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How A Pilot From florida who couldn't Even PAY RENT On His Flying income - Got His Dream Job With A Prestigious Company, Living a comfortable lifestyle Flying a modern airplane To Exotic Locations, And Still Has many Time To spend with his Family...Even in the Middle Of associate degree Economic Downturn!

Dear Friend UN agency needs associate degree Exceptional Flying Career,

I'm therefore happy for you nowadays. as a result of you're on the point of discover the secrets that almost all pilots ne'er apprehend - concerning a way to for good finish the struggle of slowly ascension the aviation ladder. Instead, you'll be able to do specifically what it takes to urge a good job that you simply love, and you'll be able to begin nowadays.

It's a reality. you'll create lots of cash as a pilot flying the craft of your option to fun destinations and still have many day without work to try and do what you fancy in life. and i am reaching to show you'll attain that whether or not you have got thousands of hours - or very little to no expertise, even though you're thinking that your Dream Job is DECADES out of reach.

(In fact, i am most likely on the point of exasperate the questionable "Interview Experts" and "Career Councelors". as a result of i will be revealing all the methods they may ne'er probably apprehend - and would not need you to understand anyway!)

I'm reaching to offer you associate degree in-depth, easy-to-follow, fast-track education in pilot employment COMBINED with a personalised coaching system and bit-by-bit techniques for building high-value contacts, fixing interviews, impressing employers, and easily obtaining employed (and altogether demeaning your competition within the method.)

Let Maine begin by asking you some vital queries... (See if a minimum of one in all these rings true)

Are you one in all the thousands of pilots that has been arranged  off, or furloughed? Or is that the job you have got therefore intolerable that you {just} suppose you’ll got to "join the herd" and appearance for an additional job? And have you ever come back to understand just what quantity competition you have got - and detected that almost all of them ar a lot of qualified than you?
Have you tried EVERYTHING to urge a decent flying job? You crammed out applications, replied to job posts, and sent your resume to everybody you'll consider - and you are not obtaining the results you actually want?
OR ar you already a prosperous pilot, however you need to require that success to consequent level right now? Would you wish to multiply your current financial gain whereas still having a lot of quality time to yourself and along with your family?
Has being a pilot perpetually been your dream, however the coaching prices and therefore the time concerned looks therefore overwhelming - and you want there was a better, smarter, and quicker thanks to do it?
Or ar you on the wing college straight away, and feeling unsure concerning specifically what to try and do after you graduate therefore you'll to possess a good way as shortly as possible? Would you wish to avoid wasting an excessive amount of time in those low wage "pay-your-dues" sorts of flying jobs?
Is your debt following you around year when year sort of a weight on your shoulders? ar your bills pillar up and your credit cards maxed out - and you are too previous to be living like this?
Do you want that you {just} had scores of very important person “connections” and you'll just obtain the phone and find your Dream Job?

Well, what if I told you there's how to urge associate degree awful permanent job flying the craft of your selection, with individuals you wish, which you do not got to wait any longer?

Seriously, if I told you there's a "better way” - one thing innovative that you simply might do to line yourself except all that competition and find yourself on a right away track to the cockpit of your dreams - and in only some months from currently, you’ll be able to sit back, smile, and very fancy your best years, wouldn’t you would like to urge started right now?

Well, if you retain reading, I’d wish to show you specifically however that’s doable.

But before I continue, you would possibly need to grab a pen and paper and take notes. as a result of this presentation goes to get on this page for a restricted time. What I’m on the point of make known to you here goes to grant you such an enormous advantage out there within the pilot world that there’s little question in my mind that it'll take you to consequent level, success wise.

But i do know full well that if I were to let each pilot get their hands on this, and that they were ALL out there exploitation the methods you’re on the point of learn, it'd dwindle effective overall. there's an explicit quantity of commercially rated pilots within the world, and I’ve determined to get rid of this page once just one of that range has seen this.

So, this page can be gone tomorrow, I’m simply rental you recognize currently therefore I don’t get too several complaints.

Here's the lowest Line...

NOT having the type of pilot career you actually need feels unhealthy.

