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Sap Fico Training Online. Software Guided Training System

Sap Fico Training Online TtainingA Complete Package To Learn Sap Fico. Step By Step Instructions With Server Image .free Demo Before Buying. A New Product For Long Term Goals. Just Explore The Profit Potential Of Sap.

eTrainer -- A Simple, Smart and Affordable Online Training Solution with regard to SAP Career.
A Training system based on Coaching logic, Client Requirements and Certification Preparation.
To create your CONFIDENCE for a bright SAP Career, we now have designed 3 different Phases to take you from Foundation level.


This is an integrated Software associated with Trainer, Step by Step Instructions, SAP Server Display screen Image to practice configuration and Performance analyzer including examination.


Phase 1: This Phase is targeted at getting a clear Picture of Stages behind SAP CREDIT Configuration in a Simple and Easy way Want cover all elements of Configuration.
Stage 2: Here we will discuss Accounting Logics and Program Logics behind SAP FICO Configuration. Here we will attempt to answer reason behind each step. Accounting class can also be incorporated in this level to build the accounts reasoning.
Phase 3: We will go through other locations which is not directly Involved with FICO but necessary for Interview Preparation. Includes technical Details like ASAP Strategy, LandScape, Transport, Basic ABAPs, Expert CREDIT Level Explanation/ Interview Preparation / Certification Model and so on
To Start the Process, Pay 1 time eTrainer System Access Fee of $449 and Register Your own Login Info.
You will get All 3 Degree access for three months. (24/7).

eTrainer -The Smartest method to learn SAP FICO Online.

Studying SAP FICO Online has never been so easy and inexpensive.

You're probably interested in learning SAP to enhance your career prospects to fulfill your dreams. It really is well known that people with SAP skills have been in demand and are the highest paid in the I . t . and Finance industries.

Learning SAP will not be easy. It is a large and complex program and can take a long time to master. To obtain a job in SAP you should gain confidence within SAP at Expert level and you need proper and organized training for that. The most successful companies on the planet recognize the importance of proper SAP coaching.

We have developed Software to train SAP FICO Online. This software is to assist SAP Consultants and SAP Users to learn and transform your Skills. We have incorporated all possible stages associated with SAP FICO Implementation in the simplest and most affordable method. This training is directly from internet. You are able to access the courses from anywhere; all you have to is internet connection and PC/Laptop. Booking the DEMO. Our extensive SAP training application is designed to give you usable knowledge quickly and effectively and has the below additional features:

Almost all lessons include interactive, simulated SAP sessions - exactly like you are logged into an SAP program.
You can access the system any time day to day.
The lessons will explain each transaction and that requires you to interact with the screen, therefore gaining hands-on experience
Each student is monitored by skilled consultant.
You can repeat the chapters any absolutely no times you want.


There are many study centers and free online materials that are available today. However in order to achieve the DESIRED RESULT, and also to ensure a PEACEFUL and EFFECTIVE learning experience, picking out the best and reliable solution is crucial.

you are looking for any online step-by-step material, consider these two elements:

Expensive Server Access.
You will not go beyond two chapters, because no on the internet material can control the server response and the very moment configuration elements required to progress beyond which.
SAP FICO is a very complex system sent based on accounts. No Online Material is trying in order to logically integrate Accounts In the Material

f you intend to attend a class, consider the below elements:

You will learn only actually told.
You are absolutely based on the knowledge, SINCERITY and teaching experience of the trainer.
It will be very difficult for the brain to map anything more than 2 days. You will be taken through different screens with various configuration elements one by one. After every two hrs, you will have to repeat what you have discovered if you really have to learn.
Right now consider our solution which will


Guide you through the Base Level to Expert Level.
Designed simply to learn this complex system in the simplest manner in line with the Client requirements (No online material or Class does this approach)
So , if you attend the students after trying our training system, you may be in a much better position to understand CREDIT. Remember, almost all institutes guarantees placement, however that they will only arrange for three or four interview calls, and they will ensure the location for only the best candidates in the class -- may be 1 out of 10. Their selection of candidate will be based on your overall performance, SAP knowledge etc . So be smart before becoming a member of any system. Be ready and prepared before putting money; try our system to do the task for you!

This is our own Guarantee-
This is a SINCERE effort to obtain the desired result with the most simple, economical and enjoyable experience!
Below is an summary of what we provide:
One full configuration addressing all steps involving SAP FICO Configuration.
It really is aimed at providing a clear idea of all phases involved in configuration. Interview preparation questions are shared right after each class. So , after finishing one full settings you can start marketing your resume. Sample Resumes as well as Placement Strategies are incorporated at the last session. In case you interested to join any class, before joining any kind of class we would strongly recommend everyone to finish one complete configuration. Because, you will get a clear concept of the different elements of configuration, end user record entry screens and user reports. This will ensure you get the best out of the course.


Furthermore, the fact is that now you can arrange interviews, but no one can guarantee positioning. To pass the interview and survive at work may be the deal. So , we have designed more amounts to give you an in-depth knowledge and experience concerning the system. If you are looking for free on the internet materials, stop wasting your time, get our bodies, you will learn way cheaper than any program available today.

We have incorporated very comprehensive explanations about each configuration points. Accounting Concepts as well as its application in SAP FICO is explained thoroughly. Which means that people from non-accounting backgrounds can gain the needed confidence and will find out logical application of accounting within SAP. Penetration of00 of Interview preparation is also supplied.

eTrainer - A Simple, Smart as well as Affordable Solution for SAP FICO Online Coaching.

