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Amazon introduces affiliate marketing programme in India; what it offers

Amazon.in, the marketplace launched in India by Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd, part of the world’s largest e-commerce firm Amazon.com, has introduced its affiliate marketing programme called Amazon Associates Program in India. The new programme is essentially a marketing tool that will enable online publishers (of all sizes) monetise their content by advertising contextually relevant products and referring visitors to the Amazon.in site.

The company is providing a cost-per-action advertising model where all associates, ranging from large and small businesses to bloggers, authors and others, can create links to contextually relevant products in the Amazon.in catalogue. An associate earns a percentage-based referral fee when a customer clicks the product link (created by that associate) and makes a purchase on Amazon.in. Note that the commission extends to all products the visitor buys on the site and not just the product which was advertised by the associate.

For creating an ad, publishers can select from over 17 million books, tens of thousands of DVDs and audio CDs, a range of products in the consumer electronics segment, as well as the entire Kindle range of devices. One can become an associate for free and as part of an introductory offer, associates will get commissions ranging from 5 per cent (for the consumer electronics segment) to 10 per cent (for all other categories).

In comparison, other leading e-commerce players like Jabong are offering 8 per cent in commission to their affiliates while some offer a fixed amount for each sale. Interestingly, Flipkart has recently hiked its affiliate fee from 6 per cent to 10 per cent for most of its categories (probably because Amazon is offering that much). The only categories for which the company is offering less than 10 per cent commission are mobiles & tablets, laptops & accessories and cameras. For these, affiliates get 5 per cent commission (again, similar to Amazon)

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