It SUCKS. and that i ought to know!

It leaves you feeling such as you haven't any management over your life.

It creates this underlying "distraction" that sort of overpowers everything else...

It’s that feeling of worry and frustration that you simply feel approach down in your abdomen

On the opposite hand...

KNOWING a way to get the work you would like feels sensible.

It feels sensible not having to stress concerning cash. And it feels sensible being excited to travel to figure, simply knowing what quantity fun you are going to possess.

And what feels nice is that the confidence of knowing that you simply have the ability to form your life happen FOR you anyway you would like.

I'm simply a pilot such as you. I’m positively no Chuck Yeager “Sky God” however i feel I’m the type of guy that a decent company would need to rent. I mean, I will learn to fly something with enough follow, I offer a hundred and tenth in effort, and I’m sensible company within the cockpit.

I got into flying for the type of "Romantic Adventure" that I still believe it will be. i used to be the insufficient child UN agency pet my plane toys. I still keep in mind my initial trip to the landing field once I have to be compelled to see that incredible plane cockpit and seek advice from the Captain. That guy was my hero! And i will always remember my initial flight lesson and therefore the rush I felt once I force back on the yoke and left the bottom. (It still gets Maine each time!)

So a career as a pilot appeared like a good thanks to have lots of fun doing what I pet. I might create lots of cash, travel, associate degreed avoid having to "work for a living" in an workplace like my oldsters.

But once I finished flight college, i used to be certain  an enormous wake-up call!

I quickly completed that there was one thing the instructors did not pay a lot of time teaching me:

How to get solid flying work and keep utilized
ALL of the various employment decisions I had - and therefore the correct ways that to focus on all
And the quickest, most direct route to it Dream Job
There were those “pay-to-play” regional airline programs. and that i was told lots of empty “predictions” concerning pilot shortages.

But generally, I will honestly say that my aviation education was severely incomplete while not enough serious CAREER coaching.

Since I didn’t have any cash to shop for employment, I visited work building flight time in no matter I might fly. For years, I created “baby-steps” - flying bit by bit larger airplanes, creating slightly extra money on every occasion. and that i rationalized my pathetic checking account by convincing myself i used to be simply "paying-my-dues."

And some seven YEARS LATER... There i used to be, still flying a propeller-driven plane and not creating any real progress. At the time, I although i used to be attempting everything to interrupt into the jet world.

I was reaching to job fairs, exploitation pilot recruiting services, causation my resume everywhere the web, even walking round the landing field handing it intent on individuals.

You name it, I tried it.

And all I got was lots of frustration, and really very little results.

The dream I had appeared to date away. and that i was too previous to be creating therefore very little financial gain - with such a lot farther to travel. My non-pilot friends had achieved such a lot a lot of in their lives, which was very embarrassing!

But then EVERYTHING changed…

After a conflict someday with some terribly prosperous pilots that were kind enough to let Maine in on their secret, I had a flash of realization. I understand that there can be how that I might go straight into the Dream Job that i actually wished -WAY quicker than I ever might by exploitation the "baby step methodology."

So I puzzled out an idea of action and went out consequent day to ascertain if it'd work.

Admittedly, throughout consequent few days, I created some mistakes and didn’t get any job offers. however i used to be able to quickly make out what went wrong and "tweak" my strategy till...


Within two months, i used to be kind rated and building time within the jet of MY selection.

Most Pilots ne'er learn the way To Backwards Engineer What I decision A "Career-Lifestyle", so that they Keep creating identical Mistakes Over And all over again...

I'm reaching to offer you an easy, 2-step formula for learning a way to notice the proper job, the proper approach. If you are doing simply these 2 things, you'll begin acquiring the proper direction and create massive progress.

1) STOP doing what everybody else is doing.

That means stop reaching to job fairs, hair care through each job post web site, and submitting your resume to each ad for a pilot. Stop doing something that would be thought-about "following the herd." Those things have unbelievable price in ideal things, however simply take a prospect for currently therefore we will type of begin recent and find back-to-basics.

