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Tracking Email Communications - You will learn how to track prospects for indefinite durations and accurately measure your LIFETIME EARNINGS PER LEAD for the first time!

Tips on how to Outthink, Outbid, Along with Outtrack Your Competitors *
EVENTUALLY - An Expert's Guide To Constructing Freakishly Smart TRACKING SOLUTIONS
Using Prosper 202
Introducing really the only in-depth remedying of:
Advanced Tracking Using Prosper 202
What Other medication is Saying:
"Why don't I have this guide while i started full time in 97? I could have made almost certainly at least a million more merely had the idea.

Tracking might be so hard and aggravating. Yet it's absolutely vital. And while there are many well done services about Prosper 202, imply approach this depth. It is so complete and a DELIGHT to read.

Genuinely, really well written AND outlined!

I REALIZE tracking isn't exciting or hot. But without it, you aren't just shooting after dark.

I am just really so excited to travel ALL of this merchandise and start using it! I am going to add that even if you employ ANOTHER tracking solution, you'll nonetheless learn so many things about checking from this, I'd endorse you get the idea.

If you're a true marketer, or a true serious marketer, or you merely don't like losing money, only snag this little gem at this point. "

instructions Marlon Sanders
"I really need to thank you for obtaining put together this masterpiece. This can be the most in-depth, creatively written tracking training there may be.

A true mind opener in the perception of what tracking really signifies, how to do it appropriately, the importance it has in your marketing efforts, and the most of all what you will surely do once you master this kind of skill... and also to to top it off of, a superb writing fashion. Thank you so much male. "

instructions Romolo Lerza
"I would likely call this basically a master category on tracking.

This can be the sort of thing how the 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs are implementing in their advertisments. Anyone who aspires to attain that level of success can be wise to grab this training manual, learn the stuff, and count themselves inside elite ranks of marketing campaign trackers! "

instructions Sheldon Gray
"What Sophie has done is put together a whole and comprehensive tracking bible that offers you all the nuts along with bolts of the tracking assembly method.

This series i think is just as standard as having breakfast in the am, a must-have useful resource. "

instructions Johanna Vandemortel

"Volume #4 is the most important product about CPA marketing that you will at any time come across. I am about to have to believe Chad Hamzeh and confess Stephen is a genius in relation to these items.

The details inside The Ultimate CPA Method is simply outstanding plus its clear that Stephen has a incredible understanding of what they are teaching. very well

instructions Timothy Miranda
"I've been with us long enough so that you can decide exactly what is good and what is waste when it comes to IM merchandise. This product excellent, in fact it may well even be ultimate... very well

- David Big t. McCarthy

"I recognized there had to be a means to track opt-ins by using an email series and record their very own sales, but I just could hardly wrap my head around the idea. Now I have this kind of kick-ass course to help me established my tracking campaigns how I have always envisioned these people.

Sophie... You are such as Tony Stark of checking. "

- David Strickland

Things i Am Thinking:
Whoa. Those reviews of my merchandise are not too cheap.

But what's happening here? Energy people using words like masterwork, bible, outstanding, highly effective, mind blowing, ultimate, genius, and gem to spell out their assessment of "Advanced Checking With Grow 202"?

Light beer delusional? Are they this close friends? (No - entire strangers).

I think it? It's because my system is more than a simple handbook for people hoping to get up to speed using Prosper 202.

On the inside you are going to find advice to questions about tracking you could possibly never have considered to ask.

I am about to show you approaches that you just won't find mentioned elsewhere. Except perhaps with the high-end advertising agencies that hold their tricks of the trade intended for clients with million-dollar advertising financial constraints. And I'll show you tips on how to do it all which has a FREE piece of tracking computer software that is more powerful than any individual had imagined.

Therefore if any of this stimulates your fascination...

Stubbornly hang on and I'll show you tips on how to add some serious tracking SECRET to your Prosper 202 advertisments!
From: Sophie Carter
Re: Sophisticated Tracking With Grow 202

I have a crucial question I'd like to question you.

The reply to it might not merely help you save lots of money00. The very best just put ALL your affiliate marketing endeavors on the road to long profitability.

However I want to cover a friend of acquire. That's because his story can show us a very important tutorial. It will also put this question into vivid comfort.

I'll call him or her Mr. H - intended for "hardcore" marketer. I am preserving his identity private for the moment, but you can feel comfortable knowing that he is a true person with a partner, kids, and all typically the dreams for his family how the rest of us talk about.

