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Hmmm ... seems like the price's going up! I must apologize in advance, but I am about to drop a bomb on you!

I have just exchanged a few emails with Al Russell, the developer of the very successful London Forex Rush intra-day trading system, and he's hinted that due to the fantastic response his system is receiving from traders all over the world, he's going to rise up the price of the system from $97 to $197 in the following days!

Apparently, there are so many traders joining up that he is going to try to keep things under control by increasing the price tag. The official announcement has not yet been made public, but from what I have gathered from our emails he will most likely bump the price early next week. I shouldn't be really telling you this but... what the heck, I though you deserved to know the insider info!

So that's it, you've got few days to profit from the current price before it's too late! Don't waste one single day and grab your copy now! Here's the link ==> http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/

That's all for now {!name_fix} - I hope you manage to get the London Forex Rush system at a cheap price before it's gone for good!

Here's the link again: ==> http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/
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