Mingling along with your competition, either physically or just about incorporates a real negative result on your confidence level and thus your chance of success. however it additionally has the a lot of refined result of metaphorically cramming you into a neat very little box wherever employers choose and label you "just another pilot with 'X' qualifications."

No sensible will come back from THAT.

Pilots that do what everybody else is doing can perpetually be forced to just accept what's distributed out among the plenty. and that is nearly always alittle portion of what they actually need.

You NEED to begin being original and doing things otherwise therefore you stand out from the gang. And you wish to be like a shot distinctive and unforgettable after you meet a prospective leader.

(In reality the sole factor concerning you that ought to be old-hat is your resume itself, that is standardized by design.)

You become distinctive by exploitation associate degree outside-of-the-box approach to your job search and coming back from a special angle. therefore after you meet with a Chief Pilot, you’ll instantly break the pattern of all the boring same candidates. You’ll be known as "one-of-a-kind" and a high price are hooked up to you.

Then not solely can you get the work, however you may even have the leverage to barter {a better|a far better|a much better|a higher|a stronger|a a lot of robust|an improved} deal - sort of a higher beginning regular payment and more edges.

This is the basic mind-set for any immoderate prosperous person, pilot or non-pilot. the foremost flush individuals during this world simply do not exchange lines, period. all of them set themselves except the remainder by discovering new and higher thanks to accomplish a goal.

They make mistakes, however they eventually learn to optimize their ways to be NINJA effective. And you'll virtually watch them gain ground and leave their competition within the mud.

Fortunately, I've already created all the mistakes and learned from them. Then I developed associate degreed tested the methods to obtaining an exceptional career therefore you do not got to do all that employment.

All you have got to try and do is create the choice to step aloof from the gang and use the system I’m providing you with nowadays.

2) Meet the foremost prosperous pilots that have already got your Dream Job and learn from them DIRECTLY

It clothed  that the foremost necessary factor I did in my quest to become massively prosperous in aviation was to fulfill and learn from pilots UN agency were truly DOING IT.

Let's face it... there ar some pilots out there UN agency have associate degree nearly magical power to fall backwards into excellent jobs. They fly for the most effective firms and create over double the regular payment of the typical pilot. And in fact we have a tendency to all hate them…lol

Most of those guys even have jobs come back TO THEM on an everyday basis. For no matter reason, they only naturally apprehend specifically what to try and do and tell get the maximum amount flying work as they will handle.

The problem is that these pilots are not straightforward to seek out. they do not wish to brag concerning their jobs and that they most likely aren’t even in a very uniform after you see them. And it's even more durable to urge them to "spill their guts" concerning specifically what it's they are doing that produces them therefore prosperous.

Once again, this step is completely important to your success. however I understand that you simply may ne'er have access to those guys. And if you probably did you would possibly not skills to approach them properly and build that rapport quickly enough to find out one thing from them.

Well, it wasn't straightforward. however I've managed to trace down a choose few pilots altogether sectors of the aviation from round the globe UN agency ar among the most effective within the WORLD at backwards engineering a Career-Lifestyle that's fulfilling, PROFITABLE, and actually by their own style.

And believe Maine, I took FULL advantage of the chance. I dug deep. I raiseed the queries nobody else thinks to ask. and that i got them to share each single one in all their techniques and techniques for mastering a career in aviation.

You'll be floored by the simplicity and power of what these guys can share with you. only one of their secrets could lead on to it massive BREAKTHROUGH that you've got been awaiting.

If you are looking to noticeably accelerate your career, it is a should that you simply learn from these guys, beginning nowadays. you will be astounded at simply however quickly your life improves after you do therefore.

So, If you’re not having the type of success you would like along with your flying career, then you are not doing those 2 steps. i do know that for a reality.

The only question is, once and the way ar you reaching to do them?

Are you reaching to do them next week, or next month? And ar you reaching to try and do them alone? Or ar you reaching to benefit of the unbelievable wealth of information that is offered to you nowadays -knowledge which will prevent virtually years of your time creating mistakes and wasting thousands of bucks in cash?