Mr They would. is one very smart gentleman.

He should be, because he gets to spend upwards of $500, 000 each and every month on paid traffic. If you play the game around this level, you want your wits about who you are. And you probably have to be tracking every factors of your ad advertisments.

I'll have an overabundance of to say later about precisely how Mr. H has become able to track his approach to the extraordinary level of good results he enjoys right now.

But with a recent campaign Mr. They would got it wrong. He acquired sloppy with his tracking along with scaled up his advertising budget ahead of he had properly figured out regardless of whether his traffic source was making him dollars.

The actual result? He missing $30, 000 before he found what was occurring.

At this point, you might not be at any place close to being able to spend daily what Mr. H can on his campaigns. But I am just guessing you wouldn't mind having the capacity to do it somewhere later on. No matter what, my question today is simply as applicable to you mainly because it would be if I was to ask it of Mister. H.

Plus its this:
What amount of cash are you just LOSING EVERY DAY simply because you cannot know how to track your own personal losses and ELIMINATE these people?
Don't worry if you do not know the reply to this question yet. It's unlikely less complicated reading this page when you did.

This can be a question containing haunted marketers no less than a century. Specifically those who depend on paid for advertising for their site visitors.

You've probably listened to more than a couple of men and women recite the following well-known range: "I know half my promotion is wasted - I just are clueless which half. very well

The quote is because of John Wanamaker, a nineteenth century US store merchant considered by simply many to be the father of recent promotion.

Wanaker made the famous remark long before the initial Model-T rolled off the Honda assembly line.

The globe has changed a lot considering that Wanaker's time, and if merely half of your ad budget by no means produced a return you might be able to ignore tracking totally and still earn profits.

The difficulty is, the reality involving advertising today is probably more in keeping with what Seth Godin should say about them: "Actually, really closer to 1 percent within your advertising that works, at most. very well

If what Seth affirms is correct, is it just about any wonder then that the marketers who have don't make the effort to find what works and what will not in their advertising campaigns never start to see the REAL money to begin for you to flow?

Then there are the OTHER folks.

That's the right off the bat you'll learn medicine your journey into checking with my series.
Throughout Volume #1 - The Mechanics Involving Event Tracking - I'll coach you on the same SIMPLIFIED WORKING Type of Prosper 202 that I value to solve the toughest tracking troubles.
In Volume #2 instructions Tracking Email Communications - You will understand how to track prospective customers for indefinite durations and accurately gauge your LIFETIME EARNINGS PER LEAD at last!
Throughout Volume #3 - Tracking For Obtaining Pages - You'll discover tips on how to track landing pages in line and in similar (page rotation). I even teach you how to implement highly effective Taguchi split-testing!
In Level #4 - The Ultimate CPA Method - You'll discover building, track, along with optimize the funnel that top CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (CPA) marketers are using to bank FIVE TIMES more than you are carrying out...
Let's take a SUMMARIZE everything you'll get today if you secure your own copy involving my 4-VOLUME series "Advanced Tracking Using Prosper 202"
Furthermore, you may buy these volumes individually in the event that needed. However I can't help but recommend securing the entire series while they were designed to be learn sequentially and later volumes steal the developed in the last versions.

Also, you will find a story arc that will start in Volume #1 and leads to Volume #4. Called help you decide to seize all four volumes today I shall be providing a special discount about the complete package solution.

Furthermore, and I almost certainly don't need to say this instructions especially if you have worked looking for quality tutorial material on how to exploit Grow 202 to its fullest extent instructions but there is absolutely nothing out there that comes even via network close to offering what is important to find inside "Advanced Checking With Grow 202".

I don't even think there ever are going to be, and I believe that once you have been subject to the series you'll realize why that is certainly.

At any rate, here's a quick recap involving what's in store for anyone...
Here's are just some of what you the typical from Level #1:

