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Discover How You Can Convince The Gurus to Create Audio Interviews With You, And Turn Them Into *HOT* Products You Can Sell For Easy Money - GUARANTEE

Audio Interview Products This Product Reveals How To Make Money With Audio Interviews.
Discover How You Can Convince The Gurus to Create Audio Interviews With You, And Turn Them Into *HOT* Products You Can Sell For Easy Money - GUARANTEED!
You’re about to discover how to use other people’s skills, reputation and time to leverage yourself from zero to hero in any niche market..
Dear friend,
I almost DIED writing my first ebook.
After working like a dog for 3 months and spending more than $600 on creating the damn thing, I managed to sell only 10 copies for the past 2 years.
Pathetic, right?
I hope you haven’t had that kind of bad luck - it kinda breaks your heart in two and makes you feel like a complete loser.
Then something happened: I discovered that it’s much easier to create audio interview products that it is to write an ebook or start a blog - this discovery completely changed my life!
If you associate yourself with someone, you are perceived to be similar / alike to that person in both positive and negative ways. If you associate yourself with a guru (someone successful) you’re also seen as someone equally successful. If you’re seen with rich and powerful people, you instantly also become rich and powerful - it’s a fact of life!
No matter what market you’re in, if you can convince the top experts and big names to work with you and brand yourself by leveraging on their expertise, contacts and reputation, you will make more money faster than all your competitors..
Limited Expertise = Limited Income
The number ONE mistake most newbies make - they think that THEY have to be an expert or guru in order to sell good, high-value information products - and they could not be more wrong.
What people really want is credible information based on expertise and experience - but YOU don’t have to be the person who has all that!
The experts are out there. Get hold of them. Ask them a couple of tough questions. Compile and sell the answers.
The Definitive Guide To Profiting From Audio Interview Products
The fastest route to success is to associate and brand yourself with those who are already successful.
When I realized this, I stopped trying to do things the hard way.
I mean, why must it be hard for you.. when others are getting from zero to hero simply by interviewing other gurus and using their skills and reputation to get ahead of the pack?
It’s time for the average person like you and me to take advantage of this highly-guarded secret that has until now been shared only in “inner circle” groups. I developed the Easy Audio Products guide with the absolute newbie in mind, so I really go to great lengths to explain everything in a simple, step-by-step manner.

So you’re a newbie with no huge list but are you going to let that stop you, when hundreds of newbies sling-shot their way to success from these gurus? Even if you’re just a day old in your niche market, I’ll show you how to get the experts to reveal their most precious secrets:
Discover an almost unbelievable method of finding a guru’s personal email address and contact number - this is a secret so powerful that I will never give it away in public.
With my “3 Stars” methodology, I’ll show you how a guru thinks and acts, and how you can use this to your advantage to make sure you get a “Yes” 90% of the time..
How to overcome your “fear and awe” of gurus, and make them treat you as equals! It’s no secret that your lack of confidence will show when you speak to someone, and if you’re not mentally prepared when you approach gurus, guess what they’re going to say to you?
Using my “Sure-fire Interview Invite” template, I’ll even give you my proven invitation tactic that has landed me over 20 interview with both Internet gurus and even some blogging gurus! Everything is provided in Microsoft Word so you can easily
edit the template and use it yourself..
The 10% that you get a no, I’ll show you how to make sure the arrogant guru regrets his decision and make a mental note to treat you seriously the next time around!
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