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Included in Trains Magazine Jan. 2008 Challenge!
Hi Estén,
I received my very own copy of the current ongoing of Trains Magazineand look at article by means of Andy Cummings. Because i was reading this great article, I saw that provided contributed comments in relation to getting into the railroad small business. I wasn’t sure in the event indeed it was “the” Estén Martin until I saw often the reference to your blog.
On the web glad that the those of you at Trains Magazine looked to your account for real inside facts. I really enjoyed examining the article.
Cheers again.
Potential Adcock

More Railway Jobs!
I did anything wrong and I wasn’t getting any hiring time invites. I decided upon your email software program and I bought your personal program shortly after this. I learned much and I immediately modified everything on my resume in addition to application. After fixing the many little complications, I applied again to help BNSF and UP at a couple different locations. I bought invites to two using the services of sessions a week some. I traveled to BNSF first u really liked the tone. Next, I traveled to the UP session u had many unanswered issues. I got conditional delivers from both companies. My partner and i accepted the Bnsf situation. I made it over the whole background and real checks, and I got the tentative start night out for my training type. I credit your personal e-book and advice from good friends for my successful practical experience.
Allan A new.
Thank you so much. I got the career I was in search of largely a result of the preparation I became able to make on account of reading your personal e-book.
Thanks all over again!
Hal Ceremony
Hi Estén,
I bought your personal railroad jobs guide that kicks off in august 2007, interviewed for just a class One railroad with November 2007 and started schooling January 2008 after passing every one of the logistics. On the web in the last 2 or 3 weeks of conductor training for a category one RR. The knowledge that helped me essentially the most was the interview portion (i. e. what exactly not to say). If your wrong words or terms are said it’s over next out. This article is an invaluable exploration tool. It allowed me to work as a Railroader..
I bought prepared e-book, it did it will always be help! But not only did it help nevertheless it landed me a employment with a class just one RR. I am consequently happy I got your personal e-book. Thank you so much!!!
Meat Neuner
I got the email and was instructed to use my medical and real. All passed u was given a category date! Awesome! I will say your personal e-book prepared me so it to expect and given lots of information regarding railway jobs!.
Basically book and Jesus bless!
Darrell Latson
Im just looking for to help thank-you! I ordered your personal on-line railroad jobs book and yes it made a big difference worldwide! After examining it I knew just what exactly to expect! My partner and i assure you that your rules made all the difference concerning me “getting” as well as “not getting” the career! Had I definitely not read your book I may have approached the appointment much differently and I am certain that I would don’t you have obtained the position I became offered! On the web a very confident man and scrutinized you book for any longest time before obtaining it. I really did not think I needed the item. I was drastically wrong! I have a great sense of humor although I could tell without delay that the woman interview panel member was a skilled “no nonsense” individual! I merely remembered all your rules in your book along with the answers to her issues were answered without uncertainty! 4 hours later the woman called me offering me the career!! At this time I could almost never contain my excitement permitting out a new “woohoo”, she laughed for just a moment and wished us a lot of success having “Union Pacific”! I could truthfully hardly believe it for the competition! For all you in existence considering a position together with the railroad, It does not matter how ready you consider that you are, Sean’s book is crucial!!!! On the web case in point!!!

Thank-you Estén!!! I pay my upcoming successful career having “Union Pacific” to your account!
Good luck
Jim Robinson
I decided to email address you, assist you to know that My partner and i followed your e-book with a T. I put less than four a long time to respond with a job-post that I just simply happened to stumble across having CSX. I didn’t assume anything would come of the usb ports, being so delayed and the relentless effort to help scramble my work background a resume within the last minute, My partner and i managed to land a appointment about a week in the future. Two days in the future, I received a mobile phone call from CSX offering my family job employment for the situation that I originally tried for. I don’t determine what happened or how the item come to be, however I said without a doubt. I will start well versed in Feb-Mar 2008. My partner and i managed to use over fifty percent of the thoughts on your resume list this applied. I had not done a curriculum vitae before and was complimented in the event the call came for occupation. Your e-book on railway jobs was worthwhile it-thank you actually.
Jason L Cooper
My partner and i ordered your railroad job opportunities e-book about 6 months previously and read it through several moments. It was brimming with good information so i searched out the whole thing helpful in my very own search for Railroad job opportunities. I was on the verge of get out of often the USMC and I needed to move over into implementing the rails i really used your ideas and interviewed with RIGHT UP and Norfolk Southern. I became offered both job opportunities!!! These days have been employed by Norfolk Southern since November. 8th and I like the job thus far. My training time is over in late March u should be marked as a Conductor. Basically guide!
Onsby Went up by
My partner and i finished the testing and selection interviews last week having BNSF. I just gotten an offer for a Chofer Position with the BNSF with Texas. Your railroad job opportunities e-book was a great guide and you were at the money. Through 170 people interviewed then 30 positions will likely be filled. I became glad to receive a purchase offer on the first around. I had no preceding experience and never attended a new trade school. I became the that fitted properly and prepared for any interview as you indicated in your e-book. Cheers again for your tips on railroad job opportunities.
Gary Legs. Worth, Mississippi
Inside of 2 weeks of reading your personal report I was in signed up for the (trade school identify left out) and 2 ways ahead of everyone planning to get hired together with the RR. My initially interview, I got used with Kansas City Southern when i was still attending often the trade classes!!!
Basically vital information that helped me prepare yourself. Now I’m while going to starting an awesome employment.
Ian Davis
Hey Sean,
Is considered Jerry again. I have to thank you all over again for being willing to show your knowledge with myself along with the others who have used information you’ve available. No other investment with my future has been considerably more help ful. We decided with September to relocate farther sth, which meant a whole new job. Ever since i was effectively starting through anyway, I decided for a career change and needed to pursue a job for a chofer.

