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Learn How to Determine What You're Worth and Get It!

Learn How to Determine What You're Worth and Get It! Actually dream of receiving an extra $5, 000, 10 dollars, 000, or $20, 000+ in annual compensation? I’m sure you have. Learn to determine your worth, increase your really worth, and get it the raise that you are worthy of!


I’ll show you how to convince your company that you’re worth more than they are paying you and I'll give you the tools that you should get the compensation that you are worthy of!

What This Book Shows you

By purchasing this guide you might have identified yourself as one of the alarmingly little minority who take full responsibility for their future and they are prepared to do whatever is required to satisfy their life goals and objectives. Requesting a spend raise is something that fills most people with fear and insecurity. This doesn’t need to be the situation, IF you know what you are performing. By going through this book you should have access to the best tactics, suggestions, and strategies of requesting and obtaining the spend raise you deserve!

Six important suggestions that you’ll learn

Salary Calculator: How you can determine what you're worth AND prove it for your employer!
Learn how to identify to excel or fall short against the competitors!
Exactly when you should be requesting a pay raise!
Steps to make your employer actually WANT to provide you with a raise!
How to setup, prepare for, and dominate a gathering!

The Art of Negotiation. Make a deal effectively and get the pay raise that you've worked well so hard for!

I not just show you how to determine what you’re really worth and negotiate a higher salary, I demonstrate how to build the confidence that you might want when entering that all important conference.

eBook Reviews

Fantastic guide to prepare for your next salary negotiation, provide yourself the upper hand in the negotiation and also the confidence of knowing your true worth in advance.

Chris Jacobs, Amazon . com

This is an excellent "how to" guide on increasing your salary. I wasn't expecting a lot when I purchased it but , it surpassed the expectations. I am currently undergoing a performance evaluation next month and this book has everything I have to ensure I get the most from the review. I specifically, enjoyed the sections on strengths and weaknesses, being aware of what you are really worth, and learning exactly how your pay is directly related to the quantity of value and contribution you increase the growth of the business. I simply so happened to stumble upon this book and that i am very happy with the quality from the content of this book.

Dab Veretto, Amazon

Salary negotiation is definitely an emotive subject and it is easy to believe that there is no negotiation but a dictation previously mentioned. Jake Williamson has put together an extremely well structured and thought out set of suggestions. It reminded me a theme of Sunlight Tzu - "So it is said that should you know your enemies and know your self, you can win a hundred battles with no single loss. " This is a correct approach and one that is readily respected. Correct preparation prevents poor performance.

Paul Small, Amazon


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