Find out the true nature on the subid. You've always acknowledged that it is the primary focus of all tracking alternatives. Now you'll understand just precisely why it is that subid mastery is the paramount to tracking good results.
Learn the REAL variation between conversion pixels and postback Web addresses, and why making use of them is so considerably more reliable than using the various other...
Should you have found the campaign management navigation bars in Prosper 202 confusing and you might have wondered about the nature with their numbering, you can eventually relax. I'll provides you with the full story definately.
Regarding that many of the names of the marketing campaign editing variables are misleading? I am going to tell you what they Needs to be called so as to maybe you have see new campaign possibilities in which otherwise might never have occurred for your requirements...
When you hope to be capable of promote high-ticket items eventually you'll want to find out about the surprise cut-off in affiliate payouts that no one has warned anyone about. Up to now.
To really boost your campaigns you'll need to be familiar with exact advantages a "direct linking" campaign has spanning a "landing page" campaign, along with vice versa. I'll present it for you fully.
True mastery involving Prosper 202 requires a deep perception of the difference amongst the "c" tracking variables plus the "keyword" tracking variable. I am going to bring you up to speed for this important topic.
Learn why is it useful to be capable of view Prosper 202 being a kind of "black box" using input and output channels which could potentially be connected to make unexpectedly pliable tracking alternatives.


Finally, I'll expose a strategy that involves harnessing typically the "c" variables to achieve intricate checking solutions by connecting one campaign to another location... and put the stage for the alternatives presented in the coming volumes of prints.

Also you can expect the following take into account be covered in Level #2:

Most entrepreneurs obssess over email open rates along with click-through rates. I'll teach you why these metrics are generally unreliable and immaterial.
Most marketers have no idea of how to attempt measuring the lifetime associated with their leads. When you are done on this volume you may.
How will you go about optimizing they have got auto responder sequence if you do not know which messages decide to make you money? The correct answer is that you still cannot. So I'll show you tips on how to fix that difficulty.
Have you ever established an auto responder list in promoting ClickBank products? I'll teach you how to track conversions for every single product and measure the two lifetime value of your readers and the per message profitability within your email sequence.
The secrets to tracking ClickBank conversions dependably with Prosper 202 is to apply the postback mechanism along with couple it to ClickBank's instant avertissement API. But you will need a script to complete typically the loop, so I've created a single for yourself...
For you to measure lifetime value you have got to discover how to pass subids by way of your auto responder service in order to extract them at some future date. But no longer worry, I'll teach you tips on how to do that way too.
As it seems, Prosper 202's two conversion process scripts cannot track lifetime advertisments. So I will be supplying you with enhanced versions of the scripts that WILL perform the job.
To completely track auto responder funnels you will want 3 campaigns - a long time sales campaign, a opt-in campaign, and a check in campaign. I'll teach you how to set up every single and then connect them to eath other with the lifetime income subid.
Any kind of limitations to preparing the campaigns in this level? As it seems, there are. I am going to tell you what to check for so as to track your email promotions daily life.

Here's are just some of what you'll discover on the inside this volume:

Often a single landing page is not really enough. You need a couple of sequential pages to have the job done. In contrast, more internet pages means lower overall click-through along with opt-in rates... Which suggests you should really always avoid multi-page advertisments, right? Actually zero, and I tell you precisely why.
Quiz: What exactly is the Grow 202 "Affiliate URL" not an affiliate marketing URL? Answer: Practically in case you use it to build multi-page internet site sequences. You'll see precisely why in virtually every campaign discussed with this volume.
To figure out: How do you blended a multi-page landing page marketing campaign? Answer: From tailgate to cab. I'll teach you how to practically "reverse engineer" your campaigns to acquire from where you want to travel, to where you should get started...
Have you used the Grow 202 landing page rotator for you to split-test alternate pages in a marketing campaign? What's that you claim? Prosper 202 has no landing page rotating? Well then, I do think you are going to always be surprised when we start trying it on page fouthy-six.
Sooner or later you will definitely be up against the need to construct your custom landing page rotating. I'll show you can certainly make money do it and provide anyone with all the code forced to do the program...
There may be more to landing page search engine optimization that measuring click-through rates. You are going to learn how to split-test internet site profitability for differing ads along with prospect demographics using the "c" specifics to track all the important guidelines in your campaigns.
Should optimize the conversion for the single landing page? I am going to show you how to campaign the Taguchi big gun along with effectively test thousands of combinations involving page elements with just a couple of actual tests. It's virtually like magic.
Taguchi internet site optimization is shrouded throughout secrecy. If not to the discovery of a forgotten sheet that is nothing only a treasure map Outlined on our site never have been able to carry out Taguchi testing, aside from teach it. But also in this volume you get all this - including the sheet!
But what use would likely Taguchi be if the analysis ended up being too difficult to perform? Therefore I am giving you some sort of Taguchi landing page test analyzer so as to paste from the numbers, hit typically the "analyse" button, and get a quick prediction of the combined page factor options that could yield the best conversion process.


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