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Rookie Asiana pilot involved in crash had no experience of flying Boeing 777s

New York, July 8 (ANI): The plane crash in the San Francisco airport that took two lives and injured many was wrongly landed by an inexperienced pilot on his first landing attempt in Boeing jet,airline officials said.
According to the officials, Lee Kang-kook gunned the engine at the last moment in a futile attempt to land Asiana Flight 214.

National Transportation Safety Board chief Deborah Hersman said that the plane was significantly below the 137 knots, required for the approach.
The New York Post reports that a veteran South Korean pilot radioed air-traffic controllers asking to increase the jetliner's speed just seven seconds before landing.
As the pilots tried to pull up, the jet's tail touched the runway's rocky barrier and ripped off, resulting the plane spin wildly and bursting into flames through its ceiling.
According to the report, two Chinese schoolgirls died and atleast six passengers were critically injured. There were 291 passengers, including 30 children and 16 crew members aboard.
Airline officials said that the Boeing had no mechanical problems. (ANI)


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