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The Pilot's Guide to the Successful Job interview

The Pilot's Guide to the Successful Job interviewThe Pilot's Guides. Interview Guide For Pilots. Contains Inside Info From The Interview Panel Members And Chief Pilots On Interview Do And Don'ts. Author Is A Current Airline Pilot (20 Years Experience) And Updates The Guide By Interviewing Airline Industry Personnel.The Pilot's Guide to the Successful Job interview

Just got the call to have an interview?

Wondering where to begin?

Make the optimum impact at your next job interview!

Can’t afford the expense of the airfares and time off, not forgetting the cost of interview training workshops?

Now you don’t have in order to!
For less than fifty dollars you are able to prepare and study for your next job interview at home, and discover how to transform the interview into a Work.

Within minutes, these leading edge techniques will give you an advantage more than everyone else - no matter what degree of skills or experience you might have.

Why should you purchase?

Because 100% of the testers who will employ you stated once i interviewed them that, providing candidates fulfilled their minimum requirements, they were regarded as suitable for the position until they was able to
talk themselves from the Job!


Quite simply how you answer the question could possibly be the difference between getting the job and the flick.

Consider it -
• what stands in your way on the path to the job you started out targeting when you decided to take up modern aviation as your chosen profession…the Successful Job interview.

• after all your coaching and studying you now have 30-60 minutes to market yourself to the panel and convince all of them that you are the pilot they are searching for.

Tried and trusted Guidance - "Your tips and hints great. inch

G’day Glen,
I believed you’d be interested in some comments We have about ‘A Pilot's Guide to the Effective Interview’. I wish I’d known with regards to your Guide earlier. It would’ve sorted away my interview preparation from the start. Rather I failed my first ‘big’ opportunity in the airline interview. Ouch!! Still now that I’ve read your Guide as well as worked through your exercises, I’ve not just identified who I want to work with, but how to prepare for the actual interview on an airline by airline foundation.

Your idea of the USP is so simple. Before I go through your Guide I could hardly think of everything to say about 'me', I now think it is so easy to sell myself. That i knew of I needed to stand out within the crowd and highlight the points I believed would make them look at me in a different way from the other candidates I was competing towards.

Your tips and hints great, and the bonus Simulator as well as CRM notes are fantastic

For me this guide will help any preliminary by giving them a starting point, someplace to build a platform that will allow these to sell themselves as a valuable ‘product’ for an airline interview panel.

Gary the gadget guy Doolan, Qld

Dear Coworker,

If you want to find out more about the interview process in a crystal clear, well organised and easy to understand way and win the interviewer's attention… then this may be the most important message you’ve read all seasons.


And the great news is - your job has just turn into a lot easier. You’ll soon learn how to improve your interview technique and create yourself more informed, more knowledgeable and many importantly more employable.

A person won’t be sweating about whether or not you might have covered everything because, following the completion of ‘the guide’, you’ll be confident within your ability to deliver. All you have to is a simple formula in order to follow…a roadmap that’ll keep you on track whilst side-stepping the pitfalls.

And today it’s never been easier. Here’s exactly how.

I am Glen Solly, in the past fifteen years I’ve been practicing as well as explaining the secrets of ‘A Pilot's Instructions on the Successful Interview’ to flight crew through around the world. People just like you, whose next job relies on the prosperity of your interview.

Allow me to ask you

Do you question where you went wrong in the last job interview?

Do you feel which you come across as uncertain, have you got difficulty expressing your self?


Do you start to bust out in a sweat when asked the solution to questions you don’t understand?

Do you lack a strategy of attack of how to prepare for your interview because “it’s just as well hard”?

Would you like to know how to prepare correctly with advice from those who sit on job interview panels?

Do you have trouble finding the right way and the right terms to sell yourself?

I'm continuously amazed at the simple mistakes that are performed by pilots at the interview --

No knowledge about the organization

Poor presentation

Whenever asked “Why should we employ you” they could not answer in any meaningful way

Bad knowledge about their current aircraft

Record book not up to date

As well as pilots tell me things such as:

"I couldn’t remember the particular rules were for coming below my Cheapest Safe Altitude (LSALT). How could I overlook something so easy? inch


"When they asked me why I needed to work for them I just declared I needed the job and I needed to get out of GEORGIA. ”

"What is it which they want from me? inch

"I find it hard to focus in the interview. inch

"How do I make a much better impression? "

"I think it is hard to think up helpful, to-the-point, answers. inch

"I didn’t really want to work with them anyway. inch

"I never know what to place in my resume. inch

"I was so nervous. Once i picked up the glass of water We spilt it over the table. inch

It works - I got the task!


Glen, It was a little while until a bit of time and effort in the part but , like you stated, I’d put so much effort and time into getting my licence - We can’t believe I relied on pot luck to obtain a job! Your system was therefore simple. After months of unsuccessful programs, I developed my portfolio. I acquired an interview and the work!

Thank you.

Nited kingdom O’Dea, WA

This unique and powerful Guide is packed with over 100 pages of ingenious, proven and useful techniques and exercises for pilots - regardless of what country you work within.

In this Guide, you receive:

A step-by-step, rational process that makes interviewing a breeze. In no way again will you sit while watching interview panel wondering what's the easiest method to answer their queries.

A simple set of guidelines to make your approach to the interview more clear and easier to understand. You’ll be from how much more impact your interview offers.

Hints on how to obtain that little bit extra out of your job interview technique.

Seven important tips about how to realise your potential along with another eleven important tips including exactly what not to do.

How you can prepare a killer portfolio which carries all of the relevant documents.

Cautions as well as notes from interview panels.

Tips about first impressions and body gestures.

The three almost certainly types of interviews you will encounter.

Tips on answering group job interview questions.


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