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Data \ Typing \ Verification project details - GUEST POST

GUEST POST : Data \ Typing \ Verification
Dear Customer,

Note: Please See the attachment for Registration Packages and more info.

We would like to introduce
Modern Work Technologies has providing complete
100% Genuine Offline Data Entry Job Works From Home.
The details of the work are following.
Subject: Data \ Typing \ Verification
1.  The data will be provided in the form of scanned images, i.e. in “jpeg” or “tiff” format.
2.  The image file will have only plain text matters from some medical books, novels or stories.
3.  It will not have any sort of mathematical equations, tables, diagrams, flowcharts and columns etc.

4.  You have to type this plain text matter into Notepad file.

5.  No need to correct any spelling errors or grammatical errors from the image file.
     Whatever you see in the image file, you have to type it as it is. That means,
     if you have mistakes in the image file you have to type the mistakes only,
     no need to correct anything from the image file.
     So we need it in formatted editable notepad file. This makes the work very easier.

6.  Here One file = Single side, Single page, A4 size. It may contain 50-65 lines per page
7.  Your payment per page will be Rs.40/- to Rs.75/-(for verification)
 In turn your monthly salaries will be varying from Rs.24,000/- , to 75,000/- and above.
     Your payment per page will be Rs.50/- to Rs.135/-(for typing)
     In turn your monthly salaries will be varying from Rs.12,500/- , to 75000/- and above.

     The Salary depends on your accuracy and no of pages typed/verified during the month.

  Please read all the details and for  more clarification please call  our office number.
I'm sure; a careful and analytical study of the facts given on here will assist you in making an intelligent decision.
Now ... You can work from your home, start & end when ever 
you want,
No Restrictions on Working Hours, & confidently expect payouts in your 
We are always here to assist you in all possible ways to make you successful. 

Once again, Welcome to our firm.

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