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Discover how to make $160k + a year within the mining construction industry

Hi, my name is Mark and that i are concerned within the fly in fly out 

(FIFO) mining housing industry for three years currently. it's opened
up a world of opportunities, principally in oil and & gas construction.

I started off as associate Electrical Trades Assistant/Labourer on a serious gas
construction project within the north west of Western Australia and have currently
begun associate electrical berth with an equivalent company.

The bonus of this can be not solely gaining a trade qualification, however in theausflag
FIFO housing industry, I’m still earning
$160,000 AUD as associate adult apprentice. So 
imagine the chances if you're trade qualified.

It may be a tough business to interrupt into. Either you've got to understand 
someone during a company otherwise you need to work it out yourself,
(who to contact, wherever the work is found, positions obtainable, 
certificates and qualifications required), that is all implausibly time consuming!

I have compiled a twenty nine page e-book that may assist you realize employment
in this comparatively unknown and remunerative business, as well as data on;

ausflagCompanys that area unit using full time ...........................

ausflag Positions for trade qualified personal...............................

ausflagInfomation Links and data to coaching organisations............

ausflagUnskilled entry level positions for adminstration. ...............

ausflagWhere to start/ what cities to be based mostly in.

To put things otherwise between mining and mining construction in
perspective , The entry level wage within the housing industry as a
trades assistant/ workman may be $160,000 and entry level in 'the mines'
as a drillers offsider you may earn between $60,000 to $80,000. 
Take your pick!

Let’s face it, the majority don’t wish to figure on a mine or remote
construction web site for the remainder of their lives, or for quite a couple of
years, therefore clearly take the high paying jobs.

Construction! Construction! Construction! Male or feminine, you will
be paid a premium for operating in construction. I can’t emphasise it

The information within the e-book can assist you to find employment
in this remunerative industry!

So why you must opt for my e-book?


truckFind remunerative jobs as a storekeeper, Trades Assistant or workman.   
truckA comprehensive list of employers within the business that area unit hiring!......
truckIndustry secrets that may get your FOOT within the DOOR quicker....
truckDiscover the main variations between construction & mining..........
truckGet FULL ACCESS to each Mining Construction company out there!...

"Gidday Mark", I simply wished to mention thanks for your e-book.  I’m a twenty two year previous linesman from city, New Seeland.  I suppose I’ve taken your recommendation and jumped into the business sooner instead of later and I’m stoked this.  At twenty two I’m earning $200,000 Australian bucks, what’s that in N.Z dollars, about $250,000.  Happy days.  I managed to induce onto the ****** Project within the North West of West Oz. Your long list of electrical contractors was simply what i used to be searching for, that I would’ve struggled to seek out otherwise, and having that list let ME escape the rattle of city town. Cheers mate

Chris, city, New Seeland.



Hi Mark, thanks most.  I’m therefore glad I bought your e-book!  I’ve secured an incredible paid admin position with *******(name withheld), it blows ME away that I will get paid that abundant when coming back from New Seeland, and you're right, I want I had had this data a couple of years past.  Ahh well, time to save lots of for that house deposit with ease currently. Thanks once more. 

Sarah, Whangarei, New Seeland.



Hi Mark. thanks for all the knowledge provided.  I’m a artisan by trade and once I received your list of corporations that use welders, i used to be straight on the phone and guess what,  I’m been flown to state capital next week to try and do a weld take a look at and that they reckon I’ll be flown up to web site the subsequent week if all goes well.Thanks mate

Jarrod.  Brisbane.

The information isn't only for trade qualified individuals however is equally
useful for inexperienced people, seeking a begin at earning
BIG $$$ as a Trades Assistant, Cleaner or ‘skilled’ Machinery
Operators and Truck Drivers.

There also are leads for individuals eager to add
the accommodation villages whereas their partner 
works on web site. If you're trade qualified,there area unit links to the assorted government agencies to possess your trade papers recognised if you're from interstate or overseas.

I hope the e-book are helpful and purpose you within the right direction
as plenty of the time the toughest a part of breaking in to the fly in fly
out housing industry isn't knowing that corporations to use to.

So if you're pondering heading to Australia or one amongst
the booming states, you wish this guide!

The time and energy I place into learning the exhausting thanks to set about
this move are some things you are doing not wish to travel through,
especially after you will get all the knowledge quickly and simply

Most people have solely ever detected concerning 'the mines' and once you've got worked within the first in first out housing industry you'd struggle to travel back to operating for a lower wage in 'the mines'.

The one issue I hear over and another time is, "I would have created a begin within the business sooner if I had noted UN agency to use to". do not let that be you.

"Gidday Mark", thanks for your data concerning the development business. I
was a driller’s offsider additionally for a minute in Australia however quickly left
that hard out job and went back to N.Z defeated concerning the mining
dream. however when seeing your web site and shopping for your e-book, the
best $25 greenbacks I’ve spent, I’ve terminated up performing on a construction
site as a scaffolder for an influence station project in central Queensland.
The work is lots cruiser than off-siding and lots a lot of coin too.
Chur mate.

Hemi, Gisborne, New Seeland.


"Hello Mark", my name is Mary. I wished to allow you to realize however
your data has modified my life. At fifty five years mature and for private
reasons I required a amendment of scenery. I had detected concerning cleanup
jobs on construction sites paying $120,000. therefore I saw your e-book
and had to shop for it. I’m glad I did, the quantity of various corporations
listed was fantastic and it appeared too straightforward that I managed to secure
a position called a ‘peggy’ in no time. currently I’m enjoying the camp
living with a wine when add the sun. better of all, day ne'er
looked therefore nice. thanks Mark.

Mary, Adelaide.


Cheers man for your data. I’ve been talking for a minute currently
about creating the move to Australia to chase the pot of gold. I
bought your e-book and it's ME excited once more concerning jumping the
ditch. As a workman it's like I’ll be busy for months applying to all or any
the companies you listed. Hope to examine you on employment someday.

Josh, city, New Seeland.


Mark, I can’t believe however straightforward it absolutely was to induce myself employment from your
list of corporations. I’m a domestic painter by trade and thought I
would ne'er get an opportunity to figure as a painter on a serious project
over west. I’m two weeks into my new position and enjoying the
industrial painting for a amendment and therefore the cash that goes along side
it. My husband and that i area unit therefore therefore happy, particularly being first in first out from

Nikki, Sydney.


Hey Mark, thanks for all the information you provided. I’m glad I’ve been
educated on the development business. I undoubtedly assume I’ll be
heading that manner rather than being a driller’s offsider or driving a
dump truck within the mines, that’s evidently. Thanks for the steering.

Dunedin, New Seeland.



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