State of the art system to the progress.
Progress monitored by experienced Advisor...
Do the configuration any number of times. 24/7
Most Affordable program to Learn SAP
Learn from anywhere, house, office, etc ...
Online, simulated SAP sessions
Just like you tend to be logged into an SAP system
You will feel like working with live machine!!!
Interview questions after each course
No Prior Experience required
No Accounting knowledge needed
Accounting is incorporated in the course
Sample Continue to Guide Resume preparation.
Effective Marketing Ideas to grab the Job
Who Should Use Our own SAP Training System

Anyone who needs to understand SAP quickly and easily
Individuals wanting to start their own SAP career
Accountants, Accounts Clerks, Managers
Office Managers and Students
Consultants converting in order to SAP from other ERP
Managers wanting to to have overview of SAP
Project managers wanting to quick track their project
Project teams requiring pre-prepared user coaching

Course Contents

Phase 1

Ch1: General Concepts,Estructure and Global Settings

General Concepts

1.General Concepts
2.Modules in R/3
4.Login,Easy Access
5.Case Company
Session 1: Enterprise Structure

1.Define Company
2.Define Company Code
3.Define Business Area
4.Assign Company Code to Company
Session 2: Global Settings

1.Fiscal Year
2.Posting Period
3.Document Type
4.Posting Key
5.Field Status Variant
6.Define Tolerance Group
Ch2: General Ledger(GL) Configuration

GL Master Preparation :Chart of Accounts, Account Groups,,
Retained Earnings Account
Create G/L Account
G/L Posting and Display G/L accounts
Ch3: Documents and Controls

Sample Document ,Hold Document
Park Document ,Document Reversal
Ch4: Accounts Receivables (Customer Accounts)

Customer Account Group, Number Range
Customer Master ,Define Document Type
Create G/L Account for AR, Create Customer Invoice,
Customer Line Item Display, Display A/c Receivable GL
Ch5: Accounts Payables (Vendor Accounts)

Vendor Account Group, Number Range
Define Document Type, Create G/L Account for AP
Vendor Master, Create Vendor Invoice
Vendor Line Item Display, Display A/c Payable GL
Ch6: Incoming Payments

Customer Tolerance Groups
Define Document Type, Create G/L Account
Create Customer Invoice, Create Customer Payment
Display Customer Line Item, Display A/c Receivable GL
Ch7: Outgoing Payments

Vendor Tolerance Groups
Define Document Type, Create G/L Account
Create Vendor Invoice, Create Vendor Payment
Display Vendor Line Item , Display A/c Payable GL
Ch8: Payment Difference (AR)

Partial Payment, Residual Payments
Cash Discount to Customers, Credit Memo
Document Clearing, Terms of Payment
Ch9: Payment Difference (AP)

Partial Payment, Residual Payments
Cash Discount, Debit Memo
Document Clearing, Terms of Payment
Ch10: Special G/L

Advances, Down Payment
Phase 2

Ch11: House Bank, Cash Journal

House Bank, Check Payment
Bank Charges, Cash Journal
Ch12: Dunning, Automated Payment Program (APP)

Dunning Configuration
Dunning Run
APP Configuration
Customer Invoice for APP
Display Customer Line Item, Display A/c Receivable GL
Ch13: Financial Statements Version

Configure FSV
Prepare Balance sheet,Profit and Loss Statement
Reports Balance sheet,Profit and Loss Statement
Reports Different View
Ch14: Integration

Integration -FI and Sales and Distribution(SD)
Integration -FI and Material Management(MM)
CH15: SAP FICO-Controlling1

1.CO Definitions
2.Define Controlling Area[OKKP]
3.Maintain No.Ranges[KANK]
4.Maintain Version[OKEQ]
5.Maintain Version[OKEQ]
6.Create Cost Elements[FS00]
7.Create Cost Elements Groups[KAH1]
CH16: SAP FICO-Controlling2

1.Set Controlling Area[OKKS]
2.Profit Center -Settings[0KE5]
3.Maintain Version[OKEQ]
4.Create Dummy PC[KE59]
3.Maintain Control Parameters for Actual Posting[1KEF]
5.Create Profit Center[KE51]
6.Define Cost Center Categories[OKA2]
7.Create Cost Center
8.Define Cost Center Groups[KSH1]
9.GL-Postings [F-02]
10.Cost Center Balance-Reports[KSB1]
11.Input Plan Data[KP06]
CH17: SAP FICO-Controlling3

1.Define Distribution Method[KSV1]
2.Run Distribution[KSV5]
3.View Reports[KSB1]
4.Assign Revenue Elements to GL
5.G/L Postings Expense
6.G/L Postings Revenue
8.Define Order Types(Internal Order) [KOT2]
9.Create Cost Elements for IO
10.Create Internal/Order[KO01]
11.Posting Internal Order
12.View IO Reports
13.Planning Order Wise[KPF6]
14.Variance Reports
CH18: Accounting Concepts

Basic Accounting Principles
Create Journal Entries
Create Trail Balance
Create Profit and Loss a/c
Create Balance Sheet
CH19: Adv:Enterprise Structure and Global Settings

Variant Principle
Fiscal Years :Calendar year / Non-Calendar year, Shortened fiscal year
Document Control
Posting Authorizations.
Interview Questions
CH20: Adv:GL

Chart of Accounts
G/L Creation
Customer/Vendor Accounts
Bank Master
Interview Questions
CH21: SAP FICO Asset Accounting

Chart of Depreciation
Maintain Depreciation Key
Depreciation Areas
Asset Class
Account Determination
Integration with General Ledger
Maintain Depreciation Key
Asset Document Entry
Asset Class
Asset Explorer
Depreciation Run
Phase 3

CH22:Other Areas

ASAP Methodology
Basic ABAP
Document Entry - More Info
Document Entry - Field Status More Info
Master Data Field Status - More Info
Detailed General Concepts
Sample Resume
Exp.Level Interview Preparation Questions
Exp.Level Certification Preparation Model Test


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