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cpc-exam - How you can Pass the CPC Examination On Your Very Following Try- Without Fear, Within the Required Time, Along with Ease

How you can Pass the CPC Examination On Your Very Following Try- Without Fear, Within the Required Time, Along with Ease… Assured!Which means you have completed your healthcare coding training. You might have big plans to create a career within the medical coding area. Smart move! The next step is to get either the Certified Professional Programmer (CPC) exam or the Licensed Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P) examination.

You had been pretty enthusiastic when you initially started studying but since the exam draws closer to you are starting to really feel “a sense of fear. ” Maybe even whelm?

You may be among the people who is actually:

Unsure if you are ready for the pass or fall short exam (70% correct minimal! )

Possessing a hard time managing your own study time

Asking yourself if you will finish within the allotted 5 . 5 hrs

you are essentially freaking out with the considered failing your next attempt for your CPC examination!

Imagine what… I was there as soon as before exactly like you. I recall a time once i was in overwhelm within a hotel room using the test looming just times in the future. I had formed to pass test. My job counted on it. Believe me personally, I feel your discomfort!

Maybe this really is your first time taking CPC exam. Perhaps you have failed before which is your second or even third time looking to get certified. In either case, you are in need of any method that you may use to transform your chances of passing test. Nicely, I have great news…
You’ve arrived at the right location!

I am Laureen Jandroep (CPC) as well as I’ve been teaching and training medical coders to get ready to be certified programmers for the American Academy associated with Professional Coders (AAPC) or United states Health Information Management Organization (AHIMA) physician based board examinations since 1999. We have taken and passed most of the board exams such as: COST-PER-CLICK, CPC-H, CCS-P, CCS, RCC as well as OTR.

We started my career in healthcare coding when I ran my very own successful rehab practice within New Jersey that in its zenith served over seventeen long term care facilities along with 26 therapists, aides as well as support staff. My organization was approved by Medicare as well as billed over $1. six Million annually with just one. 06% being rejected rate - unheard of within the rehab industry. The reason behind this success had been making sure my company charged based on source documentation as well as provided ongoing training to the therapists regarding proper code. So believe me- I understand about code!

Excellent unique method of teaching myself new ideas and I share that along with my students. So that they “get it”. As quickly as possible. Simply because medical coding demands that people stay current on within medical coding invoicing. So allow me to tell you…
There exists a solution to COST-PER-CLICK exam whelm.

You observe, it need not be that difficult. You don’t have to stress. In the end, the exam is actually open book right? You simply need to get arranged, focus on whats vital that you pass the test… as well as don’t sweat the small things!

It has an easier method! Allow me to explain…
The actual Medical Coding Certification Review Flash Videos
Immediate Online Accessibility Videos
My medical code video review program prepares a person for the following examinations:

Certified Expert Coder (CPC) exam through the American Academy of Expert Coders (AAPC) and also the

Certified Code Specialist-Physician Based (CCS-P) exam through the American Health Information Organization (AHIMA).

This really is both overview of the subject issue and a guide to succeeding on the examination. Not only will you come with an exhaustive review of all of the various diagnostic and healing procedures covered on the examination, the program will even demonstrate ways to feel the process of taking exam in the most effective manner, making greatest use of the time permitted. Since this is definitely an open-book exam, this program teaches you my amazing “bubbling and highlighting method. ” This technique displays how to mark and emphasize your coding manual to really succeed to find the correct answer from the choices given for just about any question on the examination. You’ll see how to properly manage some questions you will probably find more difficult compared to others.
It provides:
Almost 2 classroom days of Streaming Movies ONLINE Available Instantly

01 Summary of This program

02 Healthcare Terminology CPC Exam Preparation


'04 Modifiers CPC Exam Preparation


summer E&M Section CPC Exam Preparation

07 Anesthesia Area CPC Exam Preparation

08 Radiology Area CPC Exam Preparation

09 Path and Lab Section CPC Exam Preparation

10 Medicine Area CPC Exam Preparation

11 Integumentary Program CPC Exam Preparation

12 Musculoskeletal Program CPC Exam Preparation

13 Breathing CPC Exam Preparation

14 Heart CPC Exam Preparation

15 Digestive tract CPC Exam Preparation

16 Urinary Program CPC Exam Preparation

17 Genital Program CPC Exam Preparation

18 Endocrine/Nervous Program CPC Exam Preparation

19 Eye/Ear Program CPC Exam Preparation

The Birth associated with “Medical Coding Flash Videos”

I have already been teaching medical code in a full time or even part time capacity since 99. In older days I required all the certification exams to ensure that my students could observe that I felt their discomfort and knew what they had been going to be dealing with. This allowed me to to understand the file format of the exams and get ready my students for what would definitely be covered within the examination.

