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WOW, here's my trade!

I can't believe this! Yesterday, just as I was writing to you about the London Forex Rush system, it signaled a trade for me and... boy what a RUSH indeed!

Let me explain how it went:

So here I opened my charts with the London Forex Rush custom indicator loaded on them, and the indicator started blinking with a new trade signal. As usual, the indicator gives you EXACTLY the entry level, the stop loss and the profit target so I simply sent the order into my broker platform.

Well, guess what? It all happened in an eye-blink! the London market opened up, and the charts began moving like there was no tomorrow! my entry order was filled and price literally exploded! I mean, my final target was hit for +125 pips in like an 1 hour and 20 minutes!

If there's one thing the London Forex Rush system excels at that's capitalizing on those early momentum swings, and yesterday's trade is a clear example: the London market opens, the indicator calls the trade signal, you punch in your order and BANG! off it goes in your direction in momentum... What a beautiful trade!

Anyway {!name_fix}, here's the link to the London Forex Rush website in case you want to check it out by yourself: ==> http://item0612.londonfr.hop.clickbank.net/
. So go ahead and give it a try if you want to benefit for those explosive moves. Your trading account will be ever thankful!

Here's the link again: ==>
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