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GUEST POST : BBOM The generation next Business is on the way to success with you

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It is a pleasure to be your sponsor. A brief presentation of the company along with some Youtube videos that will help in understanding.

Note: It was shown in the range of the Fantastic in the Globo television network's commercial BBOM.Proof of Registration and Registration StatusTaxpayer,Check the data Identification of Legal and if there is any disagreement with the RFB provide their records are updated.Description: CoatFEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL
CODE AND DESCRIPTION OF MAIN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY 18.30-0-03 - Playback software on any medium
CODE DESCRIPTION OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES AND SECONDARY 45.20-0-07 - Installation, maintenance and repair accessories for vehicles 45.30-7-01 - Wholesale trade of parts and accessories for new vehicles 45.30-7-03 - retail trade of new parts and accessories for motor vehicles 77.40-3-00 - Management of non-financial intangible assets 62.04-0-00 - Consulting in Information Technology 62.09-1-00 - Technical support, maintenance and other services in information technology 80.20-0-00 - Active monitoring of security systems 47.89-0-99 - Retail other products NES
CODE AND DESCRIPTION OF LEGAL 206-2 - limited liability companyApproved by RFB Normative Instruction n º 1.183, of August 19, 2011.Issued on 21/05/2013 at 20:48:23 (date and GMT).

WHAT IS BBOM?The BBOM is a division of UNEPXMIL, a solid and proven success in the market. The UNEPXMIL was founded in 1996 by Mr. John Francis.The UNEPXMIL Group headquarters is located in Sao Paulo and the company already operates in the domestic market to 17.
Recently, UNEPXMIL was elected the franchise with a faster return of investment, according to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF)."The Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) developed especially for the Earth with unprecedented ranking the 10 franchises that have payback faster.First place on the list, the UNEPXMIL promises return in two monthsThe ranking is led by the company vehicle tracking, fleet, objects, people and animals UNEPXMIL. From the moment the brand has adopted the franchise model to expand, chose the format micro franchises. "Today, 90% of the 680 units in the network are operated by a single entrepreneur, who works in the home office scheme," says the president of UNEPXMIL, John Francis Paul. "The UNEPXMIL is also the Ranking of the largest franchisors of Brazil, according to Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF).Description: Description: bbom unepxmil bbom bbom fraud scam works bbom bbom reliable bbom paid bbom cnpj bbom works even bbom official presentation bbom bbom franchise bbom trackers as bbom works 22 BBOM Trackers is fraud? Works? Check out the full review! 
The BBOM works with technology products and services, and currently, the "flagship" of the company are the vehicle trackers, fleet, objects, people and animals via Lending.Basically, the lending is the same as a rental, a monthly, and in the case of the Trackers BBOM, customers do not pay ANYTHING to have this technology Ponta because acquire the device via Lending and should just pay a monthly fee month after month to use the product / service, no longer having any additional cost.Trackers BBOM monitor the logistical and geographic information and satellite in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!The Trackers of BBOM are also approved by ANATEL and have the seal ISO 9001, an important seal of quality.In short: The BBOM a product of excellent quality and great demand in the market!
HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH BBOM?The BBOM actually came to revolutionize the way of making money in MLM and / or Network Marketing nationally, it offers through a company structure solid market opportunity for ANYONE to get at least one working for Extra Income Internet without giving anyone, without selling anything, and the best, so SUSTAINABLE! 