You’ll virtually be able to look over my shoulder as i'm going through the precise procedures that I used. and that i justify not simply what to try and do, however the however and why every step a lot of be completed properly for optimum success. I additionally justify what to not do, like one large stonewalling mistake i used to be creating - and essentially shooting myself within the foot until I mounted it.

The first video within the Advanced Section can show you the way to look globally for your Dream leader. And these ar the businesses that ar altogether underneath the measuring system. These ar those nobody else even is aware of concerning.
Then there’s bit-by-bit video presentation that shows you the secrets I learned to eliminating the “dead-end" firms. this may assist you avoid wasting it slow and cash following leads that won’t - or can’t - rent you.
How to urge your resume on to the Chief Pilot's table and the way to get it scan anytime. And you’ll be able to savvy within the affirmative BOX, even though you do not already "know someone" within the company
A brilliant manoeuvre to being liberally purchased flying, even though you are idle, whereas looking firms for your Dream Job
How you'll keep job offers rolling in to your inbox, EVEN when you have already found a good job therefore you will always have many backup plans - and ne'er be idle once more
PLUS, you’ll learn interview SECRETS from the "inner circle", including...

Why most "Airline Interview Experts" might truly be preventing you from obtaining hired!
How to properly conduct a chilly initial telephone call to a possible leader that’s too secluded to go to nose to nose. you'll be able to leave an impact on the phone that directly results in a face-to-face interview.
Aa printable model of queries that you simply ought to be asking a prospective leader throughout any interview. usually|this can be} an important piece of the puzzle that almost all pilots miss and it often causes them to finish up fastened in to a contract they didn’t perceive - or need within the initial place.

Why carrying your suit of clothes to associate degree interview can be a foul plan. And you’ll apprehend after you ought to and should not dress formally for a politician interview therefore you don’t find yourself trying like associate degree idiot!
The variations between correct interviews and therefore the a lot of easygoing “introduction conferences.” most significantly, you’ll be able to anticipate that one to expect, as a result of they’re not reaching to tell you! HINT: It’s much career suicide if you show up unprepared and act out-of-place.
The secrets to creating a Chief Pilot instantly such as you on a private level therefore he can expect to having you around
And how you'll flip any "NO" into a "NOT YET" that may inevitably become a "YES" - most likely after you want it most!
AND you’ll skills to be a good Contract Pilot, paid $500 to $1200 North American nation bucks (or more!) per day, including...

The $360,000 a year pilot and specifically however that's doable...
How to with confidence running your contract career as a business. You’ll discovered your promoting, accounting, and legal departments with ease. NOTE: Doing this properly will mean the distinction between massive profits - or overwhelming debt.
You’ll be able to effectively conduct yourself with rock thereforelid integrity so you build a trustworthy and reliable name.
You’ll become therefore accomplished at generating flying work that you're going to have to be compelled to flip down job offers simply to require a vacation - whenever you would like.
And how to urge somebody else to pay money for your jet currency and guarantee yourself warranted flights at identical time
ALSO, you will see a way to survive and achieve trainer college, whereas having FUN within the method, including...

How you'll show au fait your initial day {of class|of thereforephistication} so altogether ready that ground college is usually a review of what you already apprehend
How to avoid dalliance and cash, feeling overpowered, and propulsion the "all-nighters" that truly causes alternative pilots to fail checkrides, simply by finding out solely the proper material
How to live "on the cheap" whereas you are in sim college therefore you get through able to fly with extra cash in your pocket
The vital strategy of obtaining a sim partner that is therefore useful, he is like your succor within the cockpit. You’ll even be able to discover a co-pilot that may try and sabotage you.
And how to effectively use Sim college as an ideal chance for networking with prime quality potential employers
PLUS, you’ll get my absolute best discoveries like...