Well currently, 6 months in the future, I have received a contract with stipulations of employment by CSX. There isn't any way I could truthfully have made it for the first try without your personal advice! At the appointment session as I watched other individuals making the mistakes you given notice me about I attempted to pick out who I believed was going home first. I was suitable! Now, rather then wondering how to strengthen my chances on my future try, I am eager with a lifetime of prospect. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Thanks a lot.


Jerry with Tennessee
Hi Estén,

Im Scott Chitwood u stay in Pittsburg, Kansas. In terms of a year . 5 ago I determined to pursue getting casted in the Railroad Marketplace. I purchased your railway jobs ebook on-line for added in information on how to support myself better to find employed. I also manufactured contact with Trainmasters from several Railroads. The answer seemed to be always the same, many people didn’t do the hiring nowadays. Long story small, I attended on the list of trade schools indexed by your e-book in January of 2007 and carried out March 2007. There are just been hired by means of Kansas City Southern through Pittsburg. It have happen for me i really thought I would determine. Your personal e-book was very informative in addition to helpful in my desire.
Al Chitwood
Hello Sean Charlie!!!!
Just simply letting you know good guide.. My youngster Ronnie last Wednesday got a new call from Norfolk Southern in addition to offered him a job together with the RR as a chofer. He will create a physical next Tuesday in addition to attend conductor training school at first of January with Georgia. He was questioned with 15 other people to get 5 job openings as well as got one! Just as before thanks for your guide.

Quality guy be working out with the Shire Oaks depot through southwestern Pennsylvania…
Staying in touch whenever you can Ron.
Hey Sean,
I would like to shoot you actually an e mail and thank you for the railroad job opportunities e-book. I began my interview about 14 ago and they identified as me back a week in the future and offered me the career. My first appointment with the railroad i am starting a whole new career on April fourteenth as a conductor to get Metra RR. Your e-book had some really good facts in it so i searched out it very helpful.
Thanks All over again,
Joe Perruno

More Railroad Job opportunities!

Extremely popular beginning connected with 2006 I knew it turned out change for a employment. I applied for a new conductor position early 5 years ago, and was instantly change straight down.

With March of 2006 I became surfing the web for info on how to start my railroad employment. I ran into the website, and got your railroad job opportunities e-book.

My partner and i rewrote my resume because you suggested. Every merchandise I consider relevant became inconsequential, and everything that seemed to be irrelevant became relevant concerning getting my resume seen.

I may have never known about rewriting my resume if that was not inside report. After uploading my resume again I promptly got an interview along with a class just one RR. Not only ended up you correct on your findings, but correct for the interviewing approach.


Only several days after the interview I bought a conditional offer connected with employment.
One thing I tell persons if they are considering getting casted in railroading should be to buy your railroad job opportunities report. The best total any one can spend when considering getting casted with railroading.

My partner and i owe you a whole lot gratitude, don't assume all one can be accorded the luxury of changing employment opportunities in midlife and be content.
Bless you!,
Hi Estén,
I would like to write and also let you know i always have landed a railway job!!! Prepared railroad jobs e-book allowed me to tremendously. I needed your advice and it manufactured a world of change.
Another key seemed to be persistence, I never lost the fight. Now Might Southern has hired my family as a Management Development Student and I am currently participating NARS.
Thank you so much so much. Bless you!
M. Smith
Heya Sean,
The way you15351? Lets hope excellent. I have get a job having Norfolk Southern. I commenced on October 30th sorting out of Buckeye Yard with Columbus Ohio. Is probably the best a blast thus far. I like often the crazy a long time.

