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Unlimited Affiliate Riches Using Squidoo Methods. How To Make A Killing On Squidoo Without Spending A Dime

“On the Brink of Financial Ruin, UK Family man Discovers how to use a Free Website to generate $4,198.94 in 29 Days...and over $11k in 3 months"
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If you've ever wanted to replace, part, all or triple your monthly income by using part time online traffic tactics that cost next to nothing to implement...
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To: Anyone Searching For A REAL , legitimate chance to make a SERIOUS income online
From: Super-Affiliate Squid ManDear Friend,My name is Karl Pemberton, and I have been secretly using Squidoo to turn my life around. But, even though there are 1000s of people using Squidoo, only a few of them are using my techniques. So, if you've ever wanted to find out how to milk the internet without the need of a list, affiliates, wasting money on ads and absolutely flood your bank account with piles of cash...Then you need to see the screen shots below that prove even a technophobe can make money online without having to even know what html stands for, let alone be able to write it.Now, we already know you are not stupid, since you are here and taking the time to read every word on this page, but if you want to avoid huge adwords costs and still be on page one of google...grab some popcorn and hold on to your seat. You're about to find out how to suck insane amounts of niche targeted traffic from the web and trap 'wallet ready' customers into your maze of offers. Even the Pied Piper will want to know your method.
Whilst other affiliates will be fighting for table scraps you can be using Squidoo to...
Build traffic to your websites, blogs, storefronts, auctions site or affiliate program...
Create a huge subscriber list, that you can market to when you are short of cash...
Market your offline business and put more money in your pocket...
Sell infoproducts, affiliate products or physical products.
Create ebooks easily and market them to 1000s of ready buyers....
Create a lens highlighting your infoproducts and outsell the gurus...
Create a lens for each category of your physical products and grab FREE traffic...
Brand you and your websites/blogs as authorities in your niche and finally say goodbye to your day job...
But before I show you how, let me tell you how I discovered this mad method of cash creation.
Those books all had the same basic concepts and follow a similar formula. But, they all had the same flaw... see if you can spot it.

Step 1. Find a niche and do keyword research. (What they didn't tell you was how to find converting keywords and that left you with only failing niches).
Step 2. Create a website and add some content. (So now I have to hire a designer for the template, a writer for the content and a webmaster for the html).
Step 3. Drive traffic to your website using web2.0 and link building software X. (OK, I have to spend $167 on this software, but at least the web2.0 link building is free).
Step 4. Now create an email list from your traffic. (Now I have to pay for an auto-responder solution).
Step 5. Establish a relationship with your list and sell them products and services.
I don't know about you, but these money making ebooks always look so great from the sales page. But in reality more goes into the salespage than into the ebook and that is just another salespage in a book format.
What will you learn?..

Chapter One.. Building a Lens Every person needs to learn how to walk, in order to ride a bike, drive a car, fly a plane... in order to become a squid pro, you need to know the basics ... good foundation is the one detail needed for a huge empire of cash sucking Squidoo lenses.
Chapter Two... lens polish Having created your lens, this chapter gives you the tools you need to bring your lens to life. It shows you how to create hooks to bring those much needed targeted eye balls to your lens and get that visitor to open his wallet.
Chapter Three... lens ideas Although your head will be brimming with ideas after chapters one and two, chapter three is like the radar that allows you to swoop down and zero in on the most profitable niches possible. This is where the money is. I show you where and how so you never have to get this wrong again.
Chapter Four... lens marketing This chapter details, step by step methods on how to use your lens in your marketing efforts. How to effortlessly flood your lens with hoardes of cash in hand buyers 24 hours a day, even when you're watching your kids play soccer. This could be the difference between making almost nothing and making your car payment with one lens only.
Chapter Five... The expanding lens family In this chapter you will find out the amazing technique I use to build multiple lens with very little effort and how my readers come back to me time after time for more. This is the perfect chapter to learn how to create the perfect digital product that you know people will buy.
Chapter Six... lens promotion and traffic By now you should have a rocking lens and well on the way to becoming a sort after lensmaster. However, just as any webpage it is nothing without traffic and in this chapter you will learn my deepest, darkest
secrets that suck so much traffic to your lens, it will cause Squidoo to go into meltdown and force them to buy bigger servers.
As you can see, it's all very simple and straight forward. In less than 200 words, I've just laid out the whole plan in clear to follow words. But can others really pick this up and do it for themselves?
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