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Hello everybody,

The biggest HYIP program in 2014 is gone. Program came back once winning sever migration, however as I same before - it'll not be constant program because it wont to be before. typically I don't write long articles concerning HYIP scams, however this one is completely different and that i suppose that Leancy deserves some higher article then others.

Program was actually smart, admin from 1nstant and Gesmie did well and were ready to keep this short/middle term program on-line for a lot of then 2 months. Sadly this is often additionally the most important scam up to now in 2014. i do know that a lot of folks created smart profit, however several lost and that i hope that we are going to see another similar scale comes in close to future in our trade.

What I likeable concerning this program?

I likeable that Leancy was ready to become the most important program in 2014 with none advertising, program bought only one monitor, all others invested with their own cash. This program simply showed all the opposite admins that it's not necessary to shop for all the monitors and every one the ads all over to induce in style. This was true example that HYIP trade is ever-changing, recent strategies with copy & paste programs with GoldCoders script doesn't estimate and if admin invest time in one thing this distinctive you get result wherever each admin and investors will earn. I likeable that even they were down for a few time admin still brought website back and investors were ready to withdraw.

What I disliked?

I dislikable that it had been short term program what is going to show wrong example to several admins that short term programs like this will run well, why it were ready to run this long browse in next paragraph. No alternative dislikes for this program.

Is admin made with those five million bucks what we have a tendency to see in statistics?

I don't suppose thus. sure he took away a lot of then average Joe HYIP admin, however this massive quantity was simply on paper. i will be able to speak in theory here, however lucky for investors, sadly for admin investment plans like this brought less then expected to him, why? as a result of program started in time once investment activity were low and Leancy grow nearly utterly exponentially, thus admin required all the time to hide payouts for previous investors. If admin can run another program once this he can create a way completely different investment plans. Also, if somebody is interested to analyze, then Bitcoin accounts for Leancy you'll notice here and here.

What will happen now?

People for a few time can begin to worry to speculate and plenty of programs can feel decrease in investment flow. this can result in some smaller of larger scam wave, however massive or on the opposite hand little can show next few weeks. at that time market can begin to run commonly once more, programs {what can|what is going to|what's going to} be ready to survive this "short crisis" will run commonly.

Who lost the most?

The most affected a part of Leancy investors were players from Russia and Russian speaking countries, as a result of they were marketed the foremost. unnumbered web promoters tried to bring investors in Leancy and Russians were those ones UN agency invested with the foremost. If you checked investment forums once Leancy was offline thanks to server migration you saw chaos in Russian speaking forum, however in English speaking forums there have been nearly no complaints this. Second massive half UN agency lost were those those who thought that once server migration scenario can come because it wont to be before. As I expected scenario won't be constant and it wasn't. 

In the finish i would like to mention that almost all seemingly admin thought that "sky is that the limit" for Leancy, however he's not educated in basic human psychological science that folks ar frightened to deposit and it'd take a minimum of few weeks to recover trust to any program back. presumably Leancy practiced vast cash outflow, low influx and admin set to shut down this party. Yes, some hardcore HYIP enthusiasts and several other newbies deposited cash additionally once server migration, however as I wrote in my previous article concerning Leancy - don't place deposit, simply withdraw, as a result of program won't be constant, if you're interested you'll notice article here. I hope that Leancy showed well to alternative admins that HYIP trade continues to be very active and everybody will earn, however 1st you want to permit investors to earn then success can come back. Leancy is gone and no a lot of investments in Leancy suggested.


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