It is a first job I seriously look forward to travelling to, and smile an entire way. It can be like a dream become a. The job of an lifetime in my opinion. I will absolutely pass your website through to others who are looking to buy career together with the train track.

If you ask me it is the major job on the globe. Everyday On the web excited in regards to what the next gives. My future is often a whole lot brighter currently. I now use a sense of course, and most importantly no longer any living from paycheck to help paycheck.
Mark Payne
After receiving your online railroad job opportunities e-book I went to often the hiring session and made the item to the interview approach. The very next morning I received a mobile phone call extending the job give. I am going Thurs . for the background check along with the physical. No later than this let you know considerably more as soon as I recognize more. Your personal e-book is the best expenditure anyone can take selling point of.
Thanks all over again,
Post on:
Sean, i highly recommend you use my message with your website so others might take advantage of the terrific material that you have given, without it I may have never stood the chance. I am unable to thank you ample..
Again Cheers!


I recently seemed to be hired by Norfolk Southeast. I am with my fourth phase of chofer training and enjoying every sixty seconds. I appreciate every one of the info you get available online through email for getting railway jobs.
I became one of the fortunate enough few who went to just one single recruiting session then made it to the selection interviews and got hired. 60 to 70 showed up for one employment opening and I started using it.
I found several people who were definitily to two if not more sessions and were even now trying. I met just one guy who was at his / her tenth session. I pretty much walked out. Nevertheless , I stayed an entire eight or nine a long time and it repaid.
J Crossstitching
To discover a offered work with UP out of your Roseville hub through Northern California. On the web to start schooling 1-8-07.
Your e-book was very helpful all through the hiring approach.
Kevin Reed McDonald
Hi, Just giving up you a line assist you to know that There are rec’d employment together with the Long Island Rail Route of NY. On the web currently in the Trail Dept but looking to improve myself with in the manufacturer.
Be grateful for your railroad job opportunities knowledge that helped me find my foot in the doorstep.
He Tomaszewski
Basically latest facts! Since I continue corresponded with you, My partner and i wound up receiving a sound job offer from Amtrak seeing that on-board services personnel. On the web a crew member for any Silver Service trains this travel from Miami to NEW YORK CITY. This came very prompt, as I was on the verge of sink big money (to often the tune of about seven huge! ) into XXXXXX difficulty conductor workout. Amtrak said if I needed to “go T along with E”, I could achieve this after serving 1 year in my current situation; I already have 6 months in. Lets hope to eventually get in some management position where We can use my knowledge.
Please staying in touch; best hopes for the Holiday seasons!
Ralph Elizabeth. Rapa
I indeed used out on the FOUND RR after a 6 four week period pursuit. I be grateful for your own pep talk it stored me focused and motivated over the dissapointing moments.
You may allow your readers know I put to interview twice u had to call day-to-day for a month . 5 to get as well as I was a friend of a close friend of the recruiter! You will need patience and conviction, the amount of do the job they put into it is best to reflect the number of work you might surrender to them, allow it to become seem like this.
Thanks all over again bud!
H. S. with California

All the more Railroad Job opportunities!

Fantastic news! Out of a hundred and sixty applicants (maybe more), I bought picked up for 1 of the 12 pai gow poker in Train Service. My partner and i start school on March 30, 2006; only 2 days after I start airport leave. The railroad job opportunities ebook prepared me in excess of I can declare. I can’t thank you so much enough. Among the finest investments There are manufactured.
Semper Fi
Billy Nasiums.
Hey Estén,
Your book allowed me to to understand the using the services of process. I got used for an Asst Signalmans postion out of your Seattle area having BNSF. I'd like to be grateful for putting this railway jobs e-book together. All over again thank you, your e-book was at..
Richard Drinks
Lengthy ago i read your railroad job opportunities ebook on my flight in order to North Platte, PAS DU TOUT the day before the using the services of session. I recently that is abandoned my career inside military, and needed a new concern. Your book allowed me to emphasize the skills My partner and i already possessed, then made me more confident with regards to the interview. I bought hired by Union Off-shore directly at the appointment, and I start well versed in July. Basically insight on railway jobs, I’ll help you on the streets.
Be aware,
Adam Colombin


