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Factors That Cause High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is that the share of tourists WHO exit a web site once viewing just one online page of the web site. There square measure numerous reasons that cause high bounce rate. during this article, we have a tendency to discuss numerous classes of things that cause high bounce rate.


The reasons will be loosely classified into four classes. they're single page web site, internal factors, external factors and promoting factors.

1. Single page website: we've mentioned in our previous article that the bounce rate is set by page views. once a web site contains just one webpage, then there's no second page for a traveler to go to and thus no second page read. In such a case, regardless of however long a traveler stays on one webpage, it's thought of a bounce as a result of there's no second pageview.

2. Internal factors

• Poor web site design: If a web site is full of harsh colors, flashy pictures and animations, it hurts guests eyes and obstructs traveler from reading the content on the webpage. guests then tend to exit from the web site. Therefore, harsh colors and flashy pictures end in high bounce rate.

• Content on {the web site|the web site}: Content on the website is another issue. If content on the landing page isn't relevant to what user is looking for, then they exit from the web site. Content on landing page ought to even be partaking, alternativewise guests don't get interest to go to other pages of the web site and exit from the positioning tributary to high bounce rate.

• Poor navigation: so as to stay guests partaking and build them visit alternative pages of the web site, there should be correct direction style. If the user lands on a page and if the navigation isn't correct, then the user doesn't have correct steerage to go to alternative pages. They then exit the web site while not viewing second page, that will increase the bounce rate.

3. External factors:

• Improper external links: typically, alternative web sites offer links to your website victimization anchor texts. Anchor text is that the word or phrase with hyperlinks that connect alternative locations. If the anchor text isn't chosen properly, non-targeted traffic is generated and that they bounce off the web site.

4. promoting factors

• selecting Wrong keywords: Keywords square measure the bottom of search promoting. it's vital that you simply select the right keywords. Optimizing your web site with wrong keywords displays your web site for wrong keywords in search engines' pages. Wrong keywords generate non targeted traffic to your web site, WHO square measure craving for one thing totally different and clearly finds your web site non-relevant and recover straightaway.

• Ads: Ad copies represent the web site. If the presentation isn't correct and not aligned with what the web site truly offers, traffic to the web site through the ads can draw back leading to high bounce rate. Therefore, Ads ought to represent the web site and also the content on that properly.

• Meta description and title of the page: Search engines show the organic results with title tag and meta description. If title and meta description aren't in line with the content of the web site, that is, guests expect one thing and your webpage contains one thing. This once more ends up in high bounce rate.

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