How to get associate degree awful airline job, which of them you must get in line for - and which of them to avoid entirely
How to pass the airline interview. And forget those imprecise gouges you’ve scan on-line, I take this a step more. You’ll apprehend not solely what inquiries to expect, however additionally the proper ANSWERS to grant.
How to simply transition from the Airlines to company Aviation or vice cersa. HINT: you may ne'er be taken seriously unless you recognize the correct approach and angle to suit the expectations of these terribly completely different flight department.s
The truth behind that common stereotype “a pilot-is-never-home”. I’ll show you the way you'll even have rather more quality time along with your family than a typical workplace "nine-to-fiver".
A plan to pay off all of your current coaching debts in one year therefore you'll take that massive weight off your shoulders and at last live stress-free
How to get a full Pilot-in-command jet kind rating, even though you do not have enough flight time to urge associate degree Airline transport pilot’s license.
You’ll skills to urge into skilled aviation if you’ve been “grounded” for for a while.
And most significantly, you’ll be to urge a Dream Pilot job if you have got thousands of hours OR if you’re simply obtaining started in aviation.

Here’s a recent testimonial from one in all my shoppers named Gabe:

"As a replacement pilot solely some months out of flight college, i am fairly skeptical of something aviation-related that involves Maine pocket money, particularly career programs with massive guarantees. when some weeks of work and reading a number of Nick's emails, however, I knew he was on to one thing. i made a decision to form the large leap by buying the e-course and could not be a lot of happy.
"The depth of this program is solely staggering - a wealth of knowledge excellent for somebody in my shoes. Now, rather than simply without aim building time instructing till the primary regional comes on to rent Maine, I've got a true arrange for my career, with weekly steerage from Nick himself, who's quickly become a private mentor and friend.

"The techniques he shares ar straight from the cockpit - you will not notice any fluff or fancy words simply to waste it slow. It's real knowledge from somebody who's been there, and somebody who's willing to lend a hand to those in want.

"I'm a giant fan of networking and selecting the brains of more responsible pilots, and with Nick's course, i am obtaining a giant leg up in each areas.

"Buying this course is one in all the most effective investments I've created in myself to this point."

- Gabe G., Georgia

And here is associate degree missive submitted to Maine from a pilot named Ryan:

"Dear Fellow Pilots,

"I am writing to inform you the way so much I actually have are available my aviation career. simply over a year agone, i used to be beginning to get discouraged and felt that the airline job my college had Maine dreaming concerning would ne'er come back on. At the time i could not consider several alternative choices, I patterned i'd simply keep paying my dues, whereas the loan payments keep pillar up.

"About that point, i used to be lucky enough to urge my hands on Nick Knightly's material and shift my thinking. He helped Maine begin puzzling over what I wished out of my pilot career and like a shot I started taking steps in a very new and a lot of productive direction. I learned a way to outline a schedule that might work my family, and the way to settle on employment path that might meet my actual money wants.

"Using Nick's program i used to be able to get my foot within the door with my one in all my prospective employers and bypass the many resumes they already had. Before I knew it, i used to be talking with the owner of the corporate and had created a crucial relationship. i used to be able to get each feet within the door over a amount of simply some months and have become consequent guy in-line to be employed, and my hours were a lot of but several of the present workers and resumes in their office furniture. whereas awaiting associate degree open position, i used to be able to build valuable hours in company craft and learn the ropes of the operation, simply by following some straightforward however powerful recommendation. once it came time many months later, i used to be utterly ready for the checkride and GOT employed that day.

"Today i'm creating over double my previous payroll check and building rather more valuable expertise that may propel Maine to my next job. My sights ar already attack consequent step, that is trying lots nearer than it did a year agone, and now, i'm truly enjoying the method of building a career. The cool factor is, I currently apprehend specifically what to try and do next, and the way and once to form the moves. I want I actually have my career all planned out, and that i cannot wait to continue the ride.

"Finally, I simply need to give thanks Nick for doing such a valuable service to the aviation community.I would extremely advocate Nick's program to anyone UN agency needs to be enlightened on a way to create your aviation dreams come back true.

"Good luck and safe flying, fellow pilots!

Ryan F., Florida

Just scan what John Peroyea, President of FindAPilot.com and skilled pilot himself must say concerning this offer:

"I am usually asked for recommendation by pilots on a way to get the arduous to seek out pilot jobs. The techniques and direction given through the Dream Pilot Jobs program and skilled videos will shave years off a typical pilot job search. This course offers a bit-by-bit guide to getting into the cockpit sooner, and will be employed by all pilots UN agency need to be found by flight departments UN agency might not advertise their job openings."

