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Why Complain About Rising Adwords and Pay Per Click Costs When They Can Make You Rich Instead? Discover the Astonishing traffic story

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Insider Reveals Secret Traffic Arbitrage Tactics Making Over $9,547 a Day
Why Complain About Rising Adwords and Pay Per Click Costs When They Can Make You Rich Instead? Discover the Astonishing traffic story That Has Been Kept Secret Until Now...
Let a $3.5 million dollar a year Insider show you how he reaps record profits (sometimes over %1000 ROI!) by beating the Pay Per Click game with his underground tactics.
If you've ever lost money buying clicks to promote affiliate programs, then you'll litterally fall out of your chair when you discover what you could be doing instead. Make no mistake, this is the most important letter you will ever read.
And before we continue, here’s what you won’t need:
· Any prior experience
· Any business knowledge (beyond the couple of timeless wealth principles you’ll discover in the book)
· Expensive software, other books or tools
· A massive budget, or even a modest one...
Introducing Google Payload$9,547 a Day on Autopilot ”
After months of pulling the information out of the Insider’s mind and testing it in the heat of the fire, this is the compilation of years worth of knowledge.
All the errors have been peeled away, leaving you with the absolute essential, proven and tested methods to jump right in like an instant pro.
You'll even get your hands on the exact pages I use to get sky high conversions, the names of the programs, the keywords... ALL of it.
"Here Are Just Some of the Money Making Tactics, Secrets and PrinciplesYou will Uncover in Google Payload"

· Buy traffic for less than you could ever imagine
· Make up to 1000% ROI on every penny you inject in your business
· Discover the other kind of PPC page, it’s like the one you know except all they can do is click an ad, which makes YOU money
· Discover the oldest wealth principle in the world. It’s so easy, it happened before the wheel was invented
· How to start profiting instantly: we’re talking hours, not days or weeks
· How to turn a dollar into a Lamborghini
· How to turn traffic on like you flick a cheap lighter
· A system you can scale almost infinitely. Need more money? Do it again…
· The Big Secret Search Engines don’t want you to know
· How a former Radio producer from Brazil paved the way for you to make millions – like he does
· The genius that lies in simplicity (this method is so easy, the light will go off right away)
· 4 tried and tested places where you can get traffic for pennies on the dollar
· A bonus source for the high reward personalities out there (this has the potential to kill your day job tomorrow, if you have the balls for it)
· Another hidden traffic source nobody thinks of – and just like me, you’ll like it that way
· The gap: your new best friend. All will become clear
· How to collect “orphan” visitors for a dime a dozen
· The Geography principle: variety is your friend in a whole new way
· How to spot opportunity in seconds (thousands of honey wells, yours for the taking)
· How to double any amount of money up to 1 million dollars
· The Expectation Rule: a psychological trigger that doubles your response
· How to take advantage of networks that don’t use “Quality Score” : their mistake is your gain…
· How to weed out the clicks that only cost money, before they even happen
· How to qualify your traffic at someone else’s expense
· How to hypnotically draw eyeballs to your ads
· The traffic you can use when your page is “on fire” (when you make this much money on a campaign, you’ll want all the traffic you can get)
· How you can actually make More money with Lower quality traffic
· All of Google’s PPC Secrets: follow them and prosper. Fail to follow them and you will fail.
· How Google can give you traffic for less than a cent a pop
· How to find the best pages to advertise on and DOMINATE them
· Find niches that pay like crazy. Competition is no object, it actually makes you more cash
· Take advantage of complete transparency. You have all their secrets…
· Forget about small outlandish niches. You can swim with the big fish and WIN
· Know instantly which keywords will give you a high yield of cold hard cash: it works on Google and all the other ones. **Hint** : almost everyone does this wrong, including the so-called “gurus…”
· The difference between top bids and middle of the line bids, and where the money REALLY is
· What the Other Big Secret Search Engines don’t tell you: if you don’t know this, you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. It’s what all the big players are taking advantage of and all the little guys don’t even suspect…
· A list of niches where money flows like water over Niagara. Grab your bucket…
· The FREE tool AND my FREE method for exploiting Adsense
· A type of landing page only real players know about (Big time domainers, Black Hats and the others who are on the cutting edge)
· How to decide exactly how much you GET paid per click
· How to run your own search engine and get paid for every result
· The Surf Stopper: Irresistible Eye Candy that forces attention
· How to turn a usually worthless article site into a gold mine
· Exactly what to say to get key partners so they accept and respect you from day one
· Why more is not always better
· Why some sites get MORE money from Google for the SAME click, and how that site can be yours
· What to do with your navigation links so they help you convert instead of distracting your traffic
· The Expectation Principle, Part II: It’s sneaky, it’s greyzone, it converts…
· The perfect page formats that only care about conversions
· My 14 day recipe to a whole new life of online income from home
· The powerful SYSTEM that brings it all together
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