But the students wanted more. A couple of years ago when i was teaching an extended CPC traing course, my college students pleaded “Help us prepare for next weeks examination! ” So we examined the whole CPC training course in 2 days. And that’s the way the Blitz Videos were created.

For more than 11 years i have been teaching this particular review program- with many college students successfully passing their CPC examination after viewing my movies.
Will These Movies Help Me Pass the COST-PER-CLICK Exam?

This system works. It’s worked well for hundreds of individuals. But don’t take the work for it. Here is just some of the recommendations I have received from a few of the happy students that have purchased my CPC Examination preparation Videos during the last couple of years:

Exactly how These Videos Can help you Pass the COST-PER-CLICK Exam

Here is what’s great about these movies:

They help prepare you to pass the accreditation exam ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT

Teach you the proprietary “Bubble and Featuring Technique” to help you occurs manuals throughout the test- and after in your daily coding function

Watching the internet videos are cheaper compared to live event I actually do twice annually

They assist you to be more confident regarding passing the CPC examination

You can suit watching the videos within your own routine

Simpler to digest/ take in the info on video than in a live occasion

You can stop the videos

You are able to rewatch the videos within the areas you have to focus on

If a fresh medical coding area which you be pleased with, you are able to skip it and conserve time studying

You are able to spend more time learning problem areas

The Blitz videos are the just CPC exam preparation video program available on the net!

You will get started With the online movies!

Each area refers to your CPT guide so you can follow and see how you can best use your guide during the exam. In the end it is an open up book exam. You’ll have the ability to find the requirements you need in the quickest period.

“Proprietary Real estate and Featuring Technique”: how you can mark and highlight your own CPT and ICD coding guide to make it easier to find the correct answer from the choices given for just about any question on the examination

An entire, comprehensive overview of what is covered within the CPC examination: an exhaustive overview of all the various analysis and therapeutic procedures covered within the exam

Online directory of doing well within the exam: this program will also demonstrate methods to go through the procedure for taking the exam within the most efficient way, making best technique time permitted.

How you can best manage some queries you might find more challenging than other people.

Ways to look up requirements during your exam associated with diagnoses and procedures within the most efficient way.

How you can take the examination: the mindset required to not focus on the actual ‘little things” but concentrate on the important of code guidelines.

The actual videos are an exhaustive overview of the beginning of the actual CPT book to the finish. I not only include the entire CPT guide, but additionally

the features of ICD-9-CM; the actual 10-12 key questions that you should concentrate on to pass problems based medical coding panel examinations.
Features of the key questions you may be tested on through the HCPCS guides

Here’s the movie content material:

01 Summary of the program It is really an overview and also the video you would perform first. It’s as to what to expect in the exam, the number of sections, time permitted and efficient real estate time management. It provides details on how you can prepare your coding guide for efficient referencing, due to the fact that this is an open-book examination. It also describes a method of dealing with queries that appear difficult in order not to waste time during the examination.

02 Healthcare Terminology CPC Exam Prep Because coding requires knowing the brands of medical procedures, along with basic body anatomy, this section handles how medical terms are developed. Emphasis is placed upon meanings of various prefixes as well as suffixes as various root terms used in naming health conditions and methods.

goal HCPCS CPC Exam Prep Healthcare supplies and durable medical gear used in treating sufferers. Medical transportation (ambulance). Splints as well as orthotic devices. Pathology as well as laboratory procedures. Medicare as well as Non-Medicare codes. Medicaid just codes. Letter= designated requirements (F codes, Q requirements, etc . ) Medication codes. (using the actual appendix of your code manual)

04 Réformers CPC Exam Preparation Two-digit suffix codes put into the end of the code to indicate when there is extra charge or even is the service portion of a bundled process. This is essential for billing purposes. It explains the various réformers. These are codes with regard to follow-up, suture elimination, complications, and so on

05 ICD-9 COST-PER-CLICK Exam Prep The ICD-9 guide covers hospital charges with regard to in-patient admissions. Hints approach tab the actual ICD-9 coding manual for fast and simple access to the info you need for just about any exam question that may. Know the issues that can trip you within the board exam like burn off coding, AIDS, and so on

summer E&M Section CPC Exam Preparation There are twelve questions upon E&M (Evaluation and Management) within the CPC exam. If the patient is definitely an in-patient. What is a consultation and how they can code appropriately? What are critical treatment codes? What defines the nursing facility, what precisely an emergency department is actually, etc . Uncover the “Locate your HEM within Time” technique which has been known to assist students struggling with E&M obtain that “ah '! ” moment. Exercise worksheets are supplied.

'07 Anesthesia Section CPC Exam Preparation This part of the system covers the highlights of Ease coding needed for the panel exam. You will be aware of difference between common, regional, local ease and how to code all of them as well as conscious sleep. You will know how to proceed if there had been more than one procedure carried out during an operative program.