Basically, you can make money in two ways:1st Form - You can earn up to $ 800 (eight hundred dollars) every month just being a partner of BBOM and using the product / technology services company, without indicating anyone without selling anything, just by purchasing a franchise according to your criteria of choice and stay active every month.2nd Form - Develop Compensation Plan BBOM and gain according to the work that the company is developing.How to receive my winnings from BBOM?In BBOM you may receive your winnings in 2 ways:1st Form - Bank deposit.2nd Form - Prepaid card BBOM MasterCard.
SUSTAINABILITY OF BBOMThis is the key point of the question!Surely you know that I do not go and do not recommend Multilevel Marketing companies and / or Network Marketing whose sustainability is doubtful.Really, this is the main point that I use as a criterion for entering a Network Marketing company, after all, there is no sustainability and longevity, since there is both, for me there is no business.Whether the company has a good product, or has the Compensation Plan that pays more, there is sustainability? I'm out!But will BBOM is sustainable? Let's look!
BBOM: Where does the sustainability of the business?I'm sure that, at least for a moment, you wondered about the sustainability of BBOM, wondered where does the money paid by BBOM, is not it?Do you remember what was said at the beginning of this article? That BBOM is a division of UNEPXMIL, that UNEPXMIL is a solid, proven success, and already working for 17 years in the market?Well, the BBOM simply innovated in the market for MLM and decided to do "on their own" one of the hardest parts of the direct sales industry!When you become a partner of BBOM you receive in your home a Crawler Vehicle for personal use and must pay a monthly fee of R $ 80 (can be paid with own gains) to stay active as a partner and receive the Bonus lending, even if you do not enter anyone into the business even if you do not sell anything!.
But the best is yet to come!The BBOM puts a certain amount of Trackers via Lending market according to your membership package to the business.
 In the Bronze package, you get 4 trackers, and 3 to BBOM Lending on their own and one is for your personal use.
In the Silver package, you get 12 crawlers, and 11 to BBOM Lending on their own and one is for your personal use.
In the Gold package, you get 20 crawlers, and 19 to BBOM Lending on their own and one is for your personal use.And you know why this is possible? Do you remember that I mentioned earlier also that Article BBOM was elected by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) as the franchise with a faster return on investment? And that BBOM is currently the 2nd largest franchisor of the country? Remember that?The BBOM innovated in MLM because "outsourced part of sales" of trackers, and is why BBOM is sustainable, which is why the BBOM can pay up to R $ 800 monthly for you to be a partner of the company, even if not anyone to enter the business, even if it does not sell any product, because BBOM currently has over 1700 franchises physical around the country!Importantly, the BBOM "outsourced part of sales" of Trackers enough to give sustainability to the business and be able to pay you what the company "promises" in membership packages, which is not to say you can not comodatar trackers on their own.Do you know any company small / medium / large business that needs a quality service such as that offered by BBOM? The BBOM pays 10% on the tuition of crawlers comodatar you personally!Description: Description: bbom unepxmil bbom bbom fraud scam works bbom bbom reliable bbom paid bbom cnpj bbom works even bbom official presentation bbom bbom franchise bbom trackers as bbom funciona2 BBOM Trackers is fraud? Works? Check out the full review!
Ednaldo BISHOP: MARKETING DIRECTOR OF BBOMFor those who do not know, Ednaldo Bishop is a legend of Multilevel Marketing and / or Network Marketing nationally, he is the man!The Ednaldo Bishop is one of the most respected leaders in the MLM industry in Brazil, has over 15 years of experience in the MLM and is a great example of leadership for every entrepreneur Multilevel serious! 
The Ednaldo, with all his knowledge and experience in the business, would not be associated with something that will not be good, not that interested him, that did not work, they do not thrive, that was not to be successful in the market, it was not sustainable, Ednaldo the Bishop would not enter into a project that would burn its image as an entrepreneur and leader MMN.It is worth stressing that the Ednaldo Diamond was previously one of the most traditional companies Multilevel Marketing World!I confess that before this information get to me (Ednaldo Bishop is the Director of Marketing BBOM) I just thought that it was just another BBOM preposterous scheme to Make Money on the Internet, those who disappear without a trace of anything at all and take all your money.I had not even considered the marketing plan of the company, so little product.After learning that the Ednaldo Bishop was the Marketing Director of BBOM I just inquired to myself: "I need to analyze every detail of this project immediately!"
To my surprise, I came across a large corporate structure behind the solid BBOM, after all, is the owner of BBOM Mr. John Francis, who also owns the UNEPXMIL, the company that was chosen by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) how to franchise that provides faster payback at national and who is also the second largest franchisor of Brazil!After reviewing the entire corporate structure behind the BBOM, I could see why the Bishop Ednaldo have accepted the invitation to become the Marketing Director of the company.
WHY I joined BBOM?How good critic that I am, I looked for information, but information that is true, reliable, not misinformation or rumors of who knows nothing about Multilevel Marketing!My studies were meticulous about design BBOM and after two weeks analyzing closely the project and seeking information, I came to the conclusion that what we have in our hands is a great opportunity, those that do not appear every day, those who do not appear every year or every decade!The BBOM not just any company, the BBOM is not a business any, behind BBOM are great leaders and entrepreneurs about the business of the Franchise and Multilevel Marketing.Himself Mr John Francis, owner of BBOM and UNEPXMIL is one of those entrepreneurs about what I mean.Description: Description: bbom unepxmil bbom bbom fraud scam works bbom bbom reliable bbom paid bbom cnpj bbom works even bbom official presentation bbom bbom franchise bbom trackers bbom how it works 7 BBOM Trackers is fraud? Works? Check out the full review!And why I say that Mr. John Francis is an entrepreneur of respect?It's obvious! The UNEPXMIL already in the market will be more than 17 years, is absolute success in the market in which it operates, namely Mr John Francis know what you're doing and has a lot of know-how (knowledge in practice) on the market trackers.The main product of BBOM (so far) are tracers of high-tech, and I want to reiterate a very important point!Many people confuse with Tracking Monitoring, and there is a big difference between the two!I'll try to simplify as much as possible: Tracing occurs in real time, since the Monitoring not.In the case of the Trackers BBOM you follow in real time via the web where your vehicle is, where it is going, where you're going, all in real time!The crawlers BBOM use technology Satellite Telemetry. 

SummarizingI joined the BBOM because it is a serious company, solid and sustainable, which has a physical product of excellent quality and wide acceptance in the market.I joined because BBOM BBOM is a company that cares to give proper support to their Partners / Franchisees.I joined BBOM because the company's main product is not only excellent quality but also is mandatory for new vehicles in our country, aka Law 245/07 of the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN).I joined because BBOM BBOM have on your business team people respect, entrepreneurs and great leaders successful Multilevel Marketing and / or Network Marketing.

KEY BENEFITS OF BEING A PARTNER BBOMSolid company, operating in the Brazilian market for over 17 years Physical product, excellent quality and wide acceptance in the market Product Approved by ANATEL and ISO 9001 Generous compensation plan and sustainable Main product is BBOM mandatory use in the country in new vehicles starting this year, according to Resolution 245/07 of the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN)
MAKE YOUR REGISTRATION IN BBOMAfter this great analysis on BBOM, your products and your business opportunity, we could not stop recommending it to become a franchisee of the company.As part of our group you will have exclusive benefits, such as capture pages, training, tools leverage network, guaranteed support, individual support and more.Choose a membership package that most fits their criteria and possibilities and will make money in what will be a greater sense of Multilevel Marketing and / or Network Marketing nationally, and best, sustainably!After making a decision, follow my guidelines to become one correctly BBOM Franchisee! 

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