- John Peroyea, President

Read about this pilot named Matt and therefore the results he got once he clicked that button and endowed in his career:

"I wished to allow you to apprehend that your program DID work on behalf of me and that i are utilized currently for the last half dozen months on a Citation Sovereign.

"When I used your program, I did everything specifically "to the T" as schooled.

"After I used your techniques to find the businesses I wished to figure for, i used to be initial employed for a month of temporary work. additionally therein same week I had 3 operators job Maine to try and do contract flights beat concerning identical forty eight hours!"

- Matt A.

As Much Time and energy As I've place Into creating This The absolute best (and ONLY) Course Of Its Kind, I understand That Some Pilots are Skeptical.

And since could|you furthermore mght} may have your doubts concerning ordering this program, i assumed it'd be best if I quote that right here, pilot-to-pilot.

1) you would possibly be thinking, "I do not know if this may work on behalf of me and my state of affairs."

And that’s apprehensible. however please rest assured that whereas building the structure for the program, I took deep thought for the wide spectrum of pilots that would like it.

I understand that not everyone seems to be within the same state of affairs that i used to be in once I was longing for my job, therefore i actually did lots of testing the method to incorporate each doable variation. and that i basically created a system that may work for anyone.

Of course, we have a tendency to pilot's come back from such a broad vary of various sorts of individuals, including...

Different ages, from eighteen to sixty or a lot of. you'll be altogether effective exploitation this method despite your age. (I'll even show {you that|you which of them|you which ones} sector of aviation is hungry for older pilots - and which sectors like younger.)
Experience levels from "low-time" pilots with no jet hours to seasoned kind rated jet Captains. I specifically address those variables and justify specifically a way to position yourself properly to urge your Dream Job despite what level you are ranging from.
Worldwide locations. It does not matter wherever you reside, as long as there is aviation within the community, you'll get the work you would like, I guarantee it. i'm going into nice detail with video lessons showing you the way to form contacts with potential employers in each corner of the world.
I took all those factors under consideration once developing the system, in order that you, despite WHAT your state of affairs, will get the results you would like. and that i have spent years testing and rewriting, simply to form certain I lined each doable situation.

PLUS, you have got completely nothing to lose simply by giving it a strive. As I’ll justify in a very minute, in my rock-solid guarantee, i am reaching to offer you sixty DAYS to travel through the program at MY risk. If it does not work for you, YOU PAY NOTHING.

2) you furthermore may can be thinking “I cannot Afford it.”

I perceive. It prices lots of cash to be a pilot. everyplace you switch, you are pocket money on coaching, equipment, even employment applications!

The problem is, none of these things ar specifically designed for obtaining you one thing: a high paying job currently, therefore you will not be worrying concerning cash any longer.

For less than the worth of the typical airline application fee, you'll discover within the Dream Pilot Jobs Program specifically a way to open up a full WORLD of opportunities and easily choose the approach to life and financial gain of your selection.

Besides, however long are you able to afford to be stuck here, not be creating the type of cash you deserve? Another year? 5 years? TEN? would not you rather simply sky rocket your progress NOW?

This is the most effective investment you'll create in your career as a result of it is the solely program designed to point out you the way to urge the foremost out of it.

Plus (and I wasn't reaching to mention this simply nonetheless, however here goes anyway) - if you order nowadays i am reaching to show you the way you'll get the whole program at no cost. Seriously. i can not move into it here however i will offer you the small print on the transfer page when you order. this can be no joke or lottery or something like that! You’ll get the entire factor at no cost.

3) And you would possibly be speech communication “I already tried everything and this sounds too sensible to be true."

Actually, that may be the amount one factor most pilots ar speech communication currently. i can not blame them as a result of statements like that ar contagious. once somebody says, "I tried everything" or "No one is hiring." it is so straightforward to grant up and assume it's TRUE instead of make out a way to prove that it’s it false.

