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Web 2.0? BOR-ING!

You probably hear what all the buzz on theinternet is these days.
They're calling it "Web 2.0."
It's the "next generation" of interactivitytaking place online, and there are a lot ofmarketers watching it very, very closely.
For those of you who are too lazy to followthe buzz (much like myself), here's a quickbreakdown of what Web 2.0 is...
Put simply, Web 2.0 is about putting morepower into the hands of the people whouse the internet.
Things like blogs, social bookmarking, socialnetworking, photo albums, YouTube & viral video,etc. are all examples of Web 2.0.
And new revolutions in this field are takingplace every day.
So instead of websites being the focus ofthe internet, the focus becomes PEOPLE.
It's about what YOU want.
It's about what YOU are searching for.
It's about what YOU want your online experienceto be like.
There are tons and tons of internet marketers,right now, who are trying to figure out howto use Web 2.0 to make more money.
And you know what? There are a lot ofopportunities out there with Web 2.0 toexpand your business.
But you know what I have to say about all thisWeb 2.0 business?
"The more things change, the more they staythe same."
Look, there's a lot of buzz about Web 2.0 stuffright now because its new and people want tolearn about it.
But guess what?
No matter how you slice it, Web 2.0 is stillthe web. And the web revolves around CONTENT.
Content is king online.
And though video and audio are coming intogreater play, the written word has alwaysbeen (and will always be) the internet'sbread and butter.
So guess who's going to win the Web 2.0 game?
Be it video, audio, or text, the best contentwill always attract the most users.
The new innovations with Web 2.0 are just newways for users to find and use YOUR content.
There's no doubt the Web 2.0 technology that'spopping up will be of great use to those of uslooking to make money online.
BUT, if you neglect the fundamentals, no amountof Web 2.0 awesomeness will help you.
In my opinion, the Web 2.0 stuff is just yetANOTHER way to help generate leads for youremail lists.
And once they're on your list, it's so damn easyto sell to them!
So no matter what new tomfoolery comes out forthe internet, the question I always ask myselfis: "How does this help me build my list?"
Because let's be honest here, buddy. Email isthe BEST freakin' way to sell to people online.
(If it wasn't, SPAM wouldn't exist!)
So when dealing with Web 2.0 buzz, don't look atit and try to figure out how to use these newfeatures to make more money.
You ALREADY know how to make more money! Justbuild a bigger list!
But you should be asking yourself "How do thesenew features help me build my list?"
For instance, let's talk about Squidoo.
Squidoo is one of those new-fangled Web 2.0thingies.
It's designed to be a place where users can featurecontent they like about targeted subjects.
It's designed to be a place where internet surfersstart their searches, instead of finishing them.
Now, most marketers will look at Squidoo andthink "Yay! Free traffic!"
I look at it and think "Yay! More lead generation!"
Because the value of the people who subscribeto my list, over the long term, is SO MUCH MOREthan any of the traffic something like Squidoocould generate before the search engines changetheir stuff and it becomes irrelevant.
And that's the crux of the issue right there.
Over time, new technology becomes obsolete.
However, your email list will NEVER be obsolete.It will always have a value to you. So build itup in any way you can.
In my upcoming course The Email Rebel, I go in depthinto every list building secret I know.
And this stuff is just as effective with Web 2.0 propertiesas it is with anything else. Check it out: http://item0612.emailrebel.hop.clickbank.net/
This course reveals EVERYTHING you ever neededto know about how to make money with email marketing.
And that, my friends, is one of the FUNDAMENTALSthat will never change, no matter how much coolnew stuff Web 2.0 or even 3.0 comes out with.
And you can take that to the bank.
Talk soon,
Rappin' Matt
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