Hey Estén,
Just wanted to help update you, I gotten my email from BNSF today and I got the career as a conductor student and will start July per day, 2006. Thank you so much so much for ones words of wisdom along with the railroad jobs information e-book.
Jesse Kuchar
Wellington, Kansas
Upon reading your personal railroad jobs guide ebook I became impressed and took everthing to heart. My partner and i kept your advice planned as the interview approach evolved and immediately I could see numerous people making a perfect mistakes you warned next to! I however , wasn’t one of those doing these mistakes because I followed armed with the information with your railroad jobs information. Using the information you actually provided I was competent to net a contract with stipulations on my 1st attempt! Anyone in search of railroad jobs should work with every available resource to help these organizations net the career. I feel your personal railroad jobs guide was a medium (Very medium) expenditure in my future. Otherwise able to take certain risks to receive what you look for, then you will never arrive at the goal. All over again, thank you much for this facts.
Good luck,
Kenneth K. Hargis
Hey Sean,
Just assumed I would drop lacking to you permitting you know that many people hired my husband right then after his appointment today. Thanks alot for ones railroad jobs information e-book. It really made it easier for us out alot. Lets hope this will the start of a great employment for him.
Cheers again,
Deborah Wiley
You'll believe this in excess of I currently are! I got a new RR job! I used your railroad jobs guide accurately! Boston a month previously and I got the give this past wednesday! The best guide was worthwhile. On the web working for MBCR commencing as an asst chofer. Benefit package awesome. I started training having CPR on Friday plus much more training a few weeks.
Thank you so much.
Tom by RI.

Look into some of what’s discovered inside this all-inclusive railroad job opportunities guide downloadable survey!

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Considerably more Railroad Jobs!
I got used by the UP at 60! Strangely I think really became me the job was i always was able to buy one of my interviewers phoning around the morning while i was passed through. She was still within the hotel where we the interviews through chance the hotel workplace rang her room as i inquired. Specialists why I was passed through. She answered i always might get a get in touch with the future instead of to give up trust. I guess my tolerance paid off because I bought hired a month in the future by phone.
Ken Testosterone levels
It has the been a year now ever since i was hired for a class just one RR, and I fantastic man. If only I knew about it line of work decade ago. Just assumed I would say thanks all over again, your railroad jobs information e-book really helped me available. Like I said I became SWIFTLY TURNED DOWN the first time, webpage for myself read your book in addition to BOOM month later I became hired and off to help conductor school I was.
thanks much
I merely got hired by means of CSX Class 1 railroad to become freight chofer. I leave for Atl Nov 16th for a 5 various week training on REDI.
Cheers, Your Close friend Warren

5 parts in your personal life which is scrutinized along with a background check before prepared offered work. Know early in advance what you may not hide

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Considerably more Railroad Jobs!
Cheers Sean,
I come to know all the help you include given me before
from Get a RR Employment download to the personel assistance online.
I may have been lost not having your help thanks all over again!
R. Shuffield
Heya Sean,
I examine your report and had my very own first interview and needed
all my ensure that you now will be participating the AMDG Freight
Chofer School, July 25-2005. On the web so excited…
Cheers one million!

Taylor Durling
Hey Sean,
Your survey is a great program to obtain, There are read through the item
several times. My partner and i look forward to buying a job as a chofer.
Greg Bannister
I merely purchased your railroad job opportunities guide to getting railway
jobs and i believe it doesn't matter what congratulations. Basically
Jordan Astro
There are read the railroad job opportunities guide e-book from cover-to-cover and located it helpful and fresh new. Until reading your survey all I knew about railway jobs was what I have already been able to glean by various websites. The survey was easy to read in addition to understand.
Good luck,
Scott Michael.
Dear Estén,
I purchased your personal railroad jobs guide e-book on saturday and read it Thursday
afternoon. It turned out very informative u could see where My partner and i made some
mistakes with my attempts to get railway jobs.
One thing I did immediately after reading your book would rewrite
my curriculum vitae. Since writing occurs easy to me I became able to build a resume
because of the elements you indicated. Be grateful for your time in addition to thoughtful
consideration of my very own situation.
Good luck,
Bruce H. Brewer
Hey Sean,
Be grateful for creating a good railroad jobs information e-book….. I’m making the most of reading it. Thanks all over again!
Harry Armstrong
This is to say THANK YOU for just a good publication that equipped me for what I became against.
Sustain the great do the job, and thanks all over again.
Setelah itu Neuenschwander
Rialto, UNGEF?R
Hi Estén,
Thanks a lot for investing yourself and time to assist people to secure railroad
job opportunities through your terrific e-book. It’s really wonderful.
Good luck,
Bart Elizabeth.
I just ordered your “Insider Railroad Job opportunities Report”. I think it can be great, u am positive will help you me in locating a job.
Thanks a lot for ones time.
Good luck,
Jason L.
Got the career, and it's also a lottttttttt to know but I am holding onto it. I absolutely appreciate your emails in addition to support. Now that On the web working, and biting at my nails through switching and so forth, do you really
have any assistance???
Cheers all over again,
I started having BNSF the end of June and passed my Conductors test out 15 weeks later. There are three weeks to search but I really experience the job! Good guide!


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