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Enjoy A Lucrative Tax-free Income! I Can Make 1000 A Week With This Software And So Can You

I've made £1260 in one week using this system and you could too
So how exactly does this work?
All you will be required to do is visit specific free internet sites for information and then use the techniques explained in the system manual to identify which horses you are going to bet on that day. Included with the system is a simple software program that calculates the necessary stakes required as part of the staking plan. The software runs in any Microsoft Windows operating system (including Vista). There is NOT a lot of tedious data entry involved.
Please note: You do not need to bet huge amounts of money and more importantly you do not need many winning races to make a profit using this system. If you wish, you can start with a small betting bank and build it up at your own pace.
I have developed Cash Master for both experienced investors and beginners alike. Even if you have never placed a bet in your life, this system will work just as well for you – you do not need any knowledge of horse racing for this system to make you regular tax free earnings.
But if there are thousands of people doing this, won't the bookmakers catch on and stop you?
In a word... no. If you had any idea of the amount of money wagered every day in the UK you would understand. On any given race, on any day, everyday in the UK there are at least tens of thousands but more usually hundreds of thousands of pounds wagered... and that's on each race! The betting industry in the UK is a multi million pound business and for it to work there need to be winners and losers. The bookmakers take their cut of course but basically, the losers are handing over their money to winners everyday and being a winner is not as difficult as you might think.
The Cash Master system works and works very well indeed but it certainly won't make you a millionaire unless of course you are a big punter who is happy to bet thousands of pounds on races. What it does offer though is a very effective system for making consistent profits from horse racing. Most punters will have the odd win now and again but over the long term they lose and usually lose a lot more than they win. With Cash Master you will still have plenty of losing races but you will win more money than you lose and that's the key to success in this business.
For this system to work you need...
NO prior knowledge or experience in the betting industry.
A basic internet connection, dial-up will do!
Normal internet skills!
NO extra software required, this runs in Windows.
No need to visit high street bookies! You can do this all online.
Bonus #1
This system works perfectly effectively using online information sites with the Cash Master selection system. You don’t need many winners for the system to work. However, the more winners you have, the quicker you make your profits, so as a bonus I’ll give you this 77.7% Racing System free!
If you want to dramatically increase the amount of winners you have and thus bring your profits in even quicker, you can combine online information with this unique 77.7% racing system that does exactly what it says on the tin… it produces an average of 77.7% winners. Last year, using this system, we had 140 winners out of 180 selections, with the longest winning run being 23 and the longest losing run being 3!
Bonus #2
You will also receive full access to my resource web site which is frequently updated with news and information to help you increase your profits! The software also comes with an in-built update feature so that you can check for newer versions and download for free at any time in the future.
Bonus #3

As a Cash Master customer you will receive full e-mail support for 12 months! That's right, you will not be left out in the cold here. If you have any questions whatsoever, no matter how silly they may seem, you are welcome to e-mail me and I will always try to respond within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours)... even at weekends! This is not limited to the first week or month, but for a whole year! I am a real person... that really is me in the pictures above and you will find that I can be very helpful indeed.
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