, there are 3 types of website visitors...
There are first time visitors.
There are recurring visitors.
And then there are ADDICTS.
Recurring visitors and addicts will almostALWAYS buy more of what you have to sellthan first time visitors.
So in order to cultivate these two typesof visitors, marketers want to buildCOMMUNITIES around their brand and products.
You've heard of blogs, message boards, andcontent sites, right?
These are all community building toolsdesigned to create recurring visitorsand addicts.
But guess what?
To quote Martin Lawrence:
"BELIEVE that!"
See, most people use their autorespondersWRONG.
And the worst part is - they don't even knowthey're doing it.
Blogs, message boards, and content siteshave the disadvantage of needing people to come to them in order to be effective.
Emails are different.
Emails go DIRECTLY to the people.
You ever lure a dog closer to you with a pieceof food?
Well, imagine the email is a piece of food,and your potential customer is the dog.
You can take the time to have the dog cometo you to get the food...
Or you can toss the food to the dog.
In both situations, you're going to winthe dog's trust. But one is MUCH FASTERthan the other.
Eventually the dog you toss the food towill start coming to you, while the otherdog will always be a bit wary.
The same is true of email.
So a good autoresponder will get you exposureto your customers, but more importantly, itwill begin to BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with them!
And let me tell you something: Customer Relationships are VITAL to selling!
The customer will get to know you, get to knowyour products, and get to know your company.
And eventually, be it 2 days later or 2 yearslater, they will EVENTUALLY buy.
Now, imagine if every first time visitor to yourwebsite joins your autoresponder.
Because of your autoresponder sequence, I'm willingto bet that at least 20%-60% of them to becomerecurring visitors.
And of that, maybe 10% become ADDICTS, if youincorporate a blog or message board into yoursite.
That's when things get REALLY fun.
But make no mistake about it: It all depends onhow you set up your autoresponder sequence!
Do it right, you create a community of buyersaround your business.
Do it wrong, and you're just wasting your timeand money.
That's why I created the Email Rebel course.To teach you the RIGHT way to create anautoresponder sequence, and use your autoresponderto create the type of community you want.
You can get the course here:
It is chock full of actual, HELPFUL information that can really benefit your business.
Understand: I'm very disappointed with a lotof products that are out there.
They're just video of talking heads in a seminarroom, or mindless interviews with nothing newto offer.
And how many powerpoint presentation do we need?Jeesh!
That's why the Email Rebel course is DIFFERENT from all the other stuff you see.
But you'll have to wait to experience it foryourself.
Until next time...
Rappin' Matt
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