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Seo Writer Certification Course. Make $25.-$50. Even Over $100. An Hour. Certified Seo Writers Are In Huge Demand. #1 Pagerank Through Seo Writing

Seo Writer Certification Course. Make $25.-$50. Even Over $100. An Hour. Certified Seo Writers Are In Huge Demand. #1 Pagerank Through Seo Writing. Get Certified In Just A Few Weeks.
You could be making $25, $50, even over $100. an hour from home. If you know English you qualify - be certified in just a few weeks.
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The Web is growing by as much as 100 million written pages per month.
There is a shortage of qualified writers.
You could be an SEO Certified Writer by completing an online course in just a few weeks.
Some SEO Certified Writers make over $100 per hour.
How Can You Make Money as a Certified SEO Writer?
You could be a high paid CertifiedWriter™ within weeks.Even if you haven't written a word since high school. Make $25, $50, even over $100 per hour. ORIf you are already a writer, you could get more work and better pay by getting SEO Certified.™
If you know English you qualify. Put your education to work for you. Almost anyone with a high school English education can learn English SEO writing.(Write Academy is presently translating Certification to other languages.)
Are You Already a Writer? Businesses want 'Certified SEO Writers. ™' If you are already a freelance writer or even if you have a PhD in English, SEO Writer Certification™ can help you:
receive recognition
improve your skills
get more work
make better pay
What is SEO?SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves writing about various subjects and learning how to effectively use keywords, hyperlinks, title tags, landing pages, HTML, bookmarking, blogging, formatting, RSS feeds, and about affiliate and article embedding, press releases, and more.
You Can Cash in From Google, Yahoo, AJ, and Dogpile. The Internet is search engine based. Every web site is striving for Search Engine Optimization, SEO. This has caused an explosive demand for SEO writers for articles, blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and web content.
Certification is in Demand Writers Without - Will Be Left Out Businesses are demanding Certified SEO Writers™. Write Academy™ has set the precedent for defining writing standards in the traditional sense and to meet the new demands for writing
methods and styles needed for the Web. Who needs Certification? Whether you are just starting, an author for hire, freelance writer, or employed writer, getting certified can help you. Becoming a Certified SEO Writer ™ is also for professional writers, freelancers, or anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and be recognized with a prestigious designation in specific writing disciplines.
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