'08 Radiology Section CPC Exam Preparation This section is all about x-rays and diagnostic image resolution, including MRI and DOG scans. Watch this movie and you will determine what constitutes a procedure along with contrast, when injections could be billed with regard to, ultrasound coding, rays oncology and nuclear medicine code.

09 Route & Lab Section CPC Examination Prep Codes for diagnostic lab procedures from blood chemistry in order to surgical biopsies. The features of this video are obstacle consults, surgical obstacle, panels, the main between qualitative as well as quantitative tests and much more.

ten Medicine Section CPC Exam Preparation The highlights of this big section of the CPT Guide are covered. Come aside with tips for code ophthalmology, mindset, chiropractic, essential and more. Handles general medical conditions and contagious diseases and prescription drugs. The cardiovascular methods are covered in movie #14 Cardiovascular Surgical treatment.

eleven Integumentary System CPC Exam Preparation The term ‘integumentary’ describes all ‘breach associated with skin’ surgical procedures. This particular video provides an summary of surgery coding generally including discussion about open up and closed procedures (a preferred exam concept) and the worldwide surgery package. You’ll delve into the actual integumentary surgery section in more detail. You will be aware when to include codes together and when in order to report them separately. You are going to understand that an advanced repair is not just with regard to layered repairs, all breasts procedures are protected.

twelve Musculoskeletal System CPC Exam Preparation This video covers dislocation as well as fracture coding, when you are able code with regard to casts and taping, bunionectomy coding, as well as wound exploration procedures. It also demonstrates the actual “stacking” technique for coding associated with spine methods.

13 Breathing CPC Exam Prep Consists of all respiratory problems for example asthma and COPD which is why medical care is wanted. After a brief body structure review you will be delivered to the respiratory portion of the CPT manual and become shown the areas which tend to be the region of focus for panel exams.

fourteen Cardiovascular System CPC Exam Preparation Coding applicable to all as well as surgical treatments of cardiovascular diseases and conditions. Following a brief anatomy review you may be taken to the actual cardiovascular section of the actual CPT manual and be demonstrated the areas that are usually the area associated with focus for board examinations. Specifically pacemaker/defibrillator code, CABG coding, heart angioplasty coding, and heart cathetrization coding mention just a few.

fifteen Digestive System CPC Exam Preparation Covers conditions of the wind pipe, stomach minor and major bowels and also the rectum. Following a brief anatomy review you may be taken to the actual digestive section of the actual CPT manual and be demonstrated the areas that are usually the area associated with focus for board examinations. Scope procedures dominate it. You’ll see a few key notes you’ll wish to write within your CPT manual so that they jump out toward you when you are taking board examination.

16 Urinary : System CPC Exam Prep Code for kidney, bladder as well as urinary tract conditions. Particularly urodynamics, kidney methods, ureter and bladder methods are discussed. Following a brief anatomy review you may be taken to the actual urinary section of the actual CPT manual and be demonstrated the areas that are usually the area associated with focus for board examinations.

17 Vaginal System CPC Exam Prep Within this video the male and feminine genital system procedures tend to be discussed with emphasis on prostatic procedures, tricky definitions associated with vulvectomies, hysterectomy code and maternity code.

eighteen Endocrine/Nervous System CPC Exam Preparation After a brief anatomy evaluation you will be delivered to the endocrine and anxious sections of the CPT guide and be shown areas that are usually the area associated with focus for board examinations. You’ll uncover the “butterfly” technique for code procedures of the thyroid and also the “stacking” technique for code procedures of the spine as well as covers skull base surgical treatment, neurostimulator coding and neural block methods.

nineteen Eye/Ear System CPC Exam Preparation After a brief anatomy evaluation you will be delivered to the eye and ear canal sections of the CPT guide and be shown areas that are usually the area associated with focus for board examinations. Specifically eye elimination, keratoplasty code, cataract coding and visual adnexa coding are discussed for your eye. For your ear emphasis is within the ear tube surgical treatment (tympanoplasty).

Do something Now- Prepare for Your CPC Examination Today!

Why wait?

The number of times would you like to fail the actual cpc examination?

The number of hours will you waste materials not learning to study effectively?

Just how much more money and period will you buy a live review program?

You might have your test within a week? Several days? Our online videos would be the solution for you personally. Be beginning to review in some minutes from right now!

Up to now, this is actually the only recorded COST-PER-CLICK exam review available on the net. You can view it as often as you would like!

Passing the actual CPC exam is your very first step in entering or upgrading in working like a medical coder. Becoming certified gives you certain benefits, such as:

Possessing a recognized qualification. Essential if you’re an entry-level programmer.

Even though you’re experienced, becoming certified makes it easier to search out new possibilities.

Certified programmers earn on average $7000 much more annually than uncertified staff.

Having handed down the exam makes you well informed that you’ll excel at work.

Should you be already coding, the preparing for as well as taking the CPC exam can make you a more experienced coder and will assist you to do your job more proficiently.


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