Look, I know. Times ar robust out there. it'd be arduous to ignore all the media reports concerning the sluggish state of our business. it'd truly be arduous for you to believe that I will show you a more robust approach.

But that's the precise reason that I created this program like I did. as a result of my methods utterly bypass all of the common roadblocks to obtaining associate degree exceptional pilot job that ar within the spotlight currently. it is the "loopholes" within the system that you simply should notice so as to achieve success within the best - and worst economic conditions.

PLUS, this can be a brief condition! the most effective news is that we've weatherworn the worst of the storm. consultants agree that the approaching years ar reaching to see a significant boom of chance for all people.

"Buying this course is one in all the most effective investments I've created in myself to this point."
- Gabe G., Georgia

Read what alternative pilots ar speech communication concerning the Dream Pilot Jobs Program...

"If you're unsure if you must invest during this this program let Maine simply say that i'm pilot with over ten,000 hours flying time and have flown fourteen completely different craft. I even have one kind rating and flew with a commuter for variety of years. I assure you that there's a lot of data in Nicks program than I ever notional. I want I had this program before I had taken my initial lesson. I cannot give thanks Nick enough for all the knowledge he has shown Maine thats it like I actually have a very new read of aviation and therefore the ways that and means that to form all my dreams come back true. I hope you'll not pass this chance by for somebody like Maine to possess as several hours as I do and {to say|to Mainention} he has shown Maine a very new thanks to reach my dreams believe me his program is that the best there's and that i don't even need to seem anyplace else. Nick is that the authority on each facet in reaching that dream Job and that i applaud him for his experience...Thanks Nick you're the most effective.

- Ron B

"Hey Nick,

"Unbelievably valuable course! i used to be utterly pissed off with the aviation business and why it's was therefore tough to urge a decent job. This course created Maine understand that the matter wasn't the business...it was truly Maine and my approach! i actually enjoyed the interviews with the various skilled pilots. it had been terribly useful obtaining insight directly from the those that have the roles that i used to be progressing to get myself. Thanks!

- Mark B, Florida

"Hi Nick

"I wished to email you and allow you to skills excited i'm when obtaining your course.

"I are longing for employment for the last seven months. I scan heaps of books on airline interview schoolwork and the way to urge a pilot job however nothing looks to figure.

"I graduated from Embry-Riddle and certain thought that it'd be enough to urge employment as a pilot. however what i spotted is that the knowledge shared altogether these books and what EM career counselors do not tell you is that their recommendation is therefore general and given by people that don't seem to be even pilots. therefore however do they very skills to urge employment as a pilot?

"I perpetually felt that there's a more robust thanks to get a pilot job and actually understand my potential. once I came upon your web site i used to be blown away. I discovered the newest tips and ways on obtaining the pilot job I did not even apprehend existed. the knowledge you share in your course is therefore revolutionary associate degreed new that anyone UN agency reads this course has an new advantage of obtaining a pilot job they honestly want.

"Thank you for sharing this data with North American nation. while not you, lots of individuals would be doing standard factor while not obtaining any real results. continue the nice work. See you within the flight levels."

- Maria D, California

"Hi Nick. I did purchase your eCourse and simply let Maine say WOW!!! the worth of this course is therefore low-cost compared to the within data that you simply have researched."

Perbender H. - Australia

"Things have modified and what worked 10 years agone is obsolete in 2011. it's sensible to listen to from somebody UN agency has simply been addressing all the present job looking games and has been therefore succesfull at it."

Andrew S. - Atlanta

"Thanks. you are giving thereforeme real helpful recommendation that might end up priceless for individuals like myself so i wished to specific my appreciation." 

Ian R. - Ireland

"I would love to congratulate you on the trouble you create to assist alternative pilots UN agency you are doing not even apprehend,WELL DONE."

Lo V. - Australia

"I spent several months in search of a flight job. From one company to a different. From one request to a different. All while not result. Your data has opened my eyes that each one makes an attempt to seek out a pilot job is like flight in IFR. when reading your data all is less complicated like VFR flight! thanks pretty much. want you identical quantity of take-off and landings."

- Igor D, Former Military Pilot, Russia



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