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Spotlight on Success Radio Interview With Steve Harger

SpotLight on Success Notes

Interview With Steve Harger

Cable Guy-esque, smart Ole' Boy, Survivor & Business Guru

Warning: there's some commonness during this interview.

Steve Harger: Doing nice, cannot complain. Suns out. South Virginia. Rob: don't desire to speak regarding whether or not with you.

Rob Thrasher: What created you into a business person. home influences.

Steve: No business folks in family. affected to Southern VA at regarding eight. born off with grama. Family largely in enforcement.

Rob: however recent did you have got to induce employment and get into survival mode.

Steve: Eight. we have a tendency to walked streets assembling pop bottles to pay the bills. impart God without charge lunch at college. Oldest brother killed by hit and run driver. All joined military at eighteen. Did my 3 years and determined I required more cash. I grew up poor and did not need to remain poor.

Rob: Friends and family WHO stayed in with table jobs. Guys within the field do not get paid enough. woman spills occasional on her lap and acquire quarter million, whereas military vets have to be compelled to fight for health care and/or edges. Digress. Military influence created you notice you would like more cash.

Steve: $402 a month, what am I presupposed to do with this?

Rob: Laughter... You had to fight simply to induce to highschool and pay the facility bills. i do not would like that on anybody, however in discernment that created you WHO you're. New web site returning at SteveHarger.com. Next week some... What business ar you in currently.

Steve: Main focus is network promoting. A business I ne'er believed in. Rob laughter. i used to be told growing up if you did not have Associate in Nursing education get a trade. So I did. i used to be thought-about one in all the simplest home builders within the DC and Northern Virginia space. I went from living 1,000,000 greenback home to American state Associate in Nursing my son owning simply 2 luggage of garments. My better half currently, Penny may be a multimillionaire. I did not believe anybody in Danville Virginia may be a rich person. So, we have a tendency to drove the four hour trip to his house. He seems like he lives made and that i required to grasp however he got his cash. He aforesaid he got it in construction promoting and you'll create one-hundred-fold what you created in construction in 5 years instead of thirty in construction. In thirty days I became a believer. I did my analysis to find what it's. All I hear is it's a scam, it is a scam. If you are doing your analysis you may notice it's the oldest style of doing business. And it works.

Rob: that is funny as a result of folks over here in these components forever say an equivalent factor. however I even have my very own business and what it's known as is networking, or one thing a lot of acquainted is "going infectious agent." everyone is aware of what which means, however they refuse to permit for pretty much an equivalent factor once it's known as network or affiliate promoting.It's a slower version of on-line infectious agent. They use to decision it a ponzi theme that is currently black-market as a result of they ne'er had a product. Most network marketers don't desire a scam as a result of it dies out quicker AND it's black-market.

Steve: the most well liked marketing is Apple. Did you recognize Apple has ne'er run Associate in Nursing ad? Apple will an equivalent factor construction promoting will. They build a downstream.

Rob: and no-one argues regarding their legitimacy.

Steve: Harvard is trying to try to to a four year degree on network promoting. as a result of the recent {ways that|ways in that} folks do currently which was the TV or radio. Commercials ar a dying breed. No ads on satellite radio. the foremost original style of advertising is American state telling you and you telling your friends. within the 40's over ninetieth of this country was self utilized. We're presupposed to be thus good, currently within the 2000's and over ninetieth of the folks ar utilized. folks do not stand on their own 2 feet. A inheritance isn't living check to check. A inheritance is after you sub the house I engineered and say i do not apprehend WHO you were nice grampa however thanks. folks suppose you would like a franchise. I gotta go purchase American state a dish hut. construction promoting makes a lot of millionaires in thirty days then than ancient brick and mortar can in vi.5 years. and that is stats from the United States government. So, that business am I gonna take my shot at? And these businesses you'll do half time. My grandkids {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} upstairs straight away awaiting me to induce off the radio. 3 main questions: 1) does one own your own time? Suppose your kid had to travel into the hospital for 3 months. might you afford to run off the task and hold your child's hand? If not, then you are doing not own your own time. 2) ar you wish to be financially? If not, you would like to require back your own time. What happens if you lose your check for sixty days? you are homeless. 3) wherever does one see yourself in a pair of years, or 10 years? you are gonna work after they tell you to figure. you are gonna take vacations after they tell you to. you are building someone else's dream. BUILD YOUR OWN DAMN DREAM! If you only spent twenty hours every week building your own dream you may own your own time. that is freedom. you cannot have freedom building someone else's dream. i could not sell a heater to Associate in Nursing Eskimo. i'm not a sales guy. i'm not an informed person. I got into these merchandise as a result of they are all natural. I did not even apprehend what a crazy wrap is. I decision it a fat wrap... laughter... each business wants a product that has the wow issue. This product has that. I even have ne'er given a presentation for this company. folks take the merchandise and use it whereas I watch tv. that is why I got into this product as a result of i'm not a salesman.

Rob: You nailed it. during this age you have got to be versatile. it's nice to own a product that sells itself, I even have a few of these merchandise straight away. after you set it within the table it sells itself. I {actually have} actually trained myself to not say network promoting. I hook them on the merchandise then make a case for they'll create cash marketing it to friends, why would you not need to try to to that.

Steve: I tell my reps to not worry regarding obtaining reps simply sell the merchandise. folks can raise to affix eventually. Lie you aforesaid, you do not create cash while not customers. the merchandise can turn out a lot of resellers. they're going to come back to you and raise however they get entangled. It's solely $99 and that i will piss away $99 at dinner. once I withdraw to dinner everyone thinks i'm presupposed to pay. . i do not go anyplace wherever everyone among 3 feet of American state do not get a card. Let American state tell ya a shaggy dog story. the youngsters wished to travel in and purchase a game. So, she calls American state up and aforesaid the youngsters need to shop for a game. Well, you have got some blitz cards with you right? She aforesaid affirmative. If they blitz enough cards they get 5 greenbacks every. I had my 10 year recent and his friend blitzing folks. the youngsters have a blast with it and that i attempt to keep it fun. we've got a team known as one man one mission. everyone get out of debt. we have a tendency to show folks 3 steps to success. we have a tendency to ain't gon be intimate for no one, however we'll hold their hands.

Rob: Teach a person to fish?

Steve: yea i prefer that "Imo" take that with American state. I do my school assignment before i purchase into e network promoting company. This company owns each single one in all their merchandise. everybody of them is natural. I def do my school assignment on this product. we have a tendency to conjointly hold meeting at the edifice, everyone has got to do this. They tell you their not there to create cash. He makes {more cash|extra money|more cash} telling you the way to create money. i'm in it create cash, and if {you create|you create} cash I make cash. there is a ton of promotion out there and that they begin drawing the circles. Gimme twenty hours every week and that i will develop the phone straight away, really I did last week. there is a guy down there WHO seventy years recent however he has nothing to depart his grandkids. i'm in South Virginia. I sent some to Pelican State to place a wrap on him and show him a way to solicit and sell this product.


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