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Freelance Writers Needed: One extremely straightforward Reason this kind of Home occupation Is Exploding

Now is associate degree exciting time to be a contract author and one in every of the most reasons is there ar numerous opportunities created by this "new media" world we tend to inhabit. i have been a contract author since 1993, and let ME tell ya, I've ne'er seen numerous opportunities offered - and that they grow each day.

Content selling Driving the necessity for Freelance Writers

The reason freelance writing is such a viable home-based business chance of late is kind of just because of content selling.

What is Content Marketing?

As outlined by Wikipedia, content selling is "any selling format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publication content so as to accumulate customers."

This can be everything from straightforward internet articles and diary posts, to case studies and white papers. And, what do all of those have in common? Writing! And United Nations agency, for the foremost half, will plenty of this writing? Freelancers, that is who!


According to a 2013 study by the Content selling Institute, sixty five p.c of corporations reported  outsourcing their content selling. This was up from sixty two p.c the previous year and fifty five p.c the year before that.

What this illustrates is because the would like for a lot of content is made, therefore is that the would like for a lot of content "producers" (ie, freelance writers, particularly SEO content writers).

Why corporations Invest in Content selling

It's not rocket science... it's what client wish, expect and ar exigent before they purchase. Proof?

61% of shoppers say they feel higher a couple of company that delivers custom content. they're additionally a lot of seemingly to shop for.
70% of shoppers say they like to be told a couple of company through a group of articles than adverts

78% of shoppers believe that corporations providing custom content have an interest in building smart relationships.

[Source: Our Social Times, sixty two of corporations source their content marketing]

The message is pretty clear: shoppers like and wish smart content. And if company A is making and distributing it and Company B is not, United Nations agency does one assume is raking within the profits?


This brings ME to 1 final purpose i would like to form regarding content selling, that is each niche wants a author. each week I scan job ads for freelance writers to post on my website, and you recognize what? I've detected that even small niches ar seeking writers, eg, a liquidiser manufacturer was longing for what they referred to as a "Blender Blogger." The ad browse, in part:

We ar the only distributor of a preferred liquidiser -- a frontrunner within the market of finest industrial blenders, additionally appropriate for domestic use. With the recent launch of our Juicer, & the increasing success of our liquidiser, we tend to need a BRIGHT, energetic, inventive author to hitch our healthy, happy team!
The sheer sort of writing and blogging jobs out there's amazing - each variety of business from geological dating sites to home décor blogs to field care newsletters to cookery portals - would like writers.


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