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6-Hour Work At Home Video Certification Course It Teaches How To Work From Home With Fortune 500 Companies

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My name is Felicia Ralston and I owe everything I have to PCTI.
Before I found out about PCTI, I was going nowhere fast. Ever since my husband left and I found myself a single mom raising my son Ryan alone, life was a daily struggle.
Believe me, you can't raise a family on the $8.50 an hour I was making as a word processor. With having to pay for childcare, I was coming home with next to nothing.
I knew I needed additional education to get out of my situation, but I just couldn't afford it. And I had such little extra time.
Even worse, I have to admit I tried quite a few work at home scams (envelope stuffing, paid surveys, you name it, I tried it) which only left me poorer.
Since I do enjoy typing, I tried a number of so called "typing programs" I bought over the internet, but they only wanted me to type ads and pay for the cost fo advertising myself.
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