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How To Make Money Buying & Selling Domain Names. Leading EBook On How To Buy, Sell, Manage And Make Money With Domain Names

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Everything on the Internet starts with a domain name – period!
Did you ever think there was a Billion Dollar Market in domain names and the domain name advertising industry? Well – if not – let it be known here and now that there is a $30 Billion world-wide market!
The DomainProfitsBook is the premier world-wide release of this fully comprehensive, easy to use, informational blockbuster covering the Domain Name industry and your path to making real money with Domain Names. There is no other ebook or single point of reference that covers the buying, selling and management of domain names for a profit in such a deep and concise manner.
Obtain the valuable inside information and resources that have made a select few people six figures, and in some cases, millions – all with domain names. There are over 1 billion people world-wide using the Internet, and do you know what – every one surfs the Internet, uses email and does whatever they do on the world wide web by way of Domain Names.
Did you ever try to buy a domain name for your business, hobby or personal use to find it was registered by somebody else? Did you ever consider there is a better way make money on the Internet?
Did you ever think there was more useful information and tools out there to get around the Internet’s web with some clear-cut strategies to make money online?
The DomainProfitsBook contains 80 pages of insider information to help you in your quest to make money with Domain Names. First – we provide a unique perspective on domain names and the foundation of the domain name industry having been involved in it for the past 12 years.
What you can expect when you buy the Domainprofitsbook :
The Leading Book For Making Money With Domain Names
Over 200 Personally Researched Resources That Will Save You Time And Money
My Top Stealth-Mode Places To Find Hot Domain Names
The Fast Track That Effectively Helps You Get Started Today
My Favorite Places To Sell Your Domain Names
The Do’s & Don’ts of Buying and Selling Domains
The Top Resources For Finding Expired Domain Names
Access To Over 25 Unregistered Domain Names That Can Potentially Be Worth Over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00)!
FREE Bonus eBook: "Million Dollar Emails" - the full version of this ebook exposes the email secrets of some of the web's greatest marketers of all time. The emails in this book generated over $1,000,000 in online sales... just think what you can learn from them!
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Why should I buy an eBook?
Up to date: The domain name industry changes every year, and some resources, companies and tools change many times during the course of only a couple of months. This book was written in 2008 to take advantages of the opportunity and resources that are available to you RIGHT NOW. The DomainProfitsBook is packed with the latest cutting edge techniques and resources.
Avoid the Hype, Rants, Whining, and Speculation: Some people chatting on forums intentionally give misinformation. Others are stuck complaining about how certain resources or other how-to books are no good because their outdated techniques no longer work or their information is just out of date or not thorough enough.
Speed Up the Learning Curve: In the last few years we have read about 100 books about the web, domain names, SEO, Internet Marketing and business strategy, including over 3,000 websites. Instead of learning a bit at a time, and weighing good information versus dated bad information, you get to learn everything we know in an up to date quick-read book.
Instantly Downloadable: You are not stuck waiting for some book to cross the country or the ocean. You can order and start learning right now. Even at 2 AM.
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