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Who Else Wants To Get Started With An Online Business Designed for Beginners to Make Money

CBmall: InfoProduct Affiliate Storefront. Profit From The Best-selling CB Products Promoting One Url. Highly Automated System With CB Search Engine.
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"Who Else Wants To Get Started With An Online Business Designed for Beginners to Make Money"
How You Make Money From Cbmall
CBmall is a giant, electronic book and software store. It is stocked with thousands of popular eBooks, video tutorials and software programs sold through ClickBank, a secure online processing company and affiliate network.
In a nutshell, when you send traffic to CBmall and that person buys something, you get a commission. It's that simple.
A few key facts:
CBmall is already set up and running. You do not need a website, you do not need to know HTML, you do not need a list.
There are no monthly fees.
We handle all service, support, eMails, etc.
ClickBank pays your commissions every two weeks.
CBmall Is Designed For Beginners
If you are just getting started in Internet marketing, or you haven't made any money yet, CBmall is designed for you. It's a fully automated system that sells highly profitable digital infoproducts. The only thing you do is send traffic.

"...without a lot of technical knowledge"
"What I like about CBmall is that you have the opportunity to get involved in an Internet Business without having a lot of technical knowledge.
In addition, Mr. Jeff Mulligan sends affiliates strategies on how to market the CBmall."
Karim Barakaa, Brooklyn, New York
We Show You How to Drive Traffic
People aren't born knowing how to send traffic to a website. We all have to learn how to do it. That's why CBmall comes with the information you need to drive traffic.
You'll get sample ads, sample articles, artwork, and proven resources you need to become successful in this business.
We will help you find places to advertise and give you the sample ads to put there.
We'll also show you clever, creative and free methods to drive traffic and earn commissions.
Nobody makes money on the Internet without traffic. But it doesn't have to be difficult. We'll show you easy and proven ways, many of which are free.
Full of Products People Want
CBmall is a giant electronic book store that sells thousands of eBooks. Everybody knows information is the number one reason people go online, and CBmall delivers it.
The products in CBmall are organized by popular categories. These include topics like:
Home and family
Online business
Diet and nutrition
...and dozens more
Millions of people go online every single day looking for information on these topics - and authors have created hundreds of eBooks to provide that information. CBmall takes the best selling titles for each category and organizes them on a single web page.
Check Out These Profitable Features
Massive, fully automated autoresponder system - CBmall includes a built-in autoresponder system that can make you money when your visitors subscribe. Each week they will get a new eMail featuring a product they can buy on the Mall. When they
do, you earn the commission. There is no extra charge and you don't have to write anything. We do it all for you. It would cost thousands to have a professional copywriter do this for you, but it's built into CBmall.
Automated banner ad system - Many pages within CBmall contain banner ads. If someone clicks on these banner ads and buys a product, you get the commission. Banners are rotated and optimized to improve click rates. And it's all automatic.
Professional videos- Many of the products in CBmall include professionally produced marketing videos. These are designed to get the potential customer interested in buying the product. Again, there's no extra charge to you and you earn all the commissions.
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