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Over the last 15 years I have spent thousands of hard-earned dollars on almost everything you can imagine both online and offline. All I wanted to do was just make money online or offline.
Just to name few... there's multilevel marketing, mail order, gifting programs, envelope stuffing, buying real estate, tax liens, foreclosures, trading mortgage paper(or notes).
And then came 900 numbers, buying overstock inventory, high yield investments, foreign currency trading, paid surveys, get paid to read emails, hotel seminars and even lotteries.
Make Money The Easy Way Without The HasslesOf Traditional Opportunities
If you have always hoped for a way to earn some income without the hassles of high investment costs of a franchise business, or without the hassles involved with network marketing, then look no further.
Because you've found something here that you will not find anywhere else in magazines or on the Internet. Let me tell you what this is NOT about...
· No business startup fees
· No stocking of expensive inventory like vitamins and minerals
· No more scams like rebate processing and data entry
· No more buying expensive leads
· Not stocks, forex, commodities or high yield investments
· No office or rent - just a computer and internet connection is all that is needed
· No more ugly bosses to report to
· No more commuting in traffic
· No cold calling or recruiting (no talking to anyone)
· Not MLM or network marketing
· No money doublers or ponzi schemes
· Not handing out cards to high school kids
· Not getting paid pennies to read emails all day long
· No envelope stuffing (which is really advertising)

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Some Requirements For Money Making Activities:
· Must be able to do anytime and from anywhere in the world (because I like to travel)
· Does not require selling anything to anyone - NO buying leads, no selling, no convincing!
· Does not have to do with pyramid schemes like money doublers, HYIP or downline building programs
· Allows you to determine how much you want to make (from your own efforts)
· Does not require a huge financial investment (like a stock market account)
· Has a solid risk and reward ratio so that you can manage your profits and expenses
· Doesn't require purchasing other expensive tools or services to get started
· Must allow you to spend time during hours of